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So My Life.

Is good. Sorry to all that i been out lately i just been really busy, im going to school then football with take most of my time. Then im out with my friends you know. But anyway im gonna be on for couple of day so hit me up you know. Ohh and im looking to join some cool union so tell me and don't just give some union you want to help, you feel me. But yeaa get at me.

I Just Have To Move On.

I know u guys haven't see me in years..i just moved on...i have a life... i have a girl to worry about and i jave not time...i barelly play video games now.. cuzz most of the time im out with friends partin or w.e...some times i watch tv and some NASCAR if i can but not as much as i use it just to good to be doin the other thing i loved when i was a younger...i been here since i was 13 and now im almost 16 so ithink i spent enough time here i might come by and check the board if i get bored but that might be like once a month...u can get at me on my myspace im there sometimes...but yeea i check with yall later..peace...

p.s. check the pic i added to my images.

Spring Break Start Now.

Well my spring break starts tomorrow, I have no skool tomorrow and for another week because of spring break. So I'm glad we have it, I need a break from skool to much work and tired of wakin up early. Ready to party and have fun But yea i probally will be on GS in the afternoon but not at night probally will be out doin crazy things. So yea i hope everyone has a good spring break and be safe Later guys.

Lots of new Games.

This weekend i got a bunch on PSP games for my PSP ofcourse. I got Fight Night Round 3, MLB 06: The Show, Mignight Club: DUB Edition and like 3 other more. I only played like 2 of them cuzz there so mnay but i will play them later but the game are cool and I hope I enjoy them, but other than that Im good and well I will talk to yall later. peace.

PSP on My Hands.

I got a PSP on Fri. I bought the bundle that Best Buy sell. I paid $295 in total. I got the PSP, ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trail , DogTown the movie and a 1GB memory card. Plus I bought the Started kit for $31 which brings the PSP headphones games and movies covers, a thing to clean the PSP and a 32MB memory card. The PSP is great I can but Photo, Music and Video in the plus i get to get on the Internet but for a reason i can't log on in Gamespot but I love it and will have it for a long time and i need more games.

Sorry I Been Gone For So Long.

I'm so sorry i was gone so long but my internet hasn't been workin for a while and it wouldn't let login in to Gamespot. So today I was think maybe Firefox is better ans it would let me long in and it did so im happy I'm back and agian sorry.

Skool $ucks.

Well yea as some of yall know im not here alot agian, but it all the skool fault. They be givin me alot of homework and yea i got not time to be here so im sorry to all and im very so to my union and I will try to do my best when i can. But im sorry and I will talk to yall later.

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone one has a good one and hope everyone got all the gifts they wanted. I will tell you guys what I got later. But everyone has a good one and enjoy every minute with your family and friends, aight ppl. And be safe and talk you yall later.peace.

Super Bagman

I have reach level 23 finally and I alomost got 21k posts. I'm being pretty active on Gamespot now, since I'm on Winter Break so I'm bring all the union back up and Gamespot DoubleT1991 gave me the power of the Need for Speed Racing Union. The Union is back up and it need active members so please join and help. aight ppl see ya around. later. 

Well I'm Back You Can Say

Well I decide to come back and I'm hang out for a while. I'm tryin to make a Sports Union right now, so I will invited ppl when it done. So yea I will be here for a while so talk to me if u need. peace.

-oh and to all the union i will be postin on them tomorrow. so wait for