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Long Time No See

Well it has been a while since my last blog post. I have been really busy with work and other things so while i have been dropping in a haven't really done more then lurking around. It also looks like I picked a hell of a time to come back to gamespot with Jeff Gate and all these people leaving Gamespot over it.

Kind of sucks I was going to try to be a little more active but if most of the community leaves I don't see much reason to. It looks like 1up's forums are where most of the "GameSpot Refugees" are heading to so I guess if enough leave I will head over there my account i made over there a while ago is still good.

As for my Opinion on this whole Jeff thing well. I never have really agreed with any of the Gamespot reviews for a while now, but i still did read them over along with others to try and get a feel of the game so this doesn't really change much in terms of my feeling on the reviews. Just that now when I try to get a feel on if a game is worth buying I won't even bother to check out GameSpot's review like I used to.

Though I really feel bad for the Staff still left after this and even more for the ones who write the reviews. As no matter what pretty much anything they say and score they give will get the response of either they developer/publisher didn't pay enough and that is why they got a bad score or they paid for that good score. I don't know about you but if I was a reviewer at Gamespot i think i would be looking for a new job. I couldn't work knowing that people can't trust my review is my honest opinion or that if the developer doesn't like my "tone" in the review i could show up with my office door locked one day.

Well that is my two cents on this.

Oh if you like RPGs you have to play The Witcher so far that is the best RPG i have played in many years.

Study, Work, Sleep

Well that pretty much sums up my life for the past week or two.


I got a new job which is good since it pays more then may last one and I can finally get an actual set schedule instead of having to come in at different times like at my last job, but it requires me to get my A+ Certification in two weeks. So that  pretty much means that I have been spending most of my time studying for the exam. So far I know most of the answers about hardware, but I really have to study the OS and networking parts if I am going to pass. Oh god how I hate the OS questions, but for the most part networking seems pretty easy.

 So that should explain why I haven't been posting much on the forums even though my last blog entry said I was back. I figure in about two weeks after I pass the exams I will have more free time to catch up on a few games and spend on the forums. 

I Am Back.

At least for now.

Let's see it has been well I while since my last blog so i guess I will start from the top.

First I bought a Wii about a month ago yes I broke down and grabbed one. Well I can say that so far the Wii-mote isn't all some hype it to be. Sure it is fun and new for a while, but after that it starts to lose it luster. Honestly I think it is pretty much a gimmick and I am glad the Wii isn't my only console. The Wii is the perfect addition for someone who already has a Ps3(like me) a 360 or both, but by itself the Wii just isn't enough.

Let's see my Ps3 is doing fine and giving me no problems which i must admit was unexpected. Giving Sony's track record with console hardware and all the reports of the 360's having problems I thought that the Ps3 would have its fair share as well. So far though it is perfect. Maybe Sony has learned from their past mistakes finally becuase my Ps3 and every body elses seems to be problem free.

I have been playing a few games lately like Flow(oh I just remembered that Oblivion wanted impressions of that game so i will do that soon), Supreme Commander, and Company of Heroes, Virtua Fighter 5.

Speaking of games it seems that the Ps3 is finally out of its gaming drought it had since launch which is very good news for me. In fact 2007 looks to be a good year for games on all systems.

I got a Playstation 3

I got a Ps3 today.

I walked into BestBuy right when they opened hoping to find one and I did. It is a 20gig, but since the hard drive can be switched with any 2.5 inch laptop SATA drive that doesn't bug me. So I am planning to switch it out with a 100 gig soon. I found a few on Newegg for 80 bucks, The lack of WiFi and card slots is also a very minor thing.

I got Resistance: Fall of Man and Ridge Racer 7 also. Seeing as those are said to be the best Ps3 launch titles. So far Resistance is pretty fun i am enjoying it as much as I enjoyed Gears of War on my brothers 360.

Lets see the Sixaxis is pretty much what I expected it to be. It is pretty much like the dualshock with only a few differences. The first is that it is wireless of course and it is lighter do to the lack of rumble.

The lack of rumble doesn't even bother me one bit since I am a PC gamer most of the time having no rumble isn't a big deal. My only complaint is that the USB cable that come with the Ps3 is much too short only 4 feet I believe.

Though since the only time I will use that is when I am recharging my controller it probably won't be that bad. Though I will still probably go out and buy another longer USB cord in the near future. I am happy that i don't have to hook the controller to the Ps3 every time i turn on my console like some people were saying. As long as i don;t use my controller with another Ps3 it only has to be hooked up to the Ps3 via USB when I am recharging it.

I can't say anything about the Ps3 online functions yet because I haven't hook my Ps3 up to the Internet yet and I probably won't for a while either.

Lets see what else is there to say well the Ps3 is a heavy piece of hardware. I thought the Xbox was heavy, but the Xbox doesn't have anything on this.

If there is anything you want to ask feel free and i will try to answer it the best I can.

Doing More and HDTV.

Well first it looks like i will have to wait a little longer before i get tht HDTV. Yeah it really sucks since i was looking forward to it quite a bit, but a few things came up that set me back.

So while I will get a new HDTV in the near future it won't be as soon as i planned, but what can you do things happen.

Anyway I think it is high time i contributed a little more on GameSpot. I mean all I really do is on GameSpot is argue over the next gen consoles lately. While i don't mean to most of the time it just happens since it is a subject i take great interest in.

