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Best of 2009(a personal affair)

Okay so here's my first blog and probably very important one too(for me at least).I've been eager to post a blog for a very long time but like most people would say "blogging is not a child's play",so I've been reluctant to post one,but since the topic is very crucial for me,i just could help but type out what i had in mind about 09.

So without more intro here is the top 10 games of 2009(my own insight).

Starting from number 10(looks cool when people do the countdown thing):D

10] Trine.

This 2d action game was a fresh change from all the fps's and rpgs a completely new twist in my gaming routine,I've already gone through the game 3 times and still haven't got bored of it. Awesome graphics and soundtrack with great physics and puzzles.Recommended to all.

9] Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

One of the best FPS ever,this game comes at 9 only because me and fps don't get along well.I've always left a fps after few hours of gameplay, im not really bothered about the stacks of fps that come out ever year,but when it comes to Call of duty,well i had to make an exception and i'm i glad i played this.

8]Mirror's Edge.

Came out in early 2009,first game i played last year and instantly loved it.I like to call it a technical masterpiece,this game has the best graphics and a truly mesmerizing art design simple yet breathtaking.Great visuals when maxed out deliver photo-realistic environments which so far have been the best.Combine that with some cool electronic soundtrack and you get a nice subtle feel which is more that enough to keep you glued to the screen.Its at 8 on my list because of the weak story and short game length.Would've been much better if the game had a 3rd person mode.

7]Dragon Age:Origins.

I expected a lot from this game once i knew that it's a bioware title.A good game, not the best though, had a very interesting storyline believable characters,soundtrack was good enough.On the bad side, the gamepaly was not at all good enough for a fan of action adventure like me,small environments(many small chunks of maps made up a city,not cool),graphics were lackluster and i dare say dated.The reason i put this game at 7 is because of the story, multiple endings and the number of choices you get during the journey.Seriously overrated, could have been better if had more freedom of movement and bigger environments like a certain rpg i played last year. *cough'fallout'cough*:D


At 6 is Borderlands. A unique blend of fps and rpg wow!!!. Taking missions from npc's killing bad-guys collection loot reporting back, starting all over again,sounds boring?? trust me its AWESOME. A constant search for a better weapon to beat the s**t out of your opponents was a huge driving factor of the game, CLAPTRAP that funny little robot is effing hilarious.Besides that the game has, unimaginable variety of weapons, in-game vehicles, leveling up, cool art design and a co-op mode,honestly what more do you want?

5]The Sims 3.

The Sims 3 quite obviously makes it on my list since I've been playing the Sims since they started coming out in 2001 and therefore i couldn't just give up on the latest title in the franchise.Though a lot like the old Sims this one has a major improvement over the others,that is the ability to play through the neighborhood in real-time.This gave it an edge over the previous titles but the rest remains the same you create a sim, date another, get married,go to work have coffee attend nature's call and almost anything you can or can't do in real life. Sims is simply one of a kind and so for me this game deserves a spot on the list.

4]Red Faction:Guerrilla.

Guerrilla turned out to be a really good game completely opposite of what i thought it would be.This TPS had almost everything that i usually look for in a game,nice visuals, open-ended environments, sharp controls, strong gameplay and besides all that the game's destructive environment swept me off my feet,one blow of the sledgehammer and the entire building comes crumbling down,pretty neat. A weak story line left me a bit disappointing but i had caused enough destruction to notice any other flaws in the game.Now the problem is i want more such games.

3]Batman Arkham Asylum.

I was a little confused whether to put it at no 2 or 3.The only flawless game that came out last year.One of the best Action Adventure games in years,everything about this game is top notch nothing much to write everyone has probably gone through the game at-least once and you'll find this game in top 3 on every list of top ten games of 2009.


At second spot is Prototype spent hours on this game,i couldn't wait to get home from college and get my hands on this game.By now you guys have guessed that I'm a big action adventure fan and i solemnly judge this game to be the best action adventure game of 2009.Many would argue that since games like infamous and uncharted have been considered the best but since i don't own a ps3 prototype remains the best action adventure game for me lets hope Assassins Creed 2 changes that.*fingers crossed*

1]Dawn Of Discovery.

So it comes down to this the, number 1 game on my list is a medieval strategy game which combines ship simulation and city building. Honestly i didn't think that it would be so weird to rate a strategy games over all the action adventure and tps that i prefer, but the game is magnificent part of my collection and I'm so glad that i own it. I've spent nearly twice as much as time on this game than any other title i own, nearly missing out on every other aspect of my life,it was almost like being enslaved by the game.The minimum hours devoted to this game was 5 hours,phew I've spent a lot of time building cities waging wars and trading but still haven't explored the full game.And even after spending so many long hours on the game i haven't got bored of it.For some unknown reason this game has been on my comp for nearly 6 months now and not once I've felt that I've had enough.Counting on the number of months the game has entertained me i put this amazing peice of work at the top of the list.

With the release of the above titles and many others, 2009 has been a great year for gaming,for me it was equally fantastic as a gamer and already with a great start i hope 2010 packs in more surprises than last year.Any type of comments pertaining to the topic are welcome