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Its been more than 2 years...

Haven't even considered posting a blog of any sorts in years (literally...). And looking back at my older blogs it's quite funny to see how I have progressed as person since my first blog post (back in 2007 :o )! Perhaps I'll start updating you people on my life again. Although I'm sure no one really cares anyways! :P I'll start with a little teaser life update thingy... My house flooded! Washing machine door decided to just... you know... open? In the middle of a cycle? Yup. Sooo my family and I have been essentially homeless for the past 2 weeks and we're currently living at a hotel our insurance company is paying for until our house is completely repaired. As for games I am currently playing: There's only one! Tales of Vesperia. I never got to beat it and I recently found it hidden in a box of old PS2 games... Last saved game was over 3 years ago so I had to restart! 5 hours in and I'm starting to wonder why the hell I stopped playing in the first place! Great game so far.

Been awhile! Bought a PS3! (Quick summary blog)

I've been tied up with school these past few weeks and haven't been able to be on or post as much as I would have liked too. I apologize to any unions that I'm affiliated with for being inactive. I know you guys are struggling!

Anyways in other news, guess what I bought last weekend?!?!?!? A PS3 SLIM!!!

With the recent price drop and my long time wanting of one, I finally broke down and picked one up. I won't talk about it much as most of you guys already own one and know all about it.

I also picked up Killzone 2, MGS4, and Pre-ordered White Knight Chronicles and Heavy Rain! Can't wait!!! :D

I finally bought a new Xbox 360 Arcadethis saturday as well! I believe this is my 3rd one. Ugh, this one better not break. I'm almost COMPLETELY out of money now. :cry:

With my recent "re"-purchase of the 360 I rented Batman: Arkam Asylum. It's turning out to be quite the game so far. After I complete BAA I plan on starting Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood!

Recently seen movies (+ scores and VERY short reviews :P)!

Inglorious Basterds - 9/10 Another grade-A Tarantino film!

District 9 - 9.5/10 Neil Blomkaamp makes one of the greatest debut films of all time, Peter Jackson has his hand in another great as well. SEE THIS MOVIE!

9 - 5.5/10 Meh, whatever. It was okay.

Gamer - 4/10 Wow. Just wow...

G.I. JOE - 4.5/10 Another fail.

That's really all I have time for as of now guys. Hopefully I can keep posting and making blogs! See you around! :D

Completed RPGs as of 8/3/09 (44)

I see alot of people doing these sorts of things so I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and make one myself. A

lso note that some of these games were not completed on their original system. Many were played on some sort of compilation game or were remakes/ports. Regardless, I'll put most of them under their original systems.

Many games can't be included in this because I have a knack for not completing RPGs...

Sega Master System (1)
Phantasy Star

Sega Genesis (4)
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
Phantasy Star IV

SNES (5)
Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana

Playstation (6)
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Chrono Cross
Vagrant Story

Gameboy Advance (2)
Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Gamecube (1)
Fire Emblem: Path of Radience

Playstation 2 (10)

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Final Fantasy X
Rogue Galaxy
Shadow Hearts
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Willie Zur Macht
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Jade Cocoon II

Xbox (3)
Jade Empire
Knights of the Old Republic

X360 (4)
Fallout 3
Mass Effect
Fable II

PC (4)
Diablo II
The Witcher

PSP (9)
Kingdom of Paradise
Star Ocean I
Star Ocean II
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
Jeanne D'Arc
Final Fantasy Crisis Core
The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion
Final Fantasy II

In total: 44

That's all for now. Next up I'll probably make a list of completed RTS and Shooter games (there's ALOT).

I may have missed a few and alot will be added to my completed listover time. These completed RPGs are really only over the course of about 2 years.

360 = No workie... BUT!

So my Xbox decided to stop working while playing Rock Band 2 the other day with some friends. But there's a catch. It's not your typical RROD or E74 message! Oh no. I got lucky and decided to have my HD/AV imput stop working. How cool is that?!?!? Yeah, so now since it is such an uncommon thing to stop working,I get to send it in to MS and spend 120$ for themto fix it!! Wooooooo!!!

God, I'm not in the least bit excited about this...

