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If You're A Core Wii Gamer, then Support Winter, NOW!!

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What do I mean by Winter? Well, I'm not talking about the actual season. More so, I am talking about a game that IGN just showed today that, apparantly, is on hold.

The game was developed by N-Space, the people behind Geist and the Call of Duty games for DS. The game is a survival horror game, more in the vein of Silent Hill rather than games like Resident Evil. The game was first shown at GDC in 2007 and had some positive feedback based on what it presented. So, it's been almost two years, and why is it on hold?

Well, get a load of this: Publishers, thought that putting a "mature" game on what they perceived as a "kids" console was a risk not worth taking, not to mention publishers don't wanna have new IPs.

What the f***? Did Red Steel not come to their minds? What about RE4 or Unbrella Chronicles, not to mention No More Heroes (while wasn't a million seller) was very decent in sales. There ARE people who own a wii and support these kinds of games.

Look at the Conduit. That came from devs who thought the system was in need of a game for the core audience. They started doing it without a publisher, news caught on, the entire community supported it, and Sega noticed the potential and they've secured the publishing rights. Sega, while a sub-par developer now, looks to be delivering a trio of great core games, including the Conduit, House of the Dead Overkill, and Madworld.

Just seeing this game from N-Space get refused by ignorant publishers can only make you think how many other games for the core were canned as well. That's a pretty sad thought, if you ask me.

Now, this game, Winter, is catching onto the community as well. Plus, within the first hour of the article being posted, a petition has been started, and I say it's very damn well worth a shot.

There's over 300 signatures already in the first day, THAT'S how much of a deal this means.

*update: as of this edit, over 2000 signatures have already accumulated*

If you care, please, sign the petition. It may come a long way, and these kind of games need to find a place on the system.



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Because of this.

These, along with millions of other flip book animations that have made a parnership between Nintendo and Hatena a success in Japan in such little time.

What am I talking about? The Moving Memo Pad, one of the first of soon to come DSWare apps, and this one has really gotten alot of praise.

The story behind this was that Nintendo made a partnership with a japanese website known as Hatena (have no actual idea what they are), where a special upload service is set up for DSi owners to share their Moving Memo Pad creations.

And look at how successful it was!

Some of them are duplicates, yes, but you have to be impressed with stuff people came up with.

Not only do I want a DSi now just to try out my art skills on this thing (and try doing an actual animation in my life), but also there may be a possibility that Nintendo will do the same for other regions, making partnerships with outside sources or groups to provide content. It's working well in Japan, and it could happen in the states, or everywhere else.

I'm almost getting impatient for this thing to get released worldwide. I personally don't care so much nowadays for the GBA slot, since I don't play GBA games anymore, and this app along with others in the future seems to warrant enough an instant purchase for me.


Man, Playing Wave Race and 1080 Keep Making Me Wish For A Sequel

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I still haven't stopped playing these games, just because of how fun they still are, even after a decade.

As of this post, I just finished the expert championship race in Wave Race 64. I swear, those waves almost went from fun to frustrating, not to mention that Glacier Coast is now my least favorite course out of the entire game (f***ing ice :evil: ). I'm not even gonna bother with reverse championship right now, and just gonna spend time in the stunt mode, as well as keep trying to make the best time on Southern Island (that is my absolute favorite course on the game. Best for last).

*EDIT: I have now beaten the reverse championship. I was surprised at how easy it felt, even though I was hesitant about going around the track backwards. The difficulty wasn't any higher, but I got by with only two retires, and still got first. Also surprisingly, Glacier Coast was much easier to traverse the opposite way than the normal way*

1080, surprisingly, I've had a much easier time beating, even though the game's learning curve is unforgiving. I guess going up against one other person on a mountain is more bearable than 3 other jet skis on a set of uncontrolable waves. I have 100% stuff unlocked. All courses, all three secret boarders, and the one secret snowboard. Yeah, there really isn't alot content, but it's still enough. BTW, I am unstoppable with the Gold Boarder and Penguin Board. Expert match races are like a cake walk for me.

