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Shop Till You Drop 5/1/08

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G'day Everybody Who Takes The Time To Read My Very Sexy Blogs(couldn't help my self)!

Yesterday I brought the following "things", one of which has had a fair bit of use since I brought it!

Kind Like My New Beanie!

It's like that kind of except it is red and has Metallica in black and St Anger written under Metallica! It's a very good looking beanie, although it is hot I can't take it off because I hate my stupid hair!

I also brought,

Burnout Legends

Although i've only played it for like a total of 15 minutes? It is still an amazing racing game for a Handheld console! I mean it has pretty sweet graphics for the PSP, and the Gameplay is just AWESOME! I don't think i'll be trying out the Multiplayer portion of the Game for quite some time though considering that I don't live near many other Gamer typed people.

That concludes this blog so.....everyone have a great day!

- An-Archist aka Matt aka ExtremeBoyo(for all you XBL players out there

Shop Till You Drop 4/1/08

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G'day Everyone That Reads My Blogs:P

Yesterday I brought a game(for the PSP) and a CD! They are...

American Idiot


EA Replay

I'm happy with my buyings! I am an absolute sucker when it comes to older generation video games! I have been on a quest to find Midway Arcade Treasures Remix for the PSP because Midway(then known as Williams) has the best older gen games in my opinion! I played EA Replay for about an hour and a bit and I must say that it is pretty fun:P Road Rash 1 is hilarious and it really brings back good memories from when I use to live next door to the arcade(which also had consoles:P and a few PCs:P)

Anywho American Idiot(I haven't listened to it all, almost half though) is a really good CD although I still think their Dookie - Warning era produced better albums!

Well that's about all for now, expect to see my first ever review for this account soon(it will be in depth), you will have to wait and see what game though:D

Have a good one everybody!

An-Archist aka Matt aka ExtremeBoyo(on XBL)

Xmas Gifts And Then Some!

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G'day Everyone,

How are you all? Sorry for leaving all of you without an update for quite some time, I was to busy uhhhhhh doing stuff?

Anywho, I got

A PSP Slim And Lite,

An Ipod,


StrangleHold For 360,

Tony Hawks Proving Ground For 360,

Some Kick Butt Speakers/Hub For Ipod

A Bunch Of Clothes,

A Bunch Of DVDs,

Diablo For PC,

Then Yesterday I Brought The Warriors For PSP...

Thanks For Reading, i'll post some updates soon!


Shop Till You Drop 20/12/07

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G'day Everyone,

Yesterday I brought an album so I could indulge in a pool of Musical...Goodness?

Anyway's I ended up buying

Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The The Machine's debut self titled album!

I use to listen to them when I was about 9-10ish and i kinda just lost them in transition, so Yesterday I decided to relight the fire of Musical past and buy Rage Against The Machine's first album!

The best track by far off the album is Killing In The Name, it goes to show how good music USE to be instead of the crud that is on our airways right now!

Well thanks or reading.


The Wrath Of...

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G'day Everyone,

Just thought i'd add a bit of humor whether it be nerdy or not:P

(Don't click on the picture cause it links you to Myspace:()



You Proberly Know Me...

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G'day Everyone,

You Proberly Know Me... as gta11 lol, thats my other account. The reason for 2 accounts is a good one, I want to start a fresh new Gamespot personality and keep my old one which will still be my main one:)

Anyways that about covers it.

Chow, Ciao.