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The World's Hardest Game !!!

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So few things got my attention while surfin, i was actually lookin' for some hard modern 3d games, found some ridiculous top 10s and many other games that i've played finished, n spent hours lookin' for the hard points,,however, i also found games like Contra and some other cool 2D platform, and then i found the Worlds hardest game!!

The game's name is "The world's Hardest Game" as simple as that,,And i dare you, if u can pass the first level!!

Free chocolate Keyboard for everyone who finishes Level Uno!,, here's the game

Click on the Keyboard to run the game,

Over n out,,

So i've been Tagged ...huh!

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However,,, Mistakes i make in video games,,,

5- In Syphon Filter i always mix my soldiers with the other guys,,

4- In FC2 i always shoot the dude behind the one i should kill and end up dead,

3- I never reload my weapon, "in any game"

2- In TR legend, i always miss the play part that appears like the movie,

1- I've never played Alan Wake , that's right NEVER !!

Current victims are:






Over n out,,

Fading Keyboards : Farewell to PC Gaming

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The story is just like Terminator, bur in this case it's "The raise of Consoles", games i use to play on PC years ago followin' the series and pre orderin', was loyal to PC gamin' since i was very young, and this is the payback for all that,

Every time i hear about a game, or take a peek at some game's cover, i follow to eventually find that it's only gonna be available for PS3 and or XBOX 360 platform, now of course there has to be consolations for this matter which are few real time strategy MMO's puzzles and hidden objects, but what if that genre simply isn't your cup of tea,,

So the whole story is about where the money fits in the wallet,, they make molds for the profits and wait for the income to fit disregardin' the real purpose of gaming,,

First Example : Quantic Dream the developer of the great adventure Indigo Prophesy also known as "Fahrenheit" , then Heavy Rain "which is also an adventure game", unfortunately the second successful release from Quantic Dream was exclusive Sony PS3.

Didn't "Indigo Prophesy" bring enough profits to the developers?, or is it just the entrance of the mighty Sony hand?,

Second Example: which also known as the saddest news of the "week" in May 2010 when they canceled the PC version, "Alan Wake" now this isn't the same case as QD, Remedy and Microsoft Games Studio, are they afraid from game bugs and OS compatibilities?, or is it about the illegal downloads, because the same action can be successfully performed with X360 as well,

There are many other examples, but this is the best i can do for now,, bottom of the line, i think it's a war against pc gamin', without explanations, as a PC gamer, i never intend to buy a console, cause nothin' compares to playin' a game runnin' on GTX 580 SLI and a 25" HD monitor, even if that means that i'm gonna play old games over n over again, as for the bugs,, well it's just something we go through in the daily basics,,

Over n out,,,

The Concept Journey Vol.5

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Few other concepts that had my intention while surfin', there are no big differences in the hardware speed whatsoever, it's more about the new age design and the concept of imagination itself, hmm, sometimes we like to eat our favorite color not food,,

First of all

Playstation4 Confirmed + Release date !

Hehe, w'll that was just rude,,

However those are some real new stuff,,

Canvas Concept PC

This concept made me forget about the HP LIM at least for a while, Kyle Cherry set out to create a PC that would allow artists to smoothly transition from traditional mediums to digital design. In doing so, he has envisioned a sleek, flat and very configurable computer that can bend and fold to the artist's whim. He calls it the Canvas concept PC and it looks sleek and comfortable to use as either a PC or in it's Tablet configuration, pretty cool huh, but when?

Hp Mscape: Augmented Reality Gaming Handheld

Ciao PSP, a new age monster is comin',,HP today revealed a prototype for a new handheld video game system which would take cues from your real-world environment and embed them into the game play.

The Mscape concept allows you to use the portable gaming device as a "lens" to the world around you, superimposing interactive elements into the scene in real time. For instance, you might be looking down a city street, then hold the device up to see a virtual dragon attacking you on the screen, you'd then duck out of the way and the game would respond to your physical actions. It's a lot easier to understand if you watch this video clip provided by HP.

I think I've found where my old PC fits,,,

The Concept Journey Vol.4

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HP's Less is More concept computer,,

You know when each time you purchase something new, something up to date, then pause and say, remember what i use to have? i can't believe i used that thing,,and how di it respond to my needs,

W'll here's something that makes you turn your back on what you have now rather than the past, the new concept Computer from the awesome Hewlett Packard, no wonder why this is the only name i buy,, 8).

