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The Anti-Blog 19/9/09

What i'm listening to whilst writing, Cold As Ice by Foreigner.

G'day all, just thought i'd actually take the time to write a blog that's worth reading, i'll also say my use of this site recently isn't what i'd like it to be having said that i've been playing a hefty amount of games.

C&C 3

Call of Duty 4 (Mainly multiplayer)

Doom 3 (Can't wait to finish the beast)

World of Warcraft

and a few others that i'll remember after I finish writing the blog:P

Is it just me or is Doom 3 the most repetitive game of all time, dark corridor folowed by computer room and then darker corridor? That isn't saying it isn't an excellent game... Probably the only game i've played besides Resident Evil that has had me genuinely creeped out mind you I was quite young when playing RE 1.

I finally got around to living my dream in life, I built myself a PC (Will post pics, specs etc another time) and i'm utterly impressed in myself! I knew it was gonna feel good but not this good.

WoW is getting boring, sick of leveling... You know i might actually start leveling some of my Horde toons i'll see how I go but i'll probably log in log off then jump back into Call of Duty 4:D Man that is addictive quite possibly the best multiplayer game i've played!

Well that does it for now.

Live long and prosper - Spock