Movie Updates (mini reviews)

Movie Updates! (In theatres only)

Public Enemies - 5/10 - This movie COULD have been a masterpiece. Everything was there for the writers and directors to make one, but they just didn't use them. Johnny Depp is an excellent actor and yet the character of John Dillinger, the nation's greatest criminal,managed to somehow be dull. Public Enemies takes place during America's greatest economic downfall where many hardships took place and yet it was as though this did not occur in the movie. I also felt as if the movie would have been better from the point of view (unless the writers weren't god awful and Depp had a decent script) of Christian Bale's character, Melvin Purvis.

Transformers 2 - - 7/10 - While theeffects andsound were quite possibly the best I have yet to see in a movie, Transformers 2 suffers from a very bleak and predictable plot and sometimes stiff acting. The only reason I liked (almost loved) this film was because I am able to put things into perspective. It's a movie based on action figures and an oldSaturday nightcartoon, do not expect The Godfather. Take the Transformers 2 for what it is, a Summer Blockbuster made to entertain. Nothing more.

Bruno - - 9/10 - I am a huge fan of Borat and other Cohen characters (Ali G) so I might be a little biased on this one. Regardless, Bruno is probably the single most outrageous movie I have ever laid my eyes on. If you thought Borat pushed the limits of what we call an "R" rating then you're ina for a, no make that many, surprises my friend. I'll leave it at that so that I don't spoil anything. Go see it. Now. :)

The Hangover - - 8.5/10 - Another great comedy. And while it may not be the funniest movie I've ever seen (albeit VERY funny), it likely contains one of the greatest comedic adventures of all time. Just the subject matter of the Hangover is humorous. Another MUST see.

The Hurt Locker - - 9.5/10 - War films easily take the place of my favorite genre. But there has been a slim number on the subject of the confilct in Iraq. What sets this one apart from the others is that there manages to be ZERO Hollywood left-wing inspiration behind it. Besides that, nearly everything in this movie from cinematography to acting is close to perfection. Few movies can accomplish suspense, intensity, and remorse all in the same scene. And The Hurt Locker does it several times. My favorite of the year so far.

Harry Potter 6 - - 8.5/10 - I actually just got home from seeing this, and boy was it good! Theres not a whole lot I can say without spoiling the movie (though most of you probably read the book unlike me), but you should definately see it as soon as possible.

Dvd's I have bought (in the past 2 weeks)

I'll just list these with a rating, price,and # of viewings *NOTE: I most likely seen most of these movies before I purchased them.*

Platoon: Collector's Edition- 10/10 - $10 - 5 views
The Untouchables - 8.5/10 - $10 - 2 views
Fargo - 9/10 - $5 - 1 view
A Clockwork Orange - 10/10 - $5 - 4 views
Blazing Saddles 9/10 - $3 - 603245782384213 views :P
Die Hard - 9/10 - $5 - 3 views

All these movies were on sale at my local Target. I was there with a friend and he had somehow never seen most of these movies so we bought them and have gone through all but Fargo and Die Hard.

Mid Summer Break Update!!! (Part2)

What I've been up to?

So as some of you may know, I recently took a trip back to my hometown. A little place called New York City. Heard of it? I thought so! :P I won't go into heavy detail, as I'm probably the only one that cares.

Here are the fourhighlights and onelow pointof the trip:

1. The Food- Seriously. This is not only a highlight of my trip, but it just so happens to be my favorite highlight. See I now reside in, although growing, a much uncultured state. Arizona. All I can get here that's worth mentioning is Mexican food, BBQ/Southern,and maybe one or two Chinese restaurants. Big deal. So, in turn, with every return to The Big Apple comes a weight gain of at least 10 pounds :P. I just can't help but indulge myself in wonderfully fresh mozzarella that tops the pizza at places like Lombardi's and Patsy's. Or the massive sandwich's served at the many Jewish delis. OhI could just go on and on!

An example of a typicalLombardi's pie. :o

2. The People- Yes, another generality. But like food, Arizonan peopleare just not culturally mixed enoughyet to produce the same affect and feeling I get when walking down one of the many streets in basically any neighborhood in NYC. When I say this, I do not mean places like Times Square and Rockefeller Center. No, those are tourist attractions. When I say people I am referring to the medley of beings who wander the streetson their way to work or whatever it is that their schedule permits. You'll see just about every kind of person on just about every street. Bums, men in suits, street peddlers,musicians, members of the workingclas, hardened faces of the lower, freaks, geeks, and just about every thingelse you can muster up. Take a walk around the block on your next visit to New York and you'll see. (A tipfrom onetourist to another, if you want to see thepeople to whichI am referringstay in the subwaysor headdown to Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.)

