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PS3 - I'm Sold! Finally!

What a difference a year makes, huh? I have been gone from here for a while, and that is my own fault, my friends. You see, a busy work and personal life got in the way of me doing something I grew to enjoy greatly! And that's coming here and running my mouth, only to have you all read it! Now I won't bore you with all the details that make no mind of anything not game related, and we'll just pick this up right where I left off.

In my last post, I was going on about the PlayStation 3. A system that is and was long on promise, but had yet to get the killer apps it needed to make it a mainstay, at least in my house. Well allow me to update you on that little situation. With my tax return this year, I went down to Sears and bought one. And I must say for the price I paid earlier this year, something about it just made me wonder why I bothered. And in the time since, I have seen a few games come along that actually made me glad I did pony up the cash wad to pay for it.

One such game would have to be Uncharted. Now I realize it wasn't the most beloved title in the PS3 library, but I have always been a sucker for Tomb Raider ****gameplay. And in this case, they didn't try to reinvent the wheel or add some crazy nuances to it to make it stand out. They went with a tried and true formula, and I loved it!

Another title I was all too happy to add to my library was a game that I believe launched with the system. You have no idea how big of a fan I have always been for the Ridge Racer games. The last few I have played were awesome. And Ridge Racer 7, which was a PS3 exclusive, was no different! The only complaint I had was finding a copy of the dratted thing. Not that it was Namco's fault, as it had been out a while when I went looking for it. But Jesus H. Morales, it took more than one search engine and several eBay trips only to find it buried in the bargain bin at a Wal-Mart! One of the best PS3 purchases I ever made!

In short, there were several good titles to come out for the PS3 since my last post. With Home coming out before we all grow old and MGS4 now out, I really have to change my tune about the PS3. I see the potential now where once I did not. If you all can recommend some more exclusives for this system, please do! I'm always looking for something new!

And by the way, now that life has found a way of straightening itself out, I feel it safe to say I'm back! Hope ya missed me! :D

How Sony Lost Me

I have to say thanks for all the feedback on my last post. And here I was thinking that since I'd been away for so long that no one would even remember me or bother reading my blurbs! So again, thanks for that. Now that I got some feedback, I can guarantee that I will be updating regularly. I like hearing from you all, what can I say! ( And more importantly, what does that say about me??)

A few of you sounded off on this PS3 debate, and you pretty much said what I have been thinking. This system has no killer apps for it right now, for one thing. There is really nothing on the shelf right now that I can't imagine not playing. As discussed, the price point is another issue entirely. I could swing $600, but that'd really hurt the ol' wallet. And quite frankly, I don't think it's recovered from the last beating when I got the Wii and all the crap I bought with it.

Despite all of that, I really have issues with the way Sony handled the PS3. They were far too conceited about it, thinking all they had to do was slap the PlayStation logo on a box and it'd sell like hotcakes. Shoehorning Blu-ray playability into it doesn't make it more valuable to me. Let's face it, Sony doesn't have the best track record for releasing new forms of media. (Of course, that doesn't mean I want an HD-DVD player either. )

And when a company acts the way Sony has (by lying, deceiving, and plainly being arrogant), I have a hard time supporting that. And since one voice doesn't make a world of difference, we have to vote with our wallets. And while they may spin it like the second coming, the PS3 is bombing at retail. How to tell? Try to find a Wii still, and then try to find a PS3.

Plus I remember that interview that the Sony honcho gave saying if someone could show him a PS3 sitting on the shelf at a store, he'd give them a $1000 for every one. Boy, I hope he comes to SC soon. I could quit my job.

PS3 Owners, Enlighten Me!

So a lot of things have happened since my last blog! And it's obviously been a while since I have updated it, but I have a feeling this is about to change. Allow me to catch you up on all the things that have changed since last year when this little blog was last updated.

The first thing to change, and possibly the biggest, is me getting my hands on a Nintendo Wii. And may I say it is absolutely ridiculous for it to be this hard to find one of these consoles eight months after launch! This system was well worth the wait! And the people at Best Buy would agree with me, as I almost dared one of them to take it from me when I grabbed the box in my hands. ( I also got an HD LCD TV, for what it's worth! )

I also updated my Nintendo DS by getting a DS Lite. And if you didn't know, you can light up a room with the brightness of this thing! My old DS had a strong glow, but this thing is almost radioactive! My biggest pet peeve of the new DS is it has the same problem as iPod owners can sympathize with. Everytime you touch it, fingerprints! And I hate that! I am a person who likes to keep my stuff looking new and spiffy. And this is damn near impossible with the DS Lite. I guess that means I will have to buy some kind of protective case for it now.

The only next gen console not in my collection is the PS3. So this is where you, fellow readers and possible PS3 owners, come in. Is this thing really worth $600? Does it have any real killer apps for it yet? So far, the only one I have heard even remotely strong feedback for is Resistance: Fall of Man. What do you think? Is the system that reminds me of a George Foreman grill worth it?


