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Nintendo DS

Got a Nintendo DS on the 19th of July and some games. i play Animal Crossing:WW, Metroid Prime: Hunters, and Custom Robo: Arena online and my friend code is 0817-1039-3478 and also my name and town for Animal Crossing is Thomas, and Tokyo so if you wanna play just PM me.

peace all

Level 16

ive been here since July 12 2005 and im almost lvl 17 but i just turned level 16 this morning,I like this glitch

D***BIKERS (caps)

I went to the skatepark tonight and it closes aat 9:00 but at about 8:45 2 guys with BMX Bikes come to the skatepark and start riding around(AND IT IS ILLEGAL TO HAVE BIKES IN THE PARK)so i said "Hey get that SH@T out of here"and one of the bikers said"Whos kickin whos @ss"i said"No one is kickin no ones @ss i saidyou get that GD bike out of here"he said "Why should i"and i told him"Because its illegal to have them in the park"and he says"so"and i said ok fine when the f***in police get here and take your $350.00 bike away dont come to me and start complainin"he says"So what i will just bring another bike out here and start ridin again"i said"NO im not gunna let you because i didnt spend 6 days here inthe f***in hot sun from day till dawn buildin this skatepark just for it to get it destroyed in an instant by a bunch on punka** bikers and by the timeyou get youre f***in bike in here i will have already called the police to come and get youre sorry a** and take it away"and he just got his bike out and started ridin so i borrowed a friends cell phone and called the police i left before they got there but for breaking the law those punks should go to jail.

WOW what a DAY

Well i woke up at 9:00 this mornin and i was awake till 4:00 so i didnt get much sleep so i have to get school clothes and i was in goodwill and find a DC shirt(which is a skateboard company)and i get the idea that we should go get some clothes from Hot Topic(which is an awsome store)and see if they have Coheed and Cambria shirts so when we got to them mall we pass some gothic lesbians and some preps and go to hot topic and the first thing at the door is anime tshirts and im the worlds biggest anime fiend so i was freakin out because they had Trigun,Fullmetal Alchemist,Parinoia Agent,Witch Hunter Robin,Inuyasha and all other [AS] animes but i kept lookin around and my mom saw a couple Coheed and Cambria shirts and i got a few and then it was off to PACSUN to look for some shoes but just my luck they were completely out of all size 9.5s so i didnt get shoes and then we went to walmart to get me some earings because i was wearing some of my moms thanks to a slam to my head i took of a miniramp and 1 of my earings fell out and i lost it but anyway i got a 14g hoop with purple spikes i had to convince my mom to let me gauge my ear to a 14 because i didnt want to be called a loser for having a 20g earing so i got that(LOL ima little devil).........Thats It,Oh and was hell gettin in and out of the car thanks to the gnarley roadrash on my back.

Finally a school to go to

There is a new principal at John Chavis Middle School in Cherryville,NC and he decided that i wasnt allowed to go to that school because i just stopped going 2 years in a row because of the asses at the school so i juat said (ooo F this if ur gunna treat me like sh!t im just gunna leave)so i left 2 years in a row and it is his authority to be able to do this so he made a deal with me and that is i am able to go back to the school and if i do my work all year and get a clean record for the first half of the year that after the break is over i will be transfered to Cherryville Highschool because that is were i am supposed to be this year.So i think it will be easy to just do my work and go to highschool i am really happy about that.

I think my cat is on drugs

I think my cat Meatwad is on drugs because i snuck him into my room because it was so hot outside and he started goin crazy he was jumpin everwere and attackin my feet and i was sitting in a chair and he gets behind it and climbs up it reaches his paw around the side grabs 1 of my earings and rips it out and the funny thing is i didnt feel a thing and he WAS SOOOOOO CUTE DOING IT
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