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Nintendo Entertainment System I should say!

60$ for console(including power supply), 2 controls and 4 games!

- Bart vs. the Space Mutants

- Aussie Rules Football

- Kung-Fu

- The Flinstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy

Not bad if you ask me:D

I thought i'd tell you guys becuase my blogs of late haven't really been focused on gaming:P

- An-Archist

Steve Jobs Is Ill.

Stay A While And Listen - Deckard Cain

It has been reported that Steve Jobs(the co founder and chief executive of Apple Computers) is ill. His deteriation has caused much distress amoung the gaming/computer community, many infact thought he was dying but today Steve came out to the public and has stated that his body is going through some minor hormone imbalances and he is in pretty much perfect health.

Just thought i'd let you guy's know:)

- An-Archist

2009: Things Are Looking Up!!!

Stay A While And Listen - Deckard Cain

Just a little update but 2009 has improved significantly upon reading that NOFX's new album is coming out some time this year!

NOFX are my equal favourite band along with Metallica.

- An-Archist

Unhappy New Years And Other Tales Of Woe

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Other than that though it has been a rather rotten New Years thus far. On my way to find my mates I got jumped by a group of people and they ended up Fracturing my jaw...bummer hey. It was 100% unprovoked to.

2009 seems like a disappointment already, with hardly any good music being released and only a few promising game titles. Maybe there are some good films coming out?

Anyways, I hope you've all had a good new years:)

- An-Archist

An XBLA Request

Stay A While And Listen - Deckard Cain Who else here thinks that Rocket: Robot On Wheels deserves a spot on the XBLA? I thought it was an amazing game! A truly great Platformer!

A Reason?

Been a massive Metallica fan all my life has led me to one question. How can anyone not like St. Anger? I mean the whole album is amazing! The tracks are just amazing and i simpily can't understand why someone can dislike the album.

Please give me a GOODreason not a pathetic one like "snare drum" or "lyrics" or "no solos" because those answers are just idiotic and make you look like a fool!


A Letter I Have Written In Regards To The Bali Bomber's Execution.

Dear Mindless drones,

Once again you people have fallen for a trap the media has laid out for you, like lambs to the slaughter you have been brought to believe that the three Bali Bombers have been executed just a little past midnight. Whilst it may seem like a perfect cover story it is far from the ovbious truth.

And that ovbious truth is that the Bali Bombers were not executed but merely moved away and hid by the government in order to avoid POSSIBLE future attacks, an execution would only end in further bloodshed, the government has reliesed this and has secretly sent messages to various terrorist leaders to avoid the previously mentioned bloodshed that I have no doubt will happen if the execution DID take place.

Ask yourself, "what proof do we have other than a time and a phony report on their deaths?". That is far from proof, photos of their bodies would be sufficent evidence. I'm not a sicko or anything but the evidence that has been given is clearly insuffecient! But knowing you's you'll proberly kill three innocent people who look vaguely like the bombers and claim that they are the bodies!

Please, don't fall for the governments lies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Important Report.