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I'm not letting the moderators sweep this one under the rug. Not this time.

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I think the moderator that moderated me should be moderated for trolling under his own logic...

it's not the platforms that bother me. It's that subrosian went through the trouble of

1) Locating a proxy server
2) Reconfiguring his internet settings
3) creating sbfriends, his secondary account

This is a whole lot one has to go through just to troll another user. It is obvious that his trolling was premeditated, and yet I get wrongfully suspended for 10 days, while he gets absolutely nothing. Not even a moderation.

Subrosian was even bragging about how he got me suspended in the IRC channel.

Reason: "accussing others of being trolls and providing false accusations without proof is trolling"


The only false information here is that I am accusing others falsely. Under this logic, the moderator that moderated me is trolling. I had proof-- I made 6 citations. The moderator also deleted those, so here they are once again. I'm sorry mods, but you're not just going to sweep this one under the rug. I was wrongfully suspended, and sbfriends IS indeed subrosian's alternate trolling account.


Coincidences happen, and in this case, it was only a coincidence that sbfriends happened to have his first post in AmyMizuno's thread [1], and immediately after the first reply ever to sbfriends happened to be from subrosian [2]. It is also purely coincidence that the two were taking turns posting, and were never posting at the same time. [3] It is also purely a coincidence how Subrosian and sbfriends use hyphens to seperate sentence fragments in exactly the same way. [4]

It was also a complete coincidence that the moderator that happened to suspend Amy was in an IRC channel with subrosian and blackbond at the time. [5] I also wouldn't make a big deal over the fact that that particular master moderator proceeded to attack and destroy Amy's reputation after she was suspended and couldn't defend herself. [6] I am 100% sure that there was no conflict of interest in this situation.

What is a Japanese idol?

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To put it simply, an idol is a model, usually a female model that appears in movies and magazines in Japan. Idols do not pose nude or perform sexually explicit acts in their work. If you've played any of the Metal Gear Solid games, you've probably already encountered a few Japanese idols. Their posters and pictures are scattered throughout the game, usually hidden as easter-eggs.

Anyway, you will see where I am going with this in the next few days. One hint:

Coming next: Hakutô Kyô