3. Ellis Island Museum- Around midway through my trip, my parents decided to take a little detour down to Ellis Island. While I'll admit I was a little reluctant at first, once we actually got onto the island (via a ferry), I was pleasantly surprised! There really isn't a whole lot to say other than the various exhibits throughout the main building are very interesting. The medical area interested me the most, as some of the techniques and tools used back then were quite... daunting :o. The "Wall of Honor" is pretty cool to see as well. It was quite a surprise to find my Grandpa's name on there! I was genuinely a little excited to see that, until my parents decided to tell me that they had paid to have that done ($500 I believe?) back in 1990 right after his death.:P

Wall of Honor on Ellis Island.

4. TheRock and Roll Hall of Fame (Annex) - Ihave avery devout devotion (that's fun to say :P) to thegenre of Rock.More specifically, Clasic rock. It was great to see the pioneers of this ****of music paid tribute to.Some of my personal favorites including The Who, Frank Zappa,Led Zeppelin, and (early) Black Sabbath hadexhibits there. Even lesser known groups like Bruce Springsteen and The Beatleshad sections of their own! ;) Not a fan of ****c Rock? Don't worry! They have small exhibits dedicated to all types of rock's subgenres including Punk (Ramones, Sex Pistols,etc.), Motown (Temptations, Marvin Gaye, etc.), and even artists with more poetic lyrics like Bob Dylan. The John Lennon exhibit at the end was pretty neat too, although I did feel it became less about the music and more about stricter gun laws and ending the war in Iraq. I understand Lennon was an advocate for those types of things and sang about them often, but Yoko (she designed the exhibit personally) took it a little overboard...

While it's not exactly as grand as the real Hall of Fame, I still enjoyed it. :D

5. 4th of July - I started off the day with the hour and a half long train trek to Coney Island with hopes to see the famous Nathan's hot dog eating contest. Yes that one. There was quite the crowd going there with the same idea apparently asI believe the number of people there reached 100,000! That's alot of people to pack into the small intersection they held the event on... So despite being nearly trampled by locals attempting to break through the mob and get to the beach, I must say it was a load of fun to watch the two headliners Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut go head to head! And both of them broke their previous records! Chestnut ended up winning the event with a total of 68 hot dogs eaten!!!! :o Wow.

Later on in the night, we headed down to one of the many viewing areas for the fireworks. All I will say is that they where absolutely stunning to see in person! But, what stunned me even more was the amount of people there. Just in my little area there were roughly (according to a police officer) 300,000 people!! Ican't evenbegin to describe the sight to you.

Kobayashi (left) and Chestnut (right).

And now for the one low point. And boy is it low...:

BED BUGS!!!!!!!

Yes, bed bugs. Recently New York Cities' many Health Departments have been fighting the outbreak of these little critters. They are infesting hundreds of apartments a day and don't seem to be slowing down on their journey to world destruction! Many people are becoming victims... including me!!!

It just so happened that the apartment we decided to rent was infested by these little sons o' b****es! I am now suffering from literally hundreds of itchy bites from them, and boy does it suck. The only thing that helps all of these embarrassing and annoying little red bumps go away (over a week's time...) is the use of two doses of Benadryl per day and constant application of topical creams like Hydrocortisone. My Mom and Cousinhave about 3 times the amount of bites as I do :o. And somehow, my Dad managed to stay completely unharmed...

Luckily for us (or my parents really), after a heated argument with the people who rented out the apartment, we received ALL of our money back. :D

That's all for now! Stay tuned for part 3 (music and movie updates)!

Thanks for reading!

Mid Summer Break Update!! (Video games only)

Video Game Updates! :D

*NOTE* This may contain MINORspoilers!

I haven't been blessed with the time to continue breaking down the brick wall that is my 28 game backlog, what with being on vacation the past 10 days and seeing just about every movie there is to see in the theatres. SO, the game only game I've made any progress on is Rogue Galaxy!