Xbox 360...Mine! All Mine!

This must be the year for me to get connected. Not only have I set up a home wireless network, I have connected both my PSP and DS to the web to play online. And boy, have I been missing out!!!

Just today, I received a new Xbox 360 I had ordered. And after setting it all up and then connecting to the web, dear Lord I have been missing out!!!! I only got two games to go with it when I bought it. But if the other Live enabled games out there are as much fun as this, then consider me a convert.

I used to complain that playing online was not all that great, but let's face it. I was whining because I didn't have it set up. Now that I do, I can see what the rest of the world has apparently already known.

Apparently there is quite the community outside of WoW. So to make a long story short, my Gamertag is takerfan4. And if you read this blog and find me halfway coherent, I'd love to make some new friends on Live. I look forward to playing against my Live alumni, and I look even more forward to finding out how good you are...or bad compared to me!

So what are you waiting for? Get on Live, and get in touch!

All Ye With Friend Codes!

For those of you who have Wi-Fi for your DS, please add these friend codes to your games. I know no one local with Wi-Fi, and besides I want to play with my GameSpot alumni! Here they be, add yours to the comments and add me to your friend lists!!

Mario Kart DS - 1589 8747 8942
Metroid Prime Hunters - 1160 3758 1833

One Excited Little Monkey!

Allow me to wish my American friends a very happy 4th of July! I realize it isn't a big deal for the other countries, but Americans seem to enjoy this holiday, as my yard is testament to several fired firecrackers from the neighbors. But fireworks and patriotism is not the reason I have returned!

Nope, I came here to clap excitedly for something I have just recently taken advantage of. That would the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. For those unfamiliar, now DS owners can play some of their games over Wi-Fi with folks from around the world. And yours truly has been doing little else other than playing Metriod Prime Hunters and Mario Kart over the web.

I have to admit I love this! Never having playing console or handheld games online, this is quite the experience for yours truly. And the fact that I have read this service will be usable with the Wii when it comes out makes me clap excitedly like one of those wind up monkeys with the cymbals in his hands.

In other news, it's good to be back. I took a little vacation from this blog to recharge, and now I'm back once more because there is too much news to ignore. We got a $600 PS3 which I will talk about later, the upcoming Nintendo console which I will talk about later, and the Xbox 360 which I doubt I will talk about much at all.

But for now, I'll close with this. I want new friends to play against. So if you have the DS and play online with it, it's time to add me to your friends list so you too can enjoy the fun of narrowly defeating me in race after race. You need the digits? Here they are: 158987478942 for Mario Kart.

All I ask is that if you add me, tell me who you are here in the comments section. Besides I don't know anyone around me who has a DS, so it's time to extend it to the GS network. So until next time when I talk about an overpriced gaming good or be good at it!

This Blog Brought To You By.........

You've seen them, I know you have. The advertisements publishers stuff into their games nowadays. The sad fact is that this has become the norm of late, and it's starting to cheese yours truly off. Let me explain why.

The average game runs about $50-$60 nowadays. Now for that much, I expect a working and fun game that allows me to escape the real world for a few hours. Because games are just that, an escape. Something to do to take your mind off other things that might be going on in your life.

In a way, they are fantasies that have been given a life of sorts. And I don't know about you, but my fantasies don't have corporate logos on them. And I'm getting sick of seeing them in my games.

Right now, the intrusion is somewhat benign. A billboard in a racing game, a poster in an action game, all these minor things showing some kind of corporate logo or recent product. But that's now, where does it end? What do you do when you finish that quarter of Madden only to have the game fade out for a couple 30 second commercials?

Now the publishers such as EA would have us believe this is done to increase realism for the player. We all know this is pure crap. You want to increase realism? Make the graphics better. Make the sound effects more lifelike. Tighten up the controls to make them more responsive. I don't need an ad for Nokia to make my games more realistic.

Maybe I'm alone in this regard, but I have a sneaking suspicision that this is only going to grow more and more rampant. When you have ads, they are generally to defray costs, such as magazines to keep them from being $40 an issue. But we aren't seeing a price decrease in these ad-laden games. Nope, we are getting it from both ends. And like I said, I'm getting a little tired of it.

The Gaming Tsunami of Mark's Life

For those of you who know me and my gaming habits, you may be surprised to learn that I have not purchased a game all year till this past week. Now allow me to inform you why that should prove mind-numbing to you. Last year, I bought a new game or games virtually each and every week that came. ( And for those you who know your conversions, you know 52 weeks came last year as they are wont to do every year. )

But after getting a Christmas gift of the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game which is ace if you haven't played it, the gaming tsunami dried up for me. Now in that time, I did buy some videos for my PSP. But other than that, nary a new game was to be had by yours truly. And the single best reason for that fact was nothing that was out or coming out really supremely interested me.