Behold Caveppl :P

"LIM"computer tech

The LiM brings you a 19-inch transparent touch OLED screen that can slide down to offer you a more ergonomic touch experience and at the same time enable better navigation. With a stylish wireless keyboard and a virtual track pad to compliment the already bold design, you know your search for the most stylish design ends with this one.

(source "luxarylunch")

computer tech 2

computer tech3

USB Chinese Sword Flashdrive.

Oki, this is a combination of old age and high tech, nothing new really, but it looks just like something should be in my pocket, like the word they use "cool" isn't it?

Brando Drive. Measuring 120mm x 27mm x 7mm and weighing 68grams, the device is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems. The 2GB, 4GB and 8GB models


Nokia Aeon Concept,

The Nokia Aeon Concept Design features the full-surface touch technology. Means that the whole phone is just a piece of glass operated by hand gestures and motions, it's lmike something within,, nothing:|

Good to be back for the Controller,,,

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It's been a long time since the last time i've played a game or visited Gamespot,,

Two years without Gamin', that's kinda,, w'll i guess i was gamin' in the real word, but the difference is ,,i haven't even even finished the first chapter after two years of playin',,

However, it's good to be back to this great word again, now i have some free time to kick some games before goin' out of country for my new job,

The first game i laid my keyboard on was "Chronicles of Mystery - the Tree of Life" the second of "The Scorpio ritual".

I played, finished and reviewed the game and...

What can i say, i thought the only good things about Poland were it's beautiful girls and "Mariusz Pudzianowski", hehe but i discovered another side of it, the great games production.

Think Sylvie think!!, i've heard these three words several times while playing the game, each time i entend to make the wrong combination, AND THAT WAS TOO MANY TIMES!!, however, i think this game is really underappreciated, w'll it kinda requires playin' in order to rate a game, only few people played and or rated this game, i guess that gamers no longer pay intention to this particular genre of games, or perhaps to the whole adventure gamin' itself.

Anyway, i recommend this game for everyone who wants to enjoy a great story far away from the shootin', kickin' and screamin',,,

Can't wait for the upcomin' "The legend of the sacred Treasure" and "Secret of the lost Kingdom"...

Over n out...

The Concept Journey VOL3

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XBOX 720?

Next xbox 720 to lunch in 2011-2012 accordin' to Microsoft,,

While SONY already admitted to be thinkin' 'bout the Playstation4, and Nintendo are no doubt developin' a Wii 2,, in interview with the head of Microsoft's interactive intertainement business division, Peter Moore,,,, EGM Magazine asked him when they'r next video game console come out, and also if they'd drop support for xbox 360,,like they did with the original xbox,, He said the they were goin' to supported as long as it sold,,,----Videogameblogger----




No wonder why,, The ultimate alien ass kicker was hidden all this long,,,he'll be back again to save our chicks on 720,,,


The Concept Journey VOL2

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Samsung's Concept PC's : The Wizard Of Odd

Hmmm. This is Samsung's trio of conceptPCs. What do you think they were called durin' that process known in the business as Development Hell? My money's on Wonky Wizard Hat, Lampstand That Thinks It's a Hatstand That Thinks It's a Tree, and Balls On a Breakfast Tray. Hatstand and Balls are after the jump.----gizmodo info----



Revisitin' Microsoft's "Vista PC" Concept

I'll just let the picture speak for itself,,,


No,, I'm okay!,,, it's just,, somethin' got into my eyes:cry:


New High Tech Concepts,,,

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Xbox 360 Portable Concept Introduced

If sony can develop one, why shouldn't Redmond make the move?

