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One Of The Funniest Jokes I've Read In Quite Some TIme

Here we go, enjoy! It is a Warcraft joke by the way but i'm sure anyone will find the humor in it:D

Just a second thing, it is a tad mature so I wouldn't advise anyone under 10 to read on, thanks.

A human man had a problem with his... endowment... his organ... since birth. It was related to the size, but unlike many humans who feel they are too small, his was far too large! 25 inches to be precise. Constantly he would have women run screaming from his bedchamber. So one day he decided he'd had enough of this, and went on a long journey to find a solution to this sizable problem.

He went to many doctors, sorcerors, alchemists and shamans. Every expert imaginable who could possibly solve his problem. But sadly none could help him, with out resorting to dangerous and excruciatingly painful methods. The poor man was distraught and ready to give up on his quest, but desperate, he tried one last resort. To go to a foul Troll witch doctor he had heard of, that supposedly had powerful magic. Going to this troll, he paid him a generous amount of gold, the explained his size issues.

The witch doctor nodded. "Yah mon. Dere be a way to solve dis problam. You go to de bog, ten miles to de north. Find de lone female frog, chillin' on 'er lillypad. Den you ask 'er marry you. Every time de frog say no, you're problam get smallah an' smallah mon. Buy five whole inchas."

Sceptical, but willing to give it a go, the man went north to the bog. Just as the Troll had said, there was a lone female frog sitting quietly on her lillypad. So shrugging his shoulders he called out to it.

"Hey frog! Will you marry me?!"

She offered the man a cold brief glance, before turning away and snobbishly answering. "No!"

To the man's astonishment, it worked and his 25 incher instantly shrank down to a 20. That foul godless troll had actually told him the truth. Excited now that his long journey had come to an end, he again called out to the frog.

"Hey frog! Will you marry me?!"

Seeming a little more annoyed off by the advance this time, the frog glared angrily at him. "No!!" Instantly tool shrank to 15 inches. The human was thrilled one more time, and it would be perfect! Ten inches would be great.

"Frog! Marry me!"

Standing up, she glowered at the human with a deadly glare, then started screaming at him. "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?!?! NO, NO, AND FOR THE LAST TIME..."