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Welcome to All-Out Pokemon!

Welcome to All-Out Pokémon's account! This is a group account managed by the team at All-Out Pokémon, and has multiple purposes within the union. All members of the union are welcome to become friends with this account, and if you are not yet tracking this account, we encourage you to do so. You will not find this account to be very active on the main site, or even within the union itself, but it will be managed on GameSpot Fuse. On our page, we will repost all Pokemon news, as well as any events or news from the union itself. It will act much like a Twitter feed, showing you everything the is happening within the Pokemon world. This feed can be accessed using this link.

Note that you must be tracking this account in order to view the updates. This is done so that our updates don't spam the feeds of non-members, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The account will automatically track any member of the union. If you resign from the union, or do not wish to be tracked by this account, send a PM stating so. We hope you utilize and enjoy the features we will bring you with this account!