So, I got nothing else to work for in 1080, and the only things left to do in Wave Race is just complete the mirror races and unlock the ability to ride a dolphin in the warm up mode.

These are still my ultimate favorites out of their respective series, but I'm now wanting to get my hands on their gamecube sequels. It's weird, though, since I was initially turned off by what the game did, though I'm willing to give it a second go. Blue Storm, I didn't have so much of a problem.

Please, just pray to God that if NST is working on another set of sequels to these games, then they had better be sure to surpass its predecessors.

Until then, just gonna keep replaying these classics. I'm gonna have to find the time to invite people over to play these with them as well (atleast I'll have an advantage, because I'll have played both games more)


More VC Downloads, and the Nyko Perfect Shot

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So, yesterday, I went down to Gamestop and I bought myself some more stuff for my wii. Specifically, the Nyko Perfect Shot and a Wii Points Card.

With 2000 more points, I downloaded two of my old favorite N64 games that I started to miss: Wave Race 64 and 1080 Snowboarding. I remember playing these games back when my local Blockbuster actually had N64 games for rent. Now that I have them in my collection, I couldn't be any more happier.

Wave Race 64 is still impressive because of the water physics, and the whole time I've played the game, I always used Ryota Hayami. Now, I'm working on the character recommended for advanced players, not to mention he's a fatty, Dave Mariner. Believe me, if you ever try to do a barrel roll with this guy, if you succeed, you should be ready for anything, because he is dang hard to get a grip of.

But 1080, I have improved the most on this, mainly because I remember sucking so much at this game years ago, but I still loved it. Now, I got a better hang of the gameplay mechanics, and already I completed the normal and hard match races yesterday after downloading it. I'm already working on unlocking the Gold Ice boarder and the penguin board. Sure it's a bit dated compared to other snowboarders out there, but at least it's Lamar and Tommy Hilfiger liscenses didn't expire unlike Wave Race (not that it's a big deal, but it's still a nice detail). Plus, the fact that it focused more on pure racing as the main attraction than how future games focused on stunts and other extreme aspects is what keeps me playing the game.

Now I hope that NST is working on sequels for these games, and if so, they had better have improved from the last games.

Now, the other thing I bought, the Nyko Perfect Shot, is my Wii Zapper alternative, and it definetely works. I tested it with Link's Crossbow Training, and I had a much more better time than the zapper, especially the fact that the Perfect Shot has a string between the trigger and B button. Thank God.

Gonna rent Ghost Squad for some action with this thing, and I do hope more light gun styled games come in the future for the wii.

That's pretty much how I've been spending my weekend before my winter break finishes up and I have to return to school. Hope everyone had a good break as well.


Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

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Aren't you glad? You'd better, because I'm expecting better promises for this year than there was from last, which many were broken indeed.

So, before I get into anything else, I had a good time with my relatives down in spokane. I got a crap load of money, and I think I may finally be able to buy Wii Fit (my family can use the disc, I just want the board for Shaun White and the inevitable 1080 sequel, provided NST doesn't screw up again), so until I can find a store that actually gets some in stock, I bought myself some other things. I got a wireless nunchuck from Nyko (you can get the best wii accessories and peripherals from them), I bought a used copy of Smash Bros Melee (finally!), and then I bought myself the first two volumes of the Death Note manga. I've already watched the anime, but I'd still like to get all the volumes. I even bought an extra one for a friend of mine at school who's never seen it at all (and she's really into anime). That's pretty much what I spent, and I'm keeping the rest on hand for future purchases.

So, with that out of the way, I'm going to announce the start of a new set of blogs that I'll be doing once a month. It's gonna be like a monthly soapbox, minus the heated debates or anger from readers. I'll either speak on something that's on my mind, or if there was some major breaking news that goes on during the month. Either way, very opinionated, and might be a borderline rant.

