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Hello everyone :)

I haven't been using this site at all lately. Doesn't phase me too much.
Though I thought I'd jump on and update the blog and post a review or two.
They are probably a little late, but I don't care really, I write reviews for my own enjoyment really :L

Holidays are going great, hope everyone elses are going fantastic :) I'm in Australia so our summer holidays are around Christmas time.

I'm now the proud owner of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3. I got Batman: Arkham City quite a while before Christmas.

Out of all that, my new favorite game is Uncharted 3. It's amazing.
Oh yeah, I tured 16 the other day. Yay :)

So many games...

Is it just me or are there SO MANY quality games coming out this holiday season.
And I'm not even one who is remotely interested in Dark Souls or Skyrim. Not at all.

No, my interests lie within Uncharted 3, which just came out, and Battlefield 3 which also came out recently. Modern Warfare 3 comes out soon, as does Assassin's Creed: Revelations. And then there's Batman: Arkham City which has been available for some time now.

First and foremost I am getting Arkham City tonight!!! :D :D
And then the rest of those games I mentioned I am getting for Christmas. I have no idea how I am going to get the time to play these, split between MW3 online, BF3 online, AC online, Uncharted online, Batman side missions and riddler trophies, plus all of the single player campaigns.

My social life just went out the window.

Arkham City Impressions

Well for starters I am a MASSIVE Batman fan.
Batman: Arkham City was probably my most anticipated game of the entire year, so when I found out that my mate had it, I invited him over quick smart.

We played it all day and all night and managed to clock the story. We didn't do much else in the way of Riddler trophies, side missions, or exploring, we sort of just ran from one end to the other eager to see how everything turned out.
This is the reason I am posting this blog instead of writing a full review, I haven't had a full experience with this game as such yet.

Anyways, the game is epic. Who knew. Arkham City takes everything the made Arkham Asylum so good, and builds on it, whilst adding in some stuff that is totally new. This is what a sequel should be.
Arkham City is much more fun to explore than Arkham Asylum is, as it is much more open and not so claustrophobic, although there are a number of indoor spaces.

Arkham City feels more like a sandbox game, though never before have I seen an open world environment so intricately detailed. Arkham Asylum was extremely detailed. Arkham City is just as detailed, and 5 times bigger.

The story itself is better too, it's more engaging and I was more eager to see how everything turned out. And that ending was just... wow.
There are more villains here too, some don't even appear in the main storyline, you'll have to play side missions to get to them.
The combat is more refined here also, gadgets are incorporated in a more easier way, and enemies have more variety, you'll have to use a variety of different strategies to take them down by the end of the game.

Riddler puzzles are in much more abundance here also, and they are more difficult, it's not just a matter of finding and collecting them anymore.

This is all pretty much the basics of Batman: Arkham City. Rocksteady have put so much time into this game, it beats Arkham Asylum hands down. I urge you to play it. Right now. Screw this silly Battlefield 3 VS MW3. Go and buy Arkham City dammit.

Extremely busy!!

There's a lot I want to say here since I haven't really blogged in a while. But I will try and keep it brief nonetheless :)

First and foremost, the girl I was with left me :( Turned out she lost her feelings for me, which just goes to show that she never felt the same way I did. For her it was just a teenage infatuation or whatever while I really do love her :( So that's making it quite difficult for me as I can't just let go.
I haven't spoken to her in a while but she still wants to remain best friends like we were before. That is going to be extremely difficult for me, but I'll try and work it out for the best... So yeah.

In other news I have moved schools after spending two straight years in homeschooling. I am so glad to be back into the system, homeschool was a true drag. Making heaps of friends and fitting in well :)
Oh yes and I moved house which is awesome, this one is much nicer.

AAAAAAAND in some gaming related stuff, my bestfriend went and laybied Batman: Arkham City and wants to buy it for me when she gets the cash! Which is quite soonish.
I'm constantly amazed with her, so I'm going to buy her something extra nice now, she is so good to me :)

There are just too many games coming out this year, Uncharted 3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations are on the top of my list also.

As far as the MW3 vs Battlefield 3 thing goes, I've decided I'm getting both, they both look awesome. I'll most likely enjoy MW3 better, but they both look great so why not experience both :)

Sorry for rambling on guys! I really just write these blogs to vent my thoughts, not so much for your entertainment haha, I'm not too exciting.

some stuff i'm aspiring to :)

Well yeah, I just thought I'd write a few things. That's all I ever do with these blogs, there's nothing in particular to write about other than just updating every now and then :P

Hopefully I'm going to start learning guitar soon, it's something I've wanted to do for a while so I'm quite looking forward to it :)
With the guitar I'm going to start singing and hopefully doing the whole screaming thing as well.
No idea what my voice sounds like, I sing quietly but that's about it. Hopes are cautiously optimistic :P haha.
People have been telling me I should try it for a while.

Only thing I'm really worried about is that people will call me Justin Bieber more than they do already D:
I wouldn't sing like him though... I'm more into much heavier stuff, not steaming piles of crap.

picture of me uploaded!!

YES it's uploaded! So now you can see what I look like and stuff :P
It's just a picture of me and my girl, I look like a douche but she's beautiful :)

well that didn't work..

A while ago I tried to upload a photo of me, and that quite obviously failed -_-
Blech, I'll try again.

Other than that not much has been going on... moving house, and hopefully going back into school soon. Cause I'm homeschooled currently, and it's gay I was much more of a people person than I realised, and I actually can't wait to get right in there and meet new people and stuff.

Oh yeaaahhh and on a different note, I had to fix a few things up with my girl earlier, there was a lack of communication going on, and neither of us were being straight up honest with one another.
But it's all fixed now, I said a few things that I was worried about, and a few things that needed to change, and we both completely agreed with eachother :) So yep. All good.

I reckon I'll upload a photo of us together.

Oh yeeaaahh and one more thing more gaming related, the release date for Batman: Arkham City is drawing ever closer and I can't wait to get my hands on it :D AHHHHHHHH

just some stuff..

Just thought I'd hop on gamespot and write a few things.. so yeah. There's no real point to any of this I'm just writing whatever comes to my head at the time :)

Well I got back from youth a fair while ago now, it was absolutely crazy, i love it there.
Heading down to the other side of the country in a few days, which is hard for me since I leave my special girl, I've never been this far away from her before :( So i wont see her for like 3 weeks now.. Sorry guys I'm getting soppy :P
I actually have not been gaming at all lately. I don't really have anything to play, but even so gaming just hasn't had the same level of interest for me.
I think this is also due to the special person in my life :P gaming has taken a back seat now.

Though it is pretty cool, she's getting a PS3 for Christmas and wants to start gaming, suprised me, but whatever, I'll go with it :P Teach her to play Black Ops or whatever.

WOW this turned into a really soppy blog, just talking about my love :P sorry guys! But I felt like writing something, and I guess this is what came out.

Later 8)