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Why do people say Resident Evil is scary?

I don't get why people say Resident Evil is scary. Everyone says that "survival horror is dead. I hate Resident Evil 4 and Dead space. Waaa" To those people. Be quiet. I played every resident evil game except for 3 and they are not that scary. Resident Evil 4 was especially unscary. Its just dark and emo. It's only sometimes scary. Resident Evil 1 wasn't that scary. I found the only thing scary about that game was the voice acting and how many puzzles where there. All of these games just seem like a bunch of jump scares.

Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil 2 are the only RE games I found truly terrifying. Other than that. It's B movie camp Sci-Fi channel garbage.

Resident Evil 5 and 6 are the apitome of unscary "horror games". RE5 didn't suck because it wasn't scary. It's because it was really repetitive and the controls were so stiff.

I found the rugrats to be more scary that RE.

Spoiler Albert WEsker is the badguy

If you guys think I'm being a hater I'm not. This is my opinion I played way more horrifying games. I played System Shock 2. That game was so scary. Just the amount of tension the highly immersive sensory atmosphere had. I heard footsteps of mutants come around. The lighting was so scary. Also Silent Hill is scary, just for the same reasons. The character designs. Just because a game isn't surival horror doesn't mean it's scary. And vice versa. Especially those late 90's Dreamcast Survival Horror games.

So why exactly do people think RE games are scary?