So, I'd like to start with my first one for the year.


A Message To All Wii Developers

Dear Third Parties.

If I see one more game with the option to use the classic or gamecube controller, you can bet your hides that I'm not gonna contribute to your sales, whether it's a commercial success or flop.

Why? Because I know that there's a VERY high chance that you will make uninspired or stupid choices for the wii remote controls, while you develop the game for the console like it was a PS2.

I know that there have been very few games during the wii's first year that had the option to use the classic or gamecube controller, but apparently, Sakurai gave devs another reason to be lazy with the console with the release of Brawl.

Back when the info on the wii was shown back in 06, people were looking forward to experiencing the wii and it's new controller, that it would change the way we would play games. This was even coming from core gamers!

Fast forward two years later, and now people are wanting devs to include classic or gamecube controller options in every game, so they can play it the way they're used to.

Oh, I'm sorry, come again? I'm PRETTY sure that the purpose of the wii was to experience the new motion controls. If people are just deciding now that they want to play their games with a multi-button faced controller like they always have, than what was the point of the console to begin with!?

I know, I know, people would just say "but what if I WANT to play with a traditional controller? What if I don't feel like using motion controls?" or "Third Parties can't even get the controller right. If they use something that's familiar to them, there's little room for failure!"

By how much would you think the quality would rise if they just skipped the wii remote for anothe controller? Are you ENCOURAGING developers to find another excuse to make mediocre games? On top of that, it just gives all the M$ and $ony fan boys another reason to mock the console, because if they just ignore the motion controls, you'd be doing nothing but playing a console the same way last gen, and since those same devs see the wii as a machine with PS2 tech (which is FALSE) then that's another reason for them to insult.

But I do understand the need to use the classic or gamecube controller for SOME games. Before brawl came out, 3D fighters like DBZ or MK: A had the option, because those games happened to work with multiple buttons. Smash Bros, on the other hand, I don't see why it would need to have the same setup, since the game could easily with less buttons, but I'm getting a bit off track here...

Still, this is just another excuse for developers to not give even a cent of effort into making a game on the wii, and even with games nintendo made demonstrating very good uses of the remote, they still don't listen. Well, I guess they picked up on what Sakurai did, and it's also why I'm slightly dissapointed with Nintendo doing the same with Mario Kart. Pray the freakin' Lord they don't do the same with Punch Out.

But even if there are multiple control options, I obviously know Nintendo isn't gonna cheat out on the motion controls. After all, they made the darn thing, and atleast I always use the different controllers for their different purposes.

If I wanna play games on the Virtual Console, I'll use the Classic Controller.

If I wanna play my old Gamecube games, then I'll use the Gamecube controller.

But if I wanna play a game made for the wii, I had BETTER expect good use of the controller that defines the purpose of the console.

With games coming out in the future like Monster Hunter 3, another game confirmed for classic and gamecube controls, I cannot be to sure for what they will do for the non traditional control setups.

This whole thing does play into the "lazy 3rd party devs," but the problem had always been involving gimmicky controls and atrocious quality. Now there's more problems than just that.

The Wii is no doubt gonna sell longer than any other console, and may not see the next console until maybe 10 years, who knows, but until then, these devs aren't doing anything smart at all.

Reggie was right. They STILL don't get it.


Next Month "Habits Mistaken For Traditions" (unless some big news comes up in the next 31 days, then this one will be delayed)


Gonna Work on Expanding Classic and Current Game Libraries

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I have 7 N64 games, 2 DS games, 3 Gamecube games, and 9 Wii Games.

And only one wii game is third party. The rest on all other platforms are from Nintendo.

With Donkey Kong Jungle Beat on the way to my collection, I've been thinking alot on how I'm gonna save money in the future for more games. My Gamefly fee bites more than a half out of my monthly pay.

For Wii, there obviously isn't very much first party games, and the ratio between shovelware and good games is quite large, and a bit unsettling.