And this is an interestin' portable concept was emerged on T3 Magazine,,

Uncludin' a Microsoft Zune, xbox 360 and a Mobile phone,, packed in a sexy lookin' case,, of course with the gamin' button on the right side,, direction to the left,,, great move thou,,,

xbox 360 portable

Bee or Not to Bee,, A New USBee Flash Drive

Winner of the first prize at the MS industrial USB competition,,

It features a ventulation coolin' system to provide chilled air around the circuit board,, and a detachable cap that hooks at the back,,,, no word on storage capacity yet,, i won't really unclude the high tech word here,,, but i'm a go with high imagination,,, n a pretty cute bee move:)

USBee Concept

Alienware Futuristic Android Phone

Who didn't hear 'bout the mighty powerful computers from Alienware, featurin' Galactic design n housin' muscular hardware,,, the same shape was inspirin' DELL and Alienware to create this alien phone concept,, Runnin Android OS under an impressive module with blue glowin' grill n slidin' mechanism,,, in the light of recent impacts,, the Alienware handset concept has a sensitive touch keypad n joystick,, for easy navigation,, wonderin' if this AW phone will be able to connect carriers in other galaxy's :D

Alienware Concept

LG Intreduces Conceptual Watch Phones In Barcelona

LG Electronics unveils the next futuristic mobile phones concept at the Mobile Phone Congress in Barcelona,,, the new watchphones line up featurin' celular capabilities with voice recognition,, sms text messagin' n bluetooth connectivity for a full hands-free dialing,,, no release info,,,

LG watchphone

Jellyclick Inflatable Mouse Concept

If u really want to save place when u travel,, or if u just wanna look at somethin' pretty n new:),, this new mouse might be the solution,, The Jellyclick is an inflatable mouse, so u can pull it out of the bag,, blow some air inside n start clickin',,, once u've finished usin' it,, just empty the air,, roll it up,, n put it back in ur pocket or elsewhere,,,i don't see a bad idea,,,

Jellyclick mouse

The Good The Bad, And The Crisis

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The Good The Bad, And the Crisis

Loadin' ur AK, aimin' someone and shootin' him in the head,,, Sounds like a great deal for somebody who wants to move around killin' everybody in his way,,, not enemy,, just in his way,,,since there's no rules and the only time u might actually use ur brain while playin is when u think about goin' to the bethroom,,

Everybody has an opinion and the right to choose,, Well i'm not gonna play the have an opinion and be fair 'bout it thing,, But,,,

Is it a company kinda reality game,, or that people actually loves this stuff?,,,They choose ur hero for u and make it look like a bad guy,, that's if u can even look at in the FPS Mode

Well i did play FPS games,, Wolfenstein was the first and Farcry 2 was the last,, N i mean the last,,

The fact is,, Downloaded FC2 only guz i couldn't find any new action adventure game,, Went to the FPS section,, and there was about a...well there was alot,,,

However,,, graphic was the best i've ever seen,, W'll at least on my own machine,,,

Gameplay,, i can't really find a word bad enaugh to describe it,,

Enemy AI ,, simply missin', i've seen games in the 90's with better AI in the 2D mode,, enemy's doubt when they shouldn't,, n doesn't give a ding when u come across sayin' hi!!

Missions,, Well i didn't really finish the game guz i knew how the endin' will be,, The first and the 30'st mission were the samo samo,, they only add some cinematics but if i wanted that i'll just download some comedy movies,,,

Well it's not all 'bout Farcry or FPS,, But also this big obsession with Wargames,, people just love that kinda thing,, or maybe it's also just another reality game with the developin'' company's as main characters,, or perhaps the mad world itself,,,

Back to graphics,, is it 'bout gamin',, 'bout enjoyin' the story , livin' the moment and havin' a heartache each time u finish a game ,, or only 'bout the High Resolution Texture and the nice view,, again' if i wanted a nice view BluRay is available ,,

graphic should be there as a step forward thing,,it's nice when u play a great game with great graphics,, doesn't necessarily means "avoid the rest",, like the game itself!,,,

And alright,, the shootin' case,, Tomb Raider, Max Payne, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, Hitman,, ext ext,,all contain shootin' and also all great games,,, Question is why,, first u feel like the dude ur shootin' at is the enemy,, sometimes it's a monster,, alien,,bad guy,,,or sometimes it's what u do for a livin',, but the guy still bad thou,, and basically a few,,

This way i'm a shootin' fan,,, when u think a hundred times 'bout a way to open a gate mixin' the objects and havin' a combination of a thoughts sauce,, then when u finally open the gate and the dude show's up u can eat the heck outta him not just shootin' him in the head,, n that's the game,, thinkin' ,, thinkin' and thinkin' again,,, then shootin',,,

Thank god we still can replay the great old games such Adventure, Action Adventure,, n few TPS games,,,

Eventually it's just a Graphic competition, but the gamin' part is buried under 1.2 Kg of Double Core GPU and a game called Crysis...