Anyway I was thinking maybe it is time a contributed a little more then that, but what i ask myself?

Well i was thinking that first i will follow the lead of a guy that posts in the PC board and use my blog better. I am thinking maybe having little previews about games I am looking forward to or something like that. I do that now with some game, but i am thinking of taking it to the next step by adding pictures and links.

I have been thinking of starting to write reviews for games a lot lately. Not just new games either, but the older games too and the old classics. It is probably high time I give the old user review feature a good try out.

Though maybe instead of putting this in my blog which i think only half a dozen people read maybe i should see about doing this in one of the unions I am a member of. I should probably try to contribute more to those unions besides the usual discussions(arguments:P) I have in their forums.

Lets see i think the first game I will review will be Medieval 2 since it is the latest game I am playing.

New HDTV and Medieval 2.

Well if all goes well i will be getting a new HDTV in the next few weeks. This one to be exact.

I have been thinking of getting a new HDTV for a while now since the one I have is well lacking in features to say the least, but I got it for cheap so i can't complain much.

With this TV though I know I am set for the next few years and once I get my Ps3 I will be in heaven with this TV. Not too mention that the 360 and Blu-ray movies won't look to bad on it either.

Now as for Medieval 2 well i can say that this game is the best in the series in my opinion. I don't have any major complaints about this game. The difficulty is the biggest improvement over Rome. Rome was a cake walk on pretty much any setting, but Medieval 2 on normal is giving me a challenge so I am happy.

I will say that if you like strategy games Medieval 2 is a must buy.

Another Medieval 2: Total War Demo.

Well for those that haven't heard they have released another Medieval 2: Total War demo and I have played it.

For those that have played the first one there isn't any real reason to get this one unless you really want to see the Aztecs in action. Becuase besides from the new Aztec battle everything else is the same well no the second demo is on a near final build of the game so a few new things are in it, but nothing really worth downloading it again.

Though for those who couldn't play the first demo do to it needing SSE2 this demo doesn't need it so I suggest you download it if you are interested in the game.

Medieval 2: Total War Demo.

Well for those who have been looking foward to this game a demo is out. If you get PC Gamer that is. Personally I think that sucks, but since someone was nice enough to post it on a bittorrent site I got it myself.

Now i don't support piracy in anyway and it is just demo I am sure it will be released in a few weeks at most for the common gamer to just download it. So I really don't think it matter.

Anyway the demo like the Rome: Total War demo is just a battle only demo. The Medieval 2 demo contains the tutorial battle and two historical battles.(who's names I can't remember at the moment)

From the demo the battles are great in my opinion. If you played Rome well the battle have been improved in almost everyway you can imagain. No longer do the armies look like clone armies, when the people fight they actually look like they are fighting,(parries, blocks, and so one) and the graphics have been improved quite a bit. When this game comes out it will probably be one of the best looking RTS/TBS out with only Company of Heroes(A awesome game by the way) matching it.
Though I will have to give Medieval 2 the upper hand becuase it has hundreds to a few thousand units on screen.

Now all i can say is I hope that the actually Turn-Based part of the game is just as good if it is then I will be in heaven.

Final Fantasy XII leaked.

Well in my travels on the web I came across some info and that it some jackass somewhere leaked FFXII onto the web. It was probably someone working for some website since it seems that it wasn't the retail version that was leaked, but a previewers copy of the game. Basically it is a near final version of the game with only a few differences between it and the retail version abd was something only a gaming website or magazine could have.

Now this isn't a rumour either at least I don't think since I have seen this copy on a few of the torrent sites I visit to get anime from and no I will not tell you which sites. All the people who have supposedly downloaded it says that it is the actual full english game. Though I am still unsure if I believe them, but at this point I have nothing to say they are lying.

Anyway I would just like to warn people to watch out for spoilers of FFXII in threads now becuase while I was reading a few FFXII topics I came across one thankfully as far as i can tell it isn't a big one.

Though just wondering people lets say you have a modded Ps2 would you download this version of FFXII or wait until it is released?

Personally I wouldn't download it. I would buy it on the 31st even if I did download it so it isn't like I would be supporting Square-Enix. I was just thinking that if I downloaded it and played it it would ruin the whole feeling I imagined I would hve on launch day.

This might sound weird, but you know the excitment of getting a game you have been wating for for years the day it comes out. Driving to the store and picking it up looking at the case as you walk out. Driving back to your house knowing that you are just a few moments away from playing it. Getting to your house and grabbing a drink of some junk food before to prepare for a gaming marathon. Maybe looking at the manual before you put the game in. Then finally you are playing the game and you are happy.

Now while that may sound weird if I downloaded the game I would lose that feeling. The day FFXII launches would be just another day since I have already played it. It would probably be oh FFXII is out today well i guess I should get it. Drive there drive back and probably not even play the game. Which is why I wouldn't download it and after all i have waited years what is a few more weeks.


I borrowed Valkyrie Profile 2 today from a freind and so far it is great. Also I will post my thoughts on Okami and Yakuza in Eminent Haven either today or tommrow. Sorry I haven't done it yet, but my computer lost them and then i haven't had time to write them again lately.

Okami and Yakuza.

Well i got Okami and Yakuza today. Bought Yakuza from my friend and got Okami as a late birthday present. So I will probably be spending all this weekend playing them.

If anyone is intersted I will give me impressions on the game(s) when I am done.