However, just going back through the review archives of Wii games on IGN, there are actually plenty of games that I didn't really consider (some of them I didn't buy, only rented). Still, not enough good third party games, but stuff in the low 7s or 6s is still fine by me. Obviously my standards and requirements are lower than others, but hey, that just adds more fun for me.

This is what I have listed for games on other Nintendo consoles I plan to play in the future (only Gamecube and Wii listed for now). If I'm satisfied, it'll be a purchase for me.


{ } Super Smash Bros Melee
{ } Luigi's Mansion
{ } Pikmin
{ } Wave Race Blue Storm
{ } Metroid Prime
{X} Super Mario Sunshine
{X} Star Fox Adventures
{ } Animal Crossing
{X} The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker
{ } Wario World
{ } F-Zero GX
{ } Kirby Air Ride
{ } Mario Golf Toadstool Tour
{ } Mario Kart Double Dash
{ } Mario Power Tennis
{ } Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
{ } Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
{ } Pikmin 2
{ } Battalion Wars
{X} Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
{ } Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
{ } Star Fox Assault
{ } Super Mario Strikers
{ } Chibi-Robo!


{X} Wii Sports
{X} The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
{ } Excite Truck
{ } Trauma Center Second Opinion
{ } Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
{ } Elebits
{ } Wii Play
{ } Super Paper Mario
{ } Wario Ware Smooth Moves
{ } Mario Strikers Charged
{X} Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
{ } Battalion Wars 2
{ } Trauma Center New Blood
{ } Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
{ } Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
{X} Super Mario Galaxy
{ } Ghost Squad
{X} Link's Crossbow Training
{ } Endless Ocean
{X} Super Smash Bros Brawl
{X} Mario Kart Wii
{X} Okami
{ } Wii Fit
{ } Boom Blox
{ } Blast Works
{ } Wario Land Shake It
{ } De Blob
{ } Wii Music
{X} Animal Crossing City Folk

And there's sure to be plenty mroe games to come on the wii in the future.

This is pretty much gonna be my last blog for the year, and I'll be spending my Christmas with some relatives down in Washington, and this semester for my school is finishing up, so I'm gonna take the opportunity this week and through the Christmas break just to spend alot of time playing games.


Nearing the end of 2008 (Overview of this year in gaming)

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Even with a drought going on with the Wii, I've been rather busy with games like Animal Crossing, LittleBigPlanet, a backlog of wii games on Gamefly, and I'm even now waiting for DK Jungle Beat to come from eBay, which just shipped a couple days ago, so I should get it early next week.

And with all those games, only two of them (AC and LBP) were from the second half of this year.

Sure, this year wasn't the best, not just for Nintendo, but to me, everywhere else, and the only thing now is to think about the future, because from what I've seen so far, 2009 looks to be an awesome year for the Big N.

2008 started good with awesome games in the first half of the year, but didn't hold through after E3. I'm rather ticked more than dissapointed with Microsoft, because of them trying to make a rather shoddy move towards Nintendo's market, and they wont admit they're competing with Nintendo (M$ are pretty much filled with corporate, greedy liars). Probably the worst offense I see is the avatars.

I cannot, absolutely CANNOT stand the sight of these things. It's like a set of rejected pixar characters. Heck, I found Sonic Unleashed's humans more pleasing to the eyes than these Mii rip offs.

blegh :?

Another thing is their partnership with netflix. Honestly, I can only sense this being another nail in Microsoft's coffin if they keep focusing on these partnerships for things non-game oriented, not to mention stuff that doesn't contribute to the overall experience that a game machine is supposed to provide.

Nintendo would have no problem if they did this because they wouldn't simply slap the Netflix label on the system and call it a day. It's the same thing they're doing with the camera and music player on the DSi. It needs to compliment the experience that system provides. The DS is all about the touch screen, and how it contributes to games. The same goes for the Wii, with it's motion controller, and how that compliments the gaming experience.

Only difference is that DS is getting better treatment from third parties than the Wii is.

