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Voicing your dislike of a console is not cool

Why does this situation keep rearing it's ugly head. Ever since the "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" advert and possibly even before that, gamers have been arguing about whose console was best and 'picking on' the runt of that generation.

So what if the Wii U isn't immediately successful? People are forgetting the Wii did really well and while it wasn't the best in terms of graphics at least it had some fun games and was universally popular. Heck most new consoles are using motion controls now, it's not brain surgery to copy what your competitors are doing.

Nintendo may release a flop every now and then (Virtual Console) but at least they keep their hardware working properly and don't let users accounts get hacked. Microsoft had the Red Ring fiasco and Sony had the PSN hack which took down their online service for an extended period. Come on, all consoles have their pros and cons, can't we just live and let live? Peace folks!