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E3 and Collecting - Collection Addiction Blog 3

So it is E3 time again! My favorite time of the year. I have been tracking the show since before there were video players on the internet (glad it is less sleazy).

Sadly I am having to slowly catch up with each press conference one by one instead of watching them live because of a heat wave that has hit SC. It is 102 F here with a heat index of 110 F. As such our local service provider has had to come out to do some repairs. Not to mention that we do not have central A/C, so we have a tiny fan on our modem to try to keep it cool.

However, I am finally catching up with the shows! I don't know if anybody reads my blogs, but I enjoy writing them. Therefore, I will be posting an E3 reaction blog at some point for fun.

Now for the collection goodies! I bought 2 games recently: Bayonetta (PS3) and Forza (Xbox).

I have been putting off getting this game for a LONG time. Not for any real reason either. It was just on a really long wish list. I was in a 2nd and Charles not too long ago though and found a copy that was like new for about $8. Can't beat it! I haven't started playing it yet but I plan on playing it soon.

I also found this at local used game shop. They are usually pretty expensive when it comes to their used games. I go in and look around from time to time, but rarely do I buy anything. However, this copy of Forza was in really great condition and cheaper than any copy on Ebay or Amazon so I went ahead and bought it. It is awesome to have this game again. I have 2-4 as well, but I have found memories of playing Forza 1 back when it came out. It was one of the few games at the time that made me want to own an Xbox. I might plug in my old Xbox and play this for nostalgia's sake sometime.

If anyone is reading these, thanks! Until next time!

Japanese PS2 Lot: Collection Addiction Blog 2

Recently I have been looking to expand my collection for my Japanese PS2. While my understanding of the language is fine when I'm hearing it, speaking or reading it is another story. Since I have so much free time now I thought I would be a good idea to play some games so I could study and have fun at the same time. It worked that last time I did it at least. Not to mention there are plenty of games that just never got released over here, especially on the PS2.

When buying this lot of games I was actually looking for Abarenbou Princess, but found a lot that was going for the same price as that game itself should have been going for. So, I ended up with 5 games instead of one.

I have heard a lot of great things about it here and there on various sites, although no reviews. Therefore, I will be writing a review for it since it seems to be fairly popular. I have already started playing and so far, it is pretty adorable. I'm really unsure as to why this didn't get ported at some point. I haven't got to see much of the battle system though, so I will have an update on that later.

Now for the rest of the lot:

Even though I already own the North American version of Rogue Galaxy, I am actually really looking forward to playing the Japanese version. Although the voice acting was pretty good in the English version, the Japanese is generally better and less awkward.

It took a bit of research to find out anything about Steamboy, besides the very popular anime it is based on, which I am ashamed to say I haven't seen. Several people I came across gave it good reviews though, so it might be pretty fun. From the looks of it, it seems to be an action/puzzle game. Before playing it I think I'm going to watch the anime first to get an understanding of the characters and storyline.

The last two games, Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star Universe, are going to be very low on my list to play for obvious reasons. Most of their content was online only and needless to say, they have been offline for years now. From what I hear, however, there is still some content available offline in each game so I might give them a go when I'm really bored one day. As of right now, they are just part of my ever expanding collection.

So that wraps up this haul. I am really looking forward to playing Abarenbou Princess and hope to have a review up sometime soon!

Gameboy Comic #1: Collection Addiction Blog 1

Yes..this exists

After viewing the episode where Linkara from Channel Awesome reviewed this comic, I knew I had to had it to my collection. It involves Mario and the cast of characters from the Saturday morning cartoon from the late 80s jumping out and leaving a shoplifter for dead, a battle in a NYC subway, and...a battle inside Windows on the World. Don't know what that is? That was the restaurant at the top of the North WTC Tower. Many of the famous jumpers seen in pictures from 9/11 in white shirts were thought to be workers from here. Even if they were not, a vast majority of the employees there lost their lives that day. So that is a bit awkward seeing Nintendo characters blowing it up and holding the staff hostage. But it was before the 1993 bombings, so this is all 20/20 hindsight.

I actually got this pretty cheap on Ebay. Totally worth for the nostalgia and craziness! I have some fond memories of the NBC cartoons that revolved around our beloved Nintendo characters. And yes, I know these shows were awful, but I have nostalgia holding together these memories.

Since the other 3 issues are pretty cheap, I will probably invest in them pretty soon as well. Beyond issue 4, I'm not sure any more exist,

As a side note, inside this comic several other comics are advertised. Among these are Zelda, Captain N, and Super Mario. I'm not sure if these were ever made but I will be looking into it. If the were, I sure hope they were as entertaining/goofy as this was!

I'm Back, I'm Sorry

Several years ago I left in a fit over...something. At the time I felt I was cheated out of a moderator position even though I had let other mods know that I was sick. Even so, what good was I if I was not around. I honestly I haven't had the heart to return until now mostly out of shame. The other reason was that I lost the password AND email I used. Only recently did I find it.