Which brings me to my next point, along with possibly one of Nintendo's most misunderstood game, plauged by arrogent and boneheaded criticisms, and frankly, it seems only people outside of professional journalism seem to get it.

It was dissapointing that not much coming from Nintendo's own development teams was shown at E3, and not very many 3rd party games were there either. Animal Crossing City Folk is the first game in the series I've played, and since people have criticised for being the same game, it doesn't affect me, because I never played any of the previous games.

Their second game, Wii Music, was heavily misunderstood. I actually saw something different from what others did. ANd the fact that people ignored the rule of "Dont knock it 'till you've played it," and used it as a scapegoat for their stupid "Nintendo's abandoned the hardcore gamer!" statements (all because of a bad press conference? That's just absurd), rather bugged me. So, I payed attention to stuff about the game, I went and got it from Gamefly, and I actually had alot of fun with it. More fun than I did with either Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

It's a game that can't really be described with means of swaying ones opinion, so the only thing I can say is, just try it. But, as a little tip, dont go in with fixed expectations and a closed mind. That is the one thing that kills enjoyment out of ANYTHING.

So those were two Nintendo games for the last half of the year, and yet another opportunity was given for third parties to put out some quality software, and only very few took the offer. Shaun White's Snowboard on Wii was actually better than the 360/PS3 versions, and most were atleast average or above. Plus, WiiWare got what might be the best downloadable game this year, World of Goo (followed by Megaman 9). Other than that, nothing super note worthy.

I give props to High Voltage Studios for trying to set an example by putting their best effort into The Conduit as a means to appease core gamers. But that's a game coming from a small development group. What about the big names.

Atleast one company has gotten their head out of the sand and that's Square Enix, because just this week was the announcement of Dragon Quest IX for DS and, get this...

Dragon Quest X for the Wii :D

Square Enix has always had the tendency of following the system with the largest installed base, and since the series has one of the biggest fanbases in Japan, it makes sense for them to do so. Infact, Iwata said he wants to help Square Enix do what they can to raise appeal for the series in the US.

It's only a matter of time before the rest of the big 3rd parties get with the program and follow suit. EA is starting to do so with their upcoming tennis IP and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, both of which have the Wii as the lead SKU.

Oh, and I'm gonna call it. Final Fantasy XIV will be on the Wii.

So, Microsoft and Nintendo didn't have the biggest year this time around, so who did better. To me, I hate to admit it, it's Sony.

Why? One word: LittleBigPlanet.

The most inventive game I've seen on a console that isn't Nintendo, and with the lack of good platformers nowadays, it's great to see this, and the heart of the game is within it's level creator. Something that's so easy to use and indepth enough to create something masterful is amazing.

It's pretty much my game of the year. I just love it.

Oh, and you gotta love that Sack Boy.

But LBP aside, I pretty much feel 2008 was the year of dissapointments for this generation of gaming, again, not on Nintendo's front, like everyone says, but everywhere else. Games didn't live up to their hype, like Spore, The Force Unleashed, and others, while games like GTA 4 gained praise that, for the most part, it didn't deserve.

2007 was just a much better year, on all platforms. They pretty much had something that made that respective console worth owning, but this yearm only LittleBigPlanet felt like it was worth having a PS3.

Hopefully 2009 can make up for some of the dissapointment I felt this year, and looking at the Wii lineup so far, that's only the start of what I can be excited for. Perhaps there could be something else I might get to play on my PS3 as well, who knows?


I went ahead an bought myself a new game yesterday...

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Well, from Ebay, anyway, so I'll have to wait a bit for the game to come. What is the game you ask?

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (with bongos).

I heard quite a few good things about it from people on the web, and after looking at some playthroughs done by people on Youtube, I was convinced to buy it.

I will, by the time I get the game, then have both games developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo, the newest division of EAD, and one of the many dev groups I am looking forward to seeing what they have next.

