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An-Archist Blog

It's Been A Fair Long Time...

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Ahh it's good to be back...

Whilst I never left the site I've just been to busy to do anything... Constant VCE Work, WoW and trying to find time to watch new movies and working up the strength to play PSP and 360 has drained me of my Gamespot per se.

Anyways, after just dusting off the 360 and playing around 70 minutes of COD4 online I came to realise how much i've actually missed it! I still remembered all the maps I played off by heart so that was a + :). It was good exploring all my created classes and killing some enemy for the short amount of time that I was on, i'll be on more often again I hope.

Work, work and more work seems to be me lately and with my addictions (WoW and Caffine) not helping at all over time i've learnt to cope so hopefully it all pays off.

Anyways, excuse me.

- An-Archist

Terminator Salvation

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That's all I really have to say, it's an excellent film!

Awesome action scenes, acting and sound effects.

Once again GO SEE IT!

- An-Archist

Death Knights And Hellfire...

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G'day all

I remember when Hellfire was full of various different classes but now it's just filled with Unholy Death Knights!?

What has happened to the once shining and golden game lol....


- An-Archist

GameSpot's Latest Poll

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Have any of you checked it out yet?

Best one of the year I'd say:)

It's pretty much "What is your favourite famous console flaw/malfunction?"

I voted for the screen flash for the NES cuase i've experienced this problem many times.... But any 360 error comes a VERY close 2nd lol

Demigod Looks Awesome

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I must say that Demigod looks awesome!

I've always wanted to play as a god of sorts:D Smite fools with my wicked lightning strikes and smite others with my huge foot. Anyways, it looks really good. An RPG, RTS hybrid game in which you eventually get to play as a "god". Yes please, i'll have some of that:D

Once I build my computer, I shall buy such mentioned game and play it to it's death.


Rant on Fear Factory

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A big hello and g'day to everyone reading the blog,

Just a rant on Fear Factory, does anyone know why they changed from Death to Industrial? It boggles my mind? They are a far better Death Metal band than a Industrial Metal band! They're later stuff sounds nothing like their earlier stuff... I would be much happier if they stayed the same throughout they're career:D

I don't want replys saying you know nothing about Fear Factory, i've been listening to them for years and the question only just popped in my head whilst listening to Martyr.



Wheelman: Friend or Foe

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G'day all,

After been stoked for the relaese of Wheelman for quite some time I was a bit disappointed with the score it got from GS, maybe it's an indication that i've got my hopes up to high? I dunno, i still hope it is a good game. Playing as "Vin Diesel" and just driving around killing things...sounds pretty rad to me:P

Until next time, keep it chill

- An-Archist

Call of Duty 4 Be Praised And My Cinematic Desires

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G'day folks, Call of Duty 4 be praised!!! It has me hooked, it's the only game i've been playing lately(along with DMC4 which i might add is just as brilliant!).

I've never really played a FPS that's sucked me in so much(like Killzone, Call of Duty 3 and proberly a few others :D) but yeha....Call of Duty 4 is great! The multiplayer especially, i'm addicted to it.

Anyways, i really wanna see the new Friday The 13th, it looks pretty rad and i'm sure it will be better than part 5:P which wasn't the best movie i've ever seen lol. Back to the remake/retelling/sequel still looks insane and I really want to see it....but maybe do i dare say the film?

- An-Archist