As previously stated, I was extremely ill at the time and also dealing with serious personal/family issues. I was not at the most stable point in my life. I once again apologize to those I was rude to. Most of it was the pain talking, although that doesn't excuse my behavior. Live and learn I suppose.

Since I have left I have had many major life changes that have kept me plenty busy as well. I got married, graduated with my B.A. in History/Art History from UofSC, and have been trying to get published. To add complications to my life I was recently diagnosed with two syncope (fainting) disorders that cause me to faint at random. My life is a bit hectic to say the least, which is why I wanted to get back to a place I used to frequent. I hope everyone can forgive me for my childish behavior. I look forward to being on the forums just in time for E3!

Putting The Pieces Back Together...

Recently I learned of the lies that my fiancee (whom I've been with for 4 years) has been telling me about his bills and his financial state. It's been quite a shock and the lies were very elaborate. I'm now in control of his budget, but because of the amount of time this has gone on, the fact that he has done this in the past, AND this ruins all of our plans that we had for the future has made me re-think things. I think I'm in shock right now, but I do still love him. I just don't trust him. Trust is essential to a relationship. I'm hoping that does come back...

As for the rest of my's going. Not smoothly with my mother because she hates Michael, but other than that life is decent. I can't wait for this month to be over for several reasons. First, I will be done with my Summer II semester. Second, we should be out of the budget sinkhole. Third, one of my best friends will be coming back from Japan and in August the Fall semester starts :)

Anyways. That's life right now. In GS news, GlitchSpot has struck again! My level is stuck at 44% and has been for a while. But at least the problem is known and I'm sure it will get fixed. Can't wait to be a mod again also. I need to get back into the swing of things...again. lol

I'm back!

Something happened to my account there for a while, but it seems to all be sorted out now. :) I'm so happy to be back.

Brain Bootcamp aka Maymester

I thought that Maymester would be difficult, but worth it. is. However it's like bootcamp for my brain! Perhaps if I was taking something other than a high level history course it would be easier but right now my brain feels like it's going to explode. I started this monday and next monday is midterms! Well, at least it's not a lot of information to remember, but I have to have a 10 page paper based off of 8 news articles and interviews finished by the 24th. :( So much stress. But, at least it will be over soon! I'm taking a vacation afterwards because I can tell I'm going to need one. lol I had no break in the one week I had off between Spring semester and Maymester because I was sick (sinus/bronchitis/back problems).

Yes...I a nice vacation is in order before Summer II starts in July (and then Fall semester right after).

Please Don't Go HotSpot!

Since I'm on painkillers for my back and medication for my bronchitis/sinus infection, I'm going to keep this short because my brain is not all here. Not to mention that I've had some VERY bad news today (besides the cancelling of the HotSpot) that makes me wonder how much harder things can get.

The icing on my **** cake though is finding out that Magrino was laid off and the HotSpot cancelled. It's a very sad day indeed. I've been listening since I joined the site in 2006 (almost 6 years now) and it's been something I look forward to every week. I'm going to miss all the humor, news, and guests. I'm glad the show lasted this long and hopefully it will one day be back.

Bronchitis with a thrown out back...oh joy!

Yes. Not too long ago I hurt my back doing Zumba, but thought it was normal to have those horrible pains and kept working out. Also, the university's awful chairs didn't help anything. So recently I went to the doctor and she gave me some medicine and said not to do anything to strain in.
...Now I have Bronchitis again (20 times in 5 years! And I don't smoke). At least my back being in agony every time I cough is taking my mind off the pain coming from my lungs. lol

And to top it all off, I have one week until Maymester starts! Maymester btw is a course (you can only take one) that lasts roughly 2 weeks. I'm taking the history of American Pop Culture and I'm a history major, so it shouldn't be too hard...but I don't want to be sick the entire 2 weeks! :S


First off, college. I have three finals and three 10 page papers due within the next week 1/2. This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't having to fight to take summer courses. FA has given me $1000 for Summer 1 and $1000 for Summer II, but to get any of that money you have to take 6 course hours. The unfortunate thing is it is $440 per credit hour. So basically they only pay $1000 per c.lass leaving me to pay about $550 (other fees included) out of pocket. So, instead I'm now trying to take the courses at my old technical college, but I'm not sure if my funds will transfer. :S I could be getting all these documents signed for nothing.

Also, I have a job interview at my local library. If I get this job I will finally get my foot in the door in the field of work I want to go into. *crosses fingers* I'm just a little worried they won't work with me after the Summer semester is over. I have a heavy course load this Fall and can't change my schedule.
BTW: Taking Chinese 121, Japanese 221, Philosophy 517 (philosophy of languages), Japanese Film, and History 393 (history of Biology and Medicine). Also take a health and wellness c.lass to try and stay healthy.
This is what it looks like:

I can't wait until all undecided BS is over with so I can rest easy. :)