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What does it mean to be a true fan

We've all been there. Just discussing a topic in a forum or in the comments of a video, when suddenly, they start trolling and arguing. The immature ones call out on the other's sexuality or mother, those are usually ignored, but one I have noticed was when someone says this:

"If you were a real fan, you'd appreciate this" or "A real fan would never accept this".

The question that comes to mind is: "Who the hell cares if someone's a "real fan"?"

I find this to be just a stupid way of trying to put themselves in some sorts of higher pedestal than other when it comes to the topic. As if calling your self a "real fan" would give you some extra appreciation from the source material. Who care, honestly? As if being a "true fan" somehow makes you better.

What is a true fan anyway? Someone who knows everything there is to know about said thing they're a fan of? Or a purist that won't accept the slightest change? Maybe one that will support their favorite game, band, actor, etc., no matter what they do? Some one who lives and breathes it? Does that mean that those who don't know enough or are fans of one small part of it are less deserving of being called a fan? Most importantly, why should you care?

The fact is many people have many varying opinions, but that does not make them any less deserving of being called a fan. We are all fans, doesn't matter how much you know or if you like there latest work or game, movie, whatever. Trying to put yourself above someone or trying to put him/her down because they're not a "true fan" is immature and stupid.

Crash Bandicoot is in dire need of a re-boot

At age 19 I can still remember my first gaming system back in the 2nd grade. It was a good old Playstation, the best gaming system next to the Super Nintendo. With it came a copy of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes back. An awesome little platformer with cool mute character fighting a mad scientist, good stuff. The levels were awesome, the music was catchy and the boss fights were fun as hell.

It wasn't long before I got the 3rd game and tracked down the first one, the later being the least played due to its insane difficulty (at least from a grade schooler's perspective). They were all great, all had humor, but nothing that was too out there. They kept a healthy balance of well paced action and platforming and nice humorous banter between the characters.

Sadly though, Naughty Dog, for reasons I do not know of, stopped making games for my beloved bandicoot and went on to make another of my favorites, Jak and Daxter. So, Crash went to diferent developers and we got Wrath of Cortex. It had the same formula and all around plot but it just felt.... Idk, souless. It didn't have the charm that the Naughty Dog entries had, it just felt empty. Then came other spin offs and they were changing Crash. Don't get me wrong, change can be good, but these changes were being made for the worst.

I realise that young audiences play these games, so the next entries geared towards them, but they went too childish, what with it's potty humor and silly childish, corny jokes. They focused more on the cchildish humor and not so much on actual gameplay. Now they even re-designed most of the characters in a punk-rock look that really killed it for me.

Now, I think it's time we fixed this. Spyro had a verry similar history, main difference is tha they learned their leston quickly and decided to re-boot the franchise and what we got wasn't half bad, it was darker, more serious but with a good balance of comic relief characers. Crash needs something similar.

So here's my plan:

A) Start with a re-make of the first game, make it dark and serious but keep the humor in tact by making Crash the innocent and sometimes cluless hero that has a heart of gold (like Luffy from One Peice or Goku form Dragon Ball). Also, despite not being in the original, include Coco and Crunch as siblings of Crash's, Crunch feeling resentment towards Crash thus alowing himself to be tested, hence his buff form. This allows for interesting plot development along with humorous banter between the siblings

B) Go for more clever humor: I understand you want kids to play this, but that doesn't mean you have to alienate your older audiences with toilet humor and gross out humor. Like I said, Crash would be the innocent hero, thus making for many funny cituations and his banter with Crunch and Aku Aku would certainly help.

C) Make the Villains a threat again: The villains in recent games have become a joke. Cortex is no longer threatening, he's just pathetic. Give him thath edge that gives us reason to take him serious, but also give him a temper problem similar to Captain Hook from Disney's Peter Pan, that would make him threatening wile also making him funny.

D) Gameplay: It has to be a platformer with a few gimics like riding a wild animal or cool vehicle, but most importantly, it HAS to be a platformer, that's where Crash came from. Include chalenging yet fun level design with intense and sometimes funny boss battles.

E) Keep it in the spirit of the original Naughty Dog era: Hell, try and get Naughty Dog to do these games, if not, then do what you can to give us a feel of an updated classic Crash game, not just a re-hash like Wrath of Cortex or something completly different like Crash of the Titans.

Crash has potential, and I seriously think he deserves to come back with an awesome new game. Now I just need for someone to help me get this to one of them big guys to see if it doesn't stay in these web pages

The Alleged "God of War Rip-offs"

God of War has become a very popular franchise. What with intense action, epic fights and boss battles, and possibly one of video games' most badass heroes ever, Kratos, its hard not to love these games if you are a fan of action and adventure games. But recently, there have been a lot of other games of the same genre that are ignorantly being shunned as simple rip-offs to this game.

It's easy to see why someone would want to rip off this game. After all it's beloved by gamers all around and it sold very well, so a couple of rip-offs are inevitable, but that doesn't mean all games of the same genre are ripping off this game. Games such as Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Brutal Legend, and Darksiders have all been accused of this. True there are similarities to the game, but it's only because they are of the same genre. It is like saying Halo is a rip-off of Doom.

There's a BIG difference between following standards of the genre set by the game, and completely ripping it off. One could say that all FPSs are a rip-off of Doom, but then again it's only because Doom set the standard for what an FPS should be like. So every adventure game is a rip-off of Zelda, or every platformer a rip-off of Mario? The answer is no, these are games that simply set the standard for their respective genres and all others simply take their example. God of War is no different. It's certainly not the first game of its genre but it did change it and set a new standard, so if others are following its example, it's not because it's a damn rip-off!

I'm simply tired of checking out a trailer of a new action/adventure game and have most of the comments saying: "What a GOW rip-off!" It really is sad how these good games that want to bring a genre that I find a little underused into the market that's DOMINATED by those damn First Person Shooters be shunned by the audience's ignorance. Not to mention frustrating.

What the hell took SEGA so long??

Ok, first off, let me say that I didn't think all of Sonic's 3D games were horrible. Sonic Adventure 1 had fun levels if you ignored Amy and Big's missions, Sonic Adventure 2 is widely considered the best of the Sonic 3D games, and I agree. Sonic Heroes was allot of fun, even though they did concentrate allot on the different teams and not allot on friggin Sonic, and Shadow the Hedgehog was ok, did like it's dark story.

But my point is, each game was actually worse than the last. We kept getting these odd gimmicks, Sonic Heroes had this 3 characters at once thing, Shadow had guns, Sonic 06 had this weird love interest between Sonic and this human girl... and that game was just poorly made. We, the public, just asked for a good Sonic game, that meant, no gimmicks, no concentration on the secondary characters, just Sonic, running as fast as he could. What did we get? A trailer that had just that in the first half, but the second half had Sonic transforming into a "Werehog"...

Really...? A werehog...? What the hell, SEGA!!?? Why can't you just get it? We don't want gimmicks, we don't want guns, we don't want secondary characters to take center stage (hence why they are SCEONDARY characters) we don't want swords, we don't want werehogs, we just want good old fashioned Sonic!

FINALY, you announce Sonic the Hedgehog 4. That's great; I wait to see if you don't screw this one up. I mean, really, did it take you THAT long to realize this, or were you just screwing with us to make sure we'd see this next game as a Godsend and buy it?

Ok, rant over....