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Contact, we need contact!

Since I am not on GameSpot that often, I would like to add my friends on any messenger which I use.

So for the ones who have yahoo mail or hotmail, I would like to add you ;)

But only the ones who I know, and who I trust. You'll see when I add you. :P

That way I can get updated on GameSpot's activities and even socialize simultaneously. It's the perfect opportunity! :P

I, especially, want the officers at my union, to provide their mail.. this way I can get updates from the union and get them to know me better and vice versa. That's it for my request. Have fun GameSpotting and have fun GTAing.. I know you will..

OMG! Alphacy Made a Blog!

Hello, long time no see. I think it's time for a new blog after so many months. It won't be a regular thing, but just because 'severe depression' doesn't represent the state I am in for some time, I decided to create a new blog for you all to read.

I am sorry for not having announced my departure from this fine community. I still come by and check how everyone's doing, but I don't participate in all the great things GameSpot offers, such as unions (even though I check my unions once in a while), blogs, etc.

Well, what's new? I'm still pursuing my future career as a manager or at least a high function somewhere in a renown company. That won't be for a long while, since I'm only in my first year of Business Administration. It has been great, and I love it, even though it's a hard time to get through all the assignments and at this time, the exams. Tomorrow is one, so wish me good luck.

I know you all want to know something about what I should be talking about, which is games. I have been gaming on my DS and that's all there is. I haven't touched my other consoles or handhelds ever since, except for my new found Wii. Yes, I have a Wii and already read the Super Smash Bros Brawl review and it's probably the very first game I will buy, after Wii Sports, which you get if you buy a Wii. I will probably not be spending a load of time on my Wii, even if I have SSBB. And if that were to be the case, it would not be online. But I would appreciate it if you would all leave your Wii code/ friend code, if you have one. That way I can play with you sometime. It would be fun, I'm certain it will. And don't worry, I will buy Mario Kart Wii as well, but as you know: Europe can be a little behind sometimes. In this case, it is a delay of months, but patience is a virtue.

Well, that's all I can say for now. I have to prepare myself mentally and physically for me to pass my test. Best of luck to all your endeavours and I hope to see you all again someday. Take care and goodbye!

Severe depression...

As of lately, I have had some problems with myself, not being able to gather the motivation to study, even though I know university grades get you into the best jobs, so I should, but for some reason I can't. And finally, I have gamed some times now, playing Soldat, an online 2D shooting game, which I'm pretty good at and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, which I received today. I don't feel like playing any games or doing anything actually. yes, the symptoms of being depressed. What a great time, now that the exams are 3 weeks ahead. I also seem to have discovered that I have a short attention span. I can listen for several minutes, or read for several minutes, but after that I just listen or read, without anything going into my head.

I'm going to make the best of it, and I know making two blogs in 2 days isn't actually ideal for my friends here to post once again, so I just want you to know that the reason why I might not make a comment in your blog is this depression, which is keeping me down. I have had a depression before and the solution was a very good friend who helped me through it. I got out of my house and went out to other places with her, but after the depression was gone, the party guy was no more.

Now it's a different story, I'm depressed and I know what it'll do to me. But with the exams coming, it couldn't have occurred at the worst moment. How can I go out a lot, while I have to study?

But to keep this short, you will probably not be seeing me as active as usual and I apologize to my unions and The Conversation Station. I will be back as soon as possible.


I think it's time for a blog again and this time it's about something serious. I know you all hoped for a jokes blog or something to make you laugh or which will make you happy, but no, this one is neither. It's a neutral blog which can be discussed by everyone, except for hermits. But hermits can learn something from this though, so gather.

So, an update of my life. University has been really something for me, I have learned so many things, made so many friends (I'll get back to this one), enjoyed life since I entered college, but with a high price. Lots of assignments, mostly one per week, and now we don't have any. There must be a reason for this! ... Oh yeah, there is: exams. In 3-4 weeks the exams start once again and I've got a lot to do, though I don't feel like studying. I'd rather make a blog of 4 pages long, but I know long threads aren't the most popular ones, so I'll keep this blog as short as possible.

Since university I have been doing lots of things: watching anime, making friends who are just nice and/ or watch anime as well, hit the gym and work out etc. It's a great time and I love to be a student. I know I'm going to miss all this in the future, so I'm going to make the best of it. But let's not talk nostalgia.

Friends, I think that's the subject which I left off. I realized that I can make friends easier than many others. At least, if I put some effort in. Many I met are just a bunch of losers (in real and digital life), but those who I like, know that I like them. I treat every friend differently, to some I am open, to others I am not so, but for every its reason. It depends on which person I'm talking to. Don't worry, those in my friends list here are those who I like, some more than others, but you'll never find out. It's a secret :twisted:

But in real life it's more difficult: Sometimes I just meet some odd bozos and of course I don't spend time talking to them. I like my friends to be more talkative, and if so, some interesting subjects please and not about cars or motorbikes or how the barber shaved your head and how it's shining like a bowling ball now. It's no fun to walk with someone, while you don't dare to talk to him or her or vice versa. I realized that I have high requirements, when it comes to friends. It's so that my friends know I appreciate them and also to show them that they're special to have gone through the border. It's actually the same in real life as on the internet, in this case: GameSpot. No other forum has attracted me yet. But the requirements here are much lower than in reality. In reality, I have met many acquaintances and I have only made one good friend.

