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Golden Eye, Ocarina of Time, Counter-Strike, Halo, KoTor, Star Wars Battle Grounds Each did something I didn't do before, Golden Eye great multiplayer, not that I never played multiplayer before but it would lead to getting halo.
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One of the most under rated games ever!
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I'm getting it but I'm waiting on a Steam sale.


Same here. Hell, I'm not even done with Skyrim vanilla! :P

Just started playing Skyrim again, and this time actually getting into it. There is so much to do. I've just been turning into a werewolf and going town by town and seeing how many guards I can take down.

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The servers are only gonna be 200 players max. I think they have something up their sleeves. I'm not on the hype-train but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. Real-time combat would be nice to have, so would day and night cycles and moon cycles so you could actually have werewolves that sync with the phase of the moon. PVP in the 200 person world with real-time combat when you are a werwolf :3.

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Was Crysis 2 even that good, when you kill someone in Crysis there is no sense of accomplishment. It feels like a second tier Halo or COD. I mean it looks pretty, I love playing it for the looks, because I'm a whore. The gameplay though, the nanosuit, isn't very fun. I hope they can fix that in this game, but adding a bow and arrow doesn't look like fun. Mulitple paths, they always claim this, one is gonna be the "right way" every other way will be meh.

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Metro 2033 was very scarce with its ammo, to the point where you'd really have to land crucial headshots.illmatic87

How you can also choose between pre-war ammo and dirty ammo was a good part of the gameplay. Except I always used the pre-war ammo, so I had no money when I got to the next hub to buy anything good.

I wanna say Resident Evil 5, but I have feeling that is a lie. Counter-Strike: Souce zombie mod techincally while you start out with a ton of ammo if you start running around, you will waste ammo.

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[QUOTE="catlin_czirr"] Also I kept thinking before they started talking about the compound that they (will smith and the girl) would have to repopulate the earth, bow chica wow wow!Funkyhamster


I felt that the movie was a good length... the last third was kind of weird, but I liked the ending.


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With bootcamp you can run Crysis on a Mac. I play it on mine. It actually run very well on my Macbook Pro. Get around 30fps average on a mix of med and high setting at 1024x768. There is one problem, during cut scences the frame-rate completely craps out.
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I was going to go with a X38 board, but SLI looks to have better performace than crossfire. So do any nvidia chipsets support PCI Express 2.0.