Pray to God EAD Tokyo is working on the next Star Fox game (Takao Shimizu was the director of Star Fox 64, so he deserves to put the series in the place it needs).

Oh, and in other things, I had another chat with friends on Wii Speak last night. This time with 3 other people. These other two weren't actually on my friends list, so, in a way, you can talk to people without needing their friend codes.

That's all I got right now. Gonna go and continue life in Animal Crossing.

Wii Speak Channel is now Up and Running! Impressions Inside.

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The Wii Speak Channel is now in full operation as of today, and with some friends who also had the microphone, I was able to try out the whole channel.

One thing when you start up the full channel is that you will be given tips and precautions on using the Wii Speak, and going through a test to ensure that its working. After that, you head to the lobby.

Here, you can assign up to six miis for your lobby, check friends who have the microphone on their systems, send voice messages, some other options and so on. You can adjust the volume with the D-Pad, you can mute yourself with the 2 button, and you can change the sound effect of your voice at random with the 1 button. Set up is similar to other Wii Channels, as usual, but that's no problem, since I like it anyway.

The main button at the bottom of the screen will send you to the chat section, where you are in an open, ambient looking space, kinda like Electroplankton, where you can see other lobby icons of your friends. Here you can create a web with the contacts that are online and begin chatting. I had a friend who was online, and we talked for a little bit.

One thing to note is that when you speak, your voice is replayed through your TV just like everyone else's. It's the reason why the mouth on your miis move 1 or 2 seconds later from when you start talking, and is a minor drawback IMO. But the good news is that it does a good job of keeping most feedback out of conversations, and adjusting the volume when such an event happens is pretty handy. Plus, sharing pictures and chatting simultaneously is always cool.

I have not yet chatted with other people connected to my friend I chatted with just today to see how far branching webs between the lobbies hold up. Still, the 10 minute conversation we had was good.

Anyone with a wii should pick up Wii Speak if you feel like chatting with friends. Its a good way of getting in touch with others, the setup is nice and vary Electroplankton-esque, and sending voice messages is an obvious plus (if you wanna arrange to play some online game with your friend, this is a good and easy way to make the message quick and efficient), with the minor con of delayed voice output when speaking and minor feedback. Other than that, I was impressed with it. Pretty much the Wii's version of Skype, so it's more of just being social than both playing and chatting.

That's what I got for right now. Also, Club Nintendo is coming out "soon," according to this splash page that just went up on the website.

I'll leave you all to salivate in anticipation.

Matt Just Wont Give Up On Kid Icarus Revival, Will He?

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Incase you aren't familiar with the editors at IGN, I'll quickly explain one thing about IGN Nintendo's Matt Cassamassina. He's reviewed many big Nintendo games, and apparantly, insists to everyone that Kid Icarus will get a"long-waited" sequel on the Wii.

This is the thing that bugs me about him. He is telling that a game, which hasn't necessarily proven to be in development WHATSOEVER, is coming, and had said it was guaranteed that the Kid Icarus sequal would be shown at E3 08. It came, game never showed up, and Matt, having to maintain his professionalism as an editor, had to cover up his obvious false statements.

It's one of the reasons that, sadly, I've been losing faith in game journalist and editor's credibility, but that's a whole other story.

Anyway, just this week, Matt passed the time by putting up an article about what he is wanting to see in the "supposed" return of Kid Icarus.

Now, I'm not writing this blog to just rant on Matt and why we cant trust him that a sequel to a retired franchise wont be happening until an official confirmation.

I'm just going to give my thoughts on what a 3D Kid Icarus sequel could end up being. So, I am being hypothetical and going to give my input on this.

One thing that's easy to use as a template for Kid Icarus is that the original Metroid and the original Kid Icarus were all on the same identical game engine, done by the same R&D team, and released within a close time frame. Only difference is Metroid has gone on to multiple systems, while Kid Icarus never made it past the Game Boy.

