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Beat Far Cry

    I just got done beating Far Cry.  The game was a overall a great game very long.  I had it since my birthday last year but never really played it that much cause the game would sometimes crash and freakout. But the patches helped.  so now on to the ending. It sucked i liked that Jack kill Dolye and showed no mercy to him.  But the part where you see Val wake up and look to the side to see a folder writen on it Project Far Cry that sucked

Alot of DoD:S

I've been playing alot of DoD Souce and the game is simpy amazing.  For having also played COD 2 I feel DOD put it to shame in multiplayer.  Now I wish I had a mic that wasnt broke.  But as I was saying DoD is basicaly WWII on steroids.  It is like BF42 with the classes but i like the fact on how they balance the weapons classes and you really do have to work as a team to win.  If you dont have a support guarding a flag then you will never win cause you can never keep that middle flag or key flags.  Now I leave you but I say this it may be dubbed stupid by alot but dont beleive them and try it you might like it.