I already had most all the titles that I really wanted, and I was content to whittle away the hours on them. But this past week, the gaming tsunami struck again! I bought two games, and rented a third. All three games inspired me in one form or fashion. The first game was Day of Reckoning 2 for the Gamecube. I liked this game quite a bit when I first played it, but not enough to pay $50 for it. Well finding it at EB for $24 (after discount), there be inspiration number one.

Inspiration number two came in the form of Daxter for the PSP, which I also bought. I have always adored the platforming genre, and no games that have come out within recent memory have matched the Jak games for good platforming love! Seeing Daxter was made by a different studio gave me pause, but after plugging it into my PSP, I was quickly rewarded for my impetuousness. And if you haven't, run don't walk to pick up a copy of this game. It is the best PSP game I have played so far.

And the final inspiration came from the video store near where I live. After buying a few previously viewed DVDs, the girl behind the counter handed me a free rental certificate. And what better use for a free rental than a game, duh! So I rented King Kong for the PS2. And I learned something. I should have bought this game a long time ago. It is stunning visually. Granted, it is easy thanks to the fact of restarting wherever you die at, and having infinite lives. But the point is that it is beautiful, and fun. Give it a shot, if you haven't already.

So the gaming tidal wave that was my life has returned, thanks all in part to rediscovering what really good games were all about. And may I say, it's good to be back!

Mark's Journal...Loading........Loading.....

Last year around September, most of you know I went out and got myself a PSP. And boy, was I excited about it! I had been patrolling GS here, reading all the reviews for all these great games that were coming out. And I drooled over games already released that looked great, such as Lumines and Darkstalkers Chronicles. I couldn't have been more of a fanboy, if I had tried.

But six months removed from the day I got my little black handheld, the fascination and intrigue have disappeared. And there are a couple reasons for that actually. First and foremost, the games overall have been somewhat lackluster for me. By and large, most of the games that have been released were ports of PS2 games or other systems' games such as the Mega Man collection that just hit retail stores. On top of that, it also seems like games only trickle out for it every so often. At the six month mark of any handheld or console, there should be at least 100 or more titles for the system. But the PSP has been releasing similiarly to the Gamecube schedule. And if you own a Cube like me, you know that schedule.

The other issue for me is loading times for the games. Now having all the current gen consoles, I am used to some loading times. I know it's a fact of life with CD or DVD based games, and I can live with that. But PSP games have exceptionally long loading times. Another PSP owner recently bought a copy of Raw vs. Smackdown for his PSP. Now this is a game I have thought about getting myself. But he showed me why I'll just get the PS2 version. He timed how long it took for him to get into a match in season mode, if he just skipped the cut scenes and all that and just went straight to the match. It took him 6 minutes and 28 seconds. That is downright ridiculous!

I haven't timed it, but I own a copy of X-Men Legends 2 for the system. And the game loads between levels, during levels, before cutscenes, after cutscenes, and probably sneaks in a load screen if I put it down to go to the bathroom. In the case of the WWE game, Sony should not have let that game ship like that. THQ could care less, they are just milking a license till it expires. In the case of the X-Men game, I think Activision dropped a ball there as well.

Now I still think the PSP is a marvelous little handheld. But I have a growing desire just to get rid of it. Playing it of late makes me appreciate my DS more. I haven't played all PSP games obviously, so what do you think? Are the loading times this bad across the board? Do you have or have had a PSP only to get rid of it soon after? Let's hear from the GS elite here!

So Long, Atari! We Hardly Knew Ye!

Well I figured it was only a matter of time, and I was right. I must admit I am a wee bit saddened by the news that Atari has one foot in the grave, and the other foot slipping. But like Acclaim before it, Atari has few but itself to blame when it comes to reasons as to why its company is swirling the bowl.

For those who may not know it, Atari has switched owners so many times over the years, it's pathetic. Now owned by Hasbro, Atari has released either bad games or horrendously mediocre ones for quite some time. And again, their sales slump and earnings forecast has no one but itself to blame.

I own a few Atari games, but most were purchased when they hit the bargain bin. Demon Stone is one such title, a competent hack 'n slash. But that is no real compliment. It did nothing to distinguish itself from any of the games on the shelf, and thus it sank to $20 like a rock.

But the one Atari game I own and would have gladly paid full price for would have to be one I have went on and on about here and other places often. Kya: Dark Lineage was, by far, the best Atari game they have released in the last 5 years easy. A quality platformer that, unfortunately, no one heard of also sunk quickly to the bargain bin. But that game was stellar for what it was.

I knew it was coming, but I have a feeling they will just be bought by someone else who has no knowledge of the gaming industry. Atari was once a household name. Unfortunately it no longer is. And the CEO can fire off as many folks as he wants. But the guy in accounting isn't responsible for their financial woes. They are.