Now, bringing a game franchise into the 3D space is a difficult, and just using an already existing game genre and slapping the IP on it, doesn't do much to push it forward, even if the product isn't buggy or something like that.

Let's look at franchises from Nintendo that made the jump to 3D and how much was changed from their 2D counterparts.

  • Mario's move into 3D had the player controlling Mario in a fully open space, which was different than what Super Mario Bros levels were. You weren't being timed, or going along a linear path. Instead, you had to explore the area and perform different tasks or puzzles to advance to a section where you would find a star. Both were still based on platforming regardless, and it still retained it's charm.
  • Zelda in 3D's major difference obviously was the extra dimension of depth added to the environment, along with the creation of Z-Target, the first real successful targeting system in a 3D game. Again, both were still based on the same genre it was made for, and the setting and universe is easy to recognize.
  • Metroid probably had a more radical jump to 3D than the above mentioned games. Metroid in 2D was a cross of Mario platforming and Zelda exploration. In 3D, coming up with ideas for it was a pain, and with Retro Studios on their side, they eventually came to a first person perspective, not only retaining the same formula and Metroid universe, but it paved a sub-genre in the line of first person games.

All these games have in common is that they make a shift that makes a large difference from its 2D predecessors, while retaining the familiarity of their franchises.

Now, Kid Icarus is the Greek Mythology equivilant of Metroid, except slightly more linear. Obviously, making Kid Icarus first person would be a dumb Prime rip-off, so it needs to be third person.

This is one paragraph out of the article that explains what the original game was like, and what would come up for the 3D sequel

The thing is, that is Kid Icarus from the clouds -- literally, I suppose. But when you sit down with the original title, you quickly discover that while it does star an angel who eventually takes flight, the bulk of the game revolves around platforming. Incredibly challenging platforming at times. And this is where some hard choices will undoubtedly need to be made from a development standpoint -- ones bound to change the entire nature of the end experience. For a 3D Icarus to stay true to its roots in the same way that Prime did its predecessor, the Wii title will need to include, if not center on a high amount of tricky platforming obstacles. Pit jumping across chasms, using his underdeveloped wings to glide softly to the next pillar when necessary. In other words, a lot of on-ground work. And with all due respect to rumored developer Factor 5, well, this hasn't traditionally been the company's forte, as the character-based missions in Rogue Squadron 3 demonstrated.IGN

Whenever I read that, the only thing that comes to mind is Legend of Zelda with a jump button. And seeing as how Zelda is the pinnacle of adventure exploration games, I would want a Kid Icarus game to try and be anything but similar to Zelda. I dont necessarily want to play as an angel who cant even fully fly in game for lengthy periods.

Yes, platforming is a part of Kid Icarus, but it shouldn't be the main focus. If some person who had never heard of the previous games, but saw a new one on a store shelf, he would assume it's a game where you fly around in the sky.

Factor 5 has, if anything, proved to be one of the kings of flight games. Only problem is, like Matt stated in the quoted paragraph, they aren't so good with other sorts of gameplay, like Rogue Squadron 3's on-foot segments. This would have to be jointly developed by Factor 5 and one of Nintendo's internal developers, preferably EAD Tokyo (let Aonuma keep working on Zelda). They've proven their worth with DK Jungle Beat and Galaxy, give them some more work.

One thing about Prime was that the first person perspective didn't make it a separate game from the series. It successfully merged the exploration of the series with the first person view so well, you could probably say it felt as if it was one whole thing.

The main goal of developing a Kid Icarus in 3D would be a way of blending together the elements of flying and platforming seamlessly. It would make a new sub genre of its own in the process.

I'm not going into any other detail about what I think the contents in the game (graphics, controls, presentation, etc) should be, but all I can say is, if this game is being developed, FOR REAL, than I would want to see it borrow as little game mechanics from Nintendo's other franchises, as a means of not making it similar in how it would play.

Again, I dont believe that a Kid Icarus sequel is really in development, but this is only to speak of it hypothetically.