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Same World, Drastic Change: My Personal Reflections.

So, I've started playing WoW again after a good 5+ month break, I gather the new files from a friend off of their Portable Hard Drive to save me from downloading them, I remove the Addons from the Interface folder and then I re-subscribe with my shiny Mastercard.

Upon entering the familiar world I'm greeted with the usual pleasantries from various 12 year old keyboard warriors and 13 year old's, fresh out of primary school. But what struck me was not the sick and perversive minds of these children but how much the actual game has changed in itself. Stats have been simplified, some even removed, graphical modifications here and UI tweaks there, eventually I realised that this World of Warcraft was not the same World of Warcraft I'd left 5 months ago. I was left in a sense of awe, but mostly I was disappointed. Having braved the original incarnation of WoW, moving into Outland with the Burning Crusade and then onto Icecrown with Wrath of the Lich King, I wasn't expecting the game to be so...different, for lack of a better word. Never has the game felt so foreign to me. And the worst part of all this is, the game isn't even that different, there has been no overly drastic change in how the game is played or how it looks. Maybe all the little things have just added up, maybe it's the fact my Class has been altered to the point of unfamiliarity (despite remaining the same class, with mostly the same spells and abilities and what not) or maybe it's because this 5 months has been filled with activities that haven't centred around Video Games and Films.

Nevertheless, I am adjusting, and over time, I will enjoy what Blizzard have done with this game, there is no doubt that will happen but until then I can only wander about in a semi-familiar world, it appears the same but underneath the skin lies an almost new game, ready to emerge and envelop me once more, or perhaps, this time is different, maybe this time, I'll be unable to return, maybe my adventures in Azeroth will finally come to an end, cloak hung up and ready to enjoy retirement, only time will tell.