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I absolutely love Twisties!


I can't get enough of them!

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I'm currently drinking a german beer called OeTTINGER so it will be what I "drank" just not yet :P
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Mine would have to be Tomatoes. They are so versatile including how versatile they are with cooking. You can make so many dishes with tomatoes.
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Hey guys, nice to be invited here. I love cooking and drinking so I guess you'll see me around :P
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I really enjoy experimenting with different pizza toppings. I love cooking on my Weber and my Weber cooks up pizza's beautifully.
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Spaghetti Bolognaise is so over rated. So many people cook it but only a small few know how to cook it well. Even some of the restaurants I've been to don't do it well.
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Hey guys, not sure if this topic has already been done but here it goes!

My favourite chef of all time would have to be none other than Anthony Bourdain.


I've read all of his books which give a great insight into the world of chefing (one of my best mates is a chef and he's got some pretty sordid stories of his own) and find his TV shows a crack up. He is the food lover I aim to be - Try anything, even if you think you won't like it because that's what food is about.

I also went and saw him recently live in a show he did when he came to Melbourne Australia and he was very entertaining. It's great to see that Bourdain has not become to pretentious with his fame and I love the fact that he didn't hit it big from being your conventional "Celebrity Chef" - Most of the places he has worked have been mediocre dives and he hit it big by releasing a book about the raw and sordid world of being a Chef. No to mention a TV show about eating and drinking around the world.

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I live in Australia and a US friend of mine sent me through some satchels of Kool Aid. I couldn't get over the fact that you add almost three times as much sugar than the actual Kool-Aid powder itself! Anyway, I mixed up a couple of different flavours and it's like cordial really. My US friend didn't appreciate the jar of Vegemite I sent in return though :P
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I still play and enjoy playing Skyrim. I'm pretty close now to getting the platinum trophy so once I do I'll probably start playing something else but for now I'm still loving it!

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Dude just do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of Skyrim. It's the RPG of RPG's.

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