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The Anti-Blog: PSP Go And Other Tid-Bits. 28/9/09

What i'm listening to whilst writing, Nothing sadly >_>

The PSP Go... I implore you not to buy it! Why waste your money on something as gimmicky as that? I ragged out the DSi Lite on release.. But that is nothing compared to this! Sony even promised a good will program or somthing along those lines that would allow users to download games they already own the UMD's to.So please Woman, Children and Cyborgs please do not fork out the extra dollars on the PSP Go, instead use the money on the superior PSP-3000 thank you.

Now that i'm done ranting on about the PSP Go i'd like to jump into some other topics/discussions etc.

I finished watching all of FMA(Fullmetal Alchemist) and I must say it was the best series I've ever seen it had action/fight scenes, emotion and character depth. It truly was an excellent series and I can't wait to watch the film! After I finish FMA i'm gonna move onto another anime series so if anyone can give mesome ideas as to what series to jump to now.. That would be much appreciated!

Well, that about wraps up The Anti-Blog for the day. Thank you.

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