So, like I said, I have high requirements and so I only consider 5-6 in my whole life as my good friends. The rest are just friends or acquaintances. Even though they consider me a good friend... Don't worry, if I don't like someone I just tell it to him or her directly or indirectly. But to keep this philosophy blog short, I'm going to ask you all a question and I want an honest answer. I might pick something up from this and most importantly, I want to know whether there are people like me. And perhaps what kind of requirements you all have?

So do you have a best friend or so (dogs don't count, even though I love them)?

How many 'friends' do you have?

Do you categorize your friends as well?

Do you make friends easily?

I hope you will check this blog once in a while, since I might want to ask further ;)

And just something aside from all this:

I ordered Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, and I am expecting it within 14 days. I also expect to buy Trauma Center for the DS within some days. I've always wanted to play the game.

Thanks for reading and if you don't feel like talking about friends, you are free not to. I was just in the mood and this is one of the few times I blog about my personal life and what is playing in my head. I was just about to close this blog about friends while having written those paragraphs, but I guess I might as well post it now. Perhaps someone likes to talk about this 'interesting' subject?

No Abunai Tickets Available? Nooooo!

Haven't created a blog for some while now, so I decided to resurrect the activity here once again. Anything new? Yes, of course... university is killing me with the numerous projects we have to finish before the end of the week. It would have been a nice week, if it weren't for those projects, and if it wasn't for the anime convention called Abunai to be sold out. :cry: It would have been my very first anime convention. Now we have to wait till May next year... I can't wait that long... I want an anime convention now!

I was supposed to go with a new friend of mine at school, but she discovered that the tickets were sold out. And there we sat, disappointed and sad...

Man, I hate it when that happens, no tickets? The building should be able to shelter more than enough people, right? And I don't suppose there are many anime fans here in the Netherlands. Speculations won't help me further... I guess I just need to calm myself and just watch anime, instead of interaction.. :(

On to other anime and manga news:

I almost completed my Death Note collection, I only need volume 9 and 11 and my collection will be complete. Cool, huh?

I also bought Cromartie High School, which was recommended by an anime clerk down at the book store where I buy my manga. He said that if I liked GTO, I would definitely like Cromartie. The first volume was only 3,50 euros, so it was a bargain.

Another manga I have is GTO: The Early Years. I still haven't managed to find volume 1 and 5 in that collection.

Now onto anime again:

I am watching the following anime:

- InuYasha

- Rurouni Kenshin

- Neon Genesis Evangelion

The anime here don't feel like something I really like. The only one here would be InuYasha, which is sometimes entertaining and sometimes just dull. I might watch Elfen Lied or Full Metal Alchemist. I'm sure the latter one will be very enjoyable.

I also am watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, the last cartoon besides The Simpsons which I like.

In other news: Prison Break started again! Damn, I was waiting for this... I still haven't managed to watch the first episode, but I'm too much into anime (there is that word again), so I'm probably going on a marathon, after the season ended.

And now onto more general subjects: college is fun! Not fun as in... yeah, I love to study! No, fun as in social contacts. I haven't had such an enjoyable conversation since.... since... last year! First with a friend of mine who now lives nearby his university, which is far away from ours. He's someone I talk a lot with, especially about anime :P

I'll stop now, since it's 1:37 AM here now and I have to get up at 7;30 AM. And I usually need 10 hours of sleep, you do the maths. Besides, I don't think you all like to hear me blabbering about anime and manga and stuff. I'll go to college and find someone to talk about anime again ;)

My first blog! (What a cliche)

Not exactly my very first blog, but rather the first blog in this profile. It feels so good to begin with a clean sheet again. I don't have anything more to say than that actually.

Other news:

I bought myself a reading light, which should be put on my ear and then I can even read manga in the midst of the night, without getting up and turning the light on, but just grab that reading light, which should be within reach. Also, I bought volumes 1-5 of the Death Note manga.

I have ordered Great Teacher Onizuka: The Early Years, but I haven't got any updates on that one yet, so I'm going to ask in the short term, what happened to that order.

On another note: I finished Fruits Basket, Utawarerumono (which is currently in second place in my top 5 list) and am watching Code Geass (which left a great impression, thanks to Guilt for the recommendation) and Rurouni Kenshin.

Top 5 anime:

1. Death Note

2. Utawarerumono

3. Great Teacher Onizuka

4. Naruto (Shippuuden)

5. Bleach

Quite the anime blog, isn't it? I'm not much into games anymore, other than anticipating Halo 3, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Fable 2. Others may cross in my mind some other time, but these are now on top of my head.

Also, college is keeping me busy, busy, busy. It's also very difficult to follow and understand everything they lecture. It's hard, but that's college... you can't expect results without hard work.

This brings me to the end of my long first blog. Take care y'all!