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Boring video games are overrated

In this day in age. AAA and indie devs alike decide that having fun joyful games are the way of the past. Fun no longer applies. Something that Nintendo has a grasp on. If you seen E3. It was nothing more than a slew of brown and grey cover based realistic shooters and dark emo video game reboots. It's no longer about challenging gameplay but having the highest graphics and having a boring story that Zach Schneider and Micheal Bay will just love. Having mature themes and such. Blood and guts. Can I find a single demo at the best buy with out an M rating? No. Because the designers are being all grown up and shit.

Instead we find the incredibly hand holdy adventure and easy gameplay.

Indie DEVS, the famous ones. Are just being hipsters. They also want to introduce mature themes to gaming with text heavy dramatic sprites blabbering about and games that try to make taxes fun like that one game "PAPERS PLEASE" I never played it. I have no incentive to. But try a demo if there is one. Or whatever nostalgic crap out there with no growth or ambition.

Now these games can be very good. If done right. But I'm just so sick of seeing them for the billionth time. They are all trying to Rip off Resident Evil 4 and Braid or whatever came out of the west in 2004. Well screw that. I want real games. Not The Order 1886 or Tom Clancy's sneaky pew pew.

I want games back like MDK, Doom, Unreal, Crash Bandicoot, Arcade racers, Spyro. Good Sonic games, Bayonetta, Devil May Cry 1, Old Final Fantasy, and more. Anything that came out of Japan. Games that are straight up awesome and fun. Why must all these gritty games with prerendered trailers? Most any of these games are tougher to play than any of those Manly man games.

Why are these games so fun? Because they took themselves the way they where. Not too seriously. They were easy too look at. They weren't strict or anything.

In defense of Bioshock Infinite

So there's been a lot of BSI haters out there lately saying that the original Bioshock is better than this one. Well, I will tell them that is a crock of garbage.

I had high hopes for the original Bioshock. I got it on Christmas 2009 when I was only 14 for the PS3. It seemed fresh and new. Everything was colorful. But after the next 4 hours of gameplay. I discovered that his game is shallow and quasi boring. I spent hours looking for golden shining dead bodies and nick knacks. Like it even mattered. Why does it matter? How is this intelligent? Fetch quests kill video games. Not make them. I found the combat repetitive and it felt more like morphine after awhile. It really had a Half-Life feel to it. But, it wasn't as fun or immerse. The levels where open but compact for the most part. And the worst part is. You couldn't die. It wasn't even that scary after while. This is a survival horror game gosh darn it. Not multiplayer .What's with all the random audio logs? They don't really seam to lead anywhere to other than this designer is some sort of Squidward pompous Fraser types. I loved the super powers though. But It was also repetitive. And the pacing was soooo... slow. I really liked the atmosphere though. Even though there was no real BGM other than swing records.

I saw the trailer for Bioshock infinite and I was skeptical because one. It was entirely different. And being that BS2 sucked well. I though I'd skip it. And then I got Bioshock Infinite on Easter. For I asked for it. I was worried that this game was going to be slow and boring like the last Bioshock. Well, I stopped worrying. This game was kick ass. It had you kill with meaning. No more fetch quests. Just infinite fun. It was fast and violent. Call me a COD faggot. I don't even play COD nor do I play the multiplayer. Because frankly I don't care about any of those things. But baby, this game was fun. It was consistent. There was not moment something wasn't happening. There where some flaws from the original Bioshock here. But it didn't matter to me I was killing sky Nazi's in the 1910's! It was like fuck you America! I'm gonna teach you a lesson! Using my sky hook to kill everyone. Bashing faces in. Oh yeah! I loved the real NPC's. I loved Elizabeth. She was so cute and sweet. She was like Belle. There where a lot of set awesome set pieces too.

However, there is some distrophy compared to the original Bioshock. It was shorter, more linear, and even easier (or just as) than the last one. Not even 1999 mode was hard enough for a seasoned gamer. And some of the story elements where rushed and underwhelming. The guns had little feel and there where no RPG elements. The powers where very frustrating to use. And that feeling of isolation is gone. But, still far more enjoyable.

Honestly I have a love hate relationship with the Bioshock series. But in the end. Bioshock Infinite is my favorite.

Why do people say Resident Evil is scary?

I don't get why people say Resident Evil is scary. Everyone says that "survival horror is dead. I hate Resident Evil 4 and Dead space. Waaa" To those people. Be quiet. I played every resident evil game except for 3 and they are not that scary. Resident Evil 4 was especially unscary. Its just dark and emo. It's only sometimes scary. Resident Evil 1 wasn't that scary. I found the only thing scary about that game was the voice acting and how many puzzles where there. All of these games just seem like a bunch of jump scares.

Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil 2 are the only RE games I found truly terrifying. Other than that. It's B movie camp Sci-Fi channel garbage.

Resident Evil 5 and 6 are the apitome of unscary "horror games". RE5 didn't suck because it wasn't scary. It's because it was really repetitive and the controls were so stiff.

I found the rugrats to be more scary that RE.

Spoiler Albert WEsker is the badguy

If you guys think I'm being a hater I'm not. This is my opinion I played way more horrifying games. I played System Shock 2. That game was so scary. Just the amount of tension the highly immersive sensory atmosphere had. I heard footsteps of mutants come around. The lighting was so scary. Also Silent Hill is scary, just for the same reasons. The character designs. Just because a game isn't surival horror doesn't mean it's scary. And vice versa. Especially those late 90's Dreamcast Survival Horror games.

So why exactly do people think RE games are scary?