Last night I finished Chapter 7 in the story of RG at hour 19,and I must say, it's getting quite interesting! Now that Daytron has the tablet and it's WAY over-powered guardian, SEED, it's looking pretty grim for Jaster and Captain Dorgengoa :o.

Rogue Galaxy might be one of the easiest RPGs I have ever put any time into. In just about every battle with "beasts" I cast Desert Wind Lv.2. That particular skill is so incredibly overpowered... I love it! :D. Seriously, this game being fairly easy to play through is a nice surprise. There's nothing for frustrating to me than an overly difficult RPG. I, unfortunately, end up looking like this kid when I play them. :P Actually the only tough parts of the game thus far have been the last two chapter's bosses, Gale and SEED. Gale is difficult because it's a "personal" fight between him and Deego so it becomes a 1 on 1 duel rather than the usual 3 on 1. SEED is on a whole new level of difficulty! In fact, he's so hard that all you have to do to defeat him (sort of) is defend against his incredibly powerful spells and combos. It took me a few tries before I realized that I was supposed to give my party the "hang-back" command which, obviously, has them stand back and defend rather than charge in and attack. Luckily though, after about a minute of desperately trying to survive against this beast of a boss, the "real" Desert Claw enters the fight out of nowhere, helps Jaster and Co. escape, and then disappears just as quickly as he appeared. Mysterious man, I say.

The only other game I've really been playing other than Rogue Galaxy has been Rock Band 2. It's alot of fun. What else is there to say? :P

Video Game CollectionUpdates! :D

So my collection number has risen to about 312! Since my last blog I havebought the following games:

Tales Of Vesperia (360) - - Great game with AMAZING combat. I rented it a few months back, but unfortunately never got the chance to beat it. This is the first game I plan on playing when I am done with Rogue Galaxy.

Sonic's Ultimate Sega Genesis Collection (360)- - Mainly bought this game to play through Phantasy Star I - IV again. Maybe get some Shining Force as well. :D Here's a list of the games included in this. Anything you think I should play? Let me know!

RockStar's Table Tennis (360) - - Paid $2 for this game. Got about 7 hours of fun out of it too! Worth the price of admission if you ask me! :P

Unopened copies of Max Payne 1 and 2 on the PC - and - I already own and have played through these games before. But they were unopened and at $4 each? I couldn't refuse :D

Plants Vs. Zombies - - This game was only $10 on Steam. Great fun, especially for anybody who enjoys tower defence ****games.

Cryostasis - - Haven't gotten around to playing this one yet.

Wizardry - - It was $1. I don't plan on playing it, but I couldn't resist buying it at that price.

Gurumin - - Another game that I don't plan on ever playing. It was $8 unopended and it's going straight to the storage place where I keep all my games :D

That's pretty much it for now. I'll write a blog like this either tonight or tommorow, but it'll be more directed towards things like movies and details on my recent trip to NYC.

Until then, so long! :D

Leaving for 10 days for NYC!

Going back to my home city in about 7 hours. I love New York.The food and culture there are enough to keep me happy for ever. Also, Ican't wait to escape the 110 degree heat that plagues Arizona!

Im bringing my laptop so my presence here will not be ended. I don't know if thats a good thing or not. :P

In other news- I just added about 15 new games to my already 20+ long backlog. I just got Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection in the mail from Goozex this morning and am excited to play all those old games again, especially Phantasy Star I - IV. I plan on playing through the Shining Force games as well.

This was a short one! :D

News that has me getting happy.

Alot of great news today! Ok. Notit's not really ALOT, but its more than just one day usually provides. Im excited!!

First - Not really news but Fallout 3's new DLC "Point Lookout" is releasing tommorow! I was a huge a fan of The Pitt and Broken Steel so I, of course, have very high expectations for this. But how can you possibly go wrong with viciously shredding Deliverancelike hillbillies to pieces using the V.A.T.S. and Bloody Mess Perk??

You can't, that's how.

Second- The previously Nintendo DS exlusive, critically acclaimed, and absolute terrible seller "GTA: Chinatown Wars" is now coming to a PSP near you!! I must say that I am quite excited.


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