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Back to school

Holidays are over and it's time to get back to school again.

I just got my new schedule and I'm teaching 18 hours a week. Not too bad. Didn't get fully reimbursed for my visa/workpermit expenses though and I'm not very happy about that but it's a cool school and my students are nice and some of them can actually speak a little bit of English now since they're 17 or 18 years old.

Visiting Brother

Yay! My brother wil come for a visit!

Of course, living in Thailand and this being his first time here, he'll want to visit the southern paradise islands, go elephant trekking, rope adventuring, go swimming in the sea, etc.

Well, after we have had all that crap taken care of, it's down to business: My brother was never a console player (apart from the Intellivision that is) so it's time to install all the old classics that we used to play together like Shogun Total War, Delta Force, and StarCraft. He's also into arcade games so maybe we'll go to an Arcade place (We still have those in Thailand) :), In any event I'm looking forward to it.

New Apartment

Just moved from a house to an apartment. Tough to get everything fit but finally we did it.

The 42 " plasma TV with the Xbox in the living room and my casual gaming TV in the bedroom (Ps2 and retro).

My buddy will come over for some refreshments (!) and the Timesplitters- Future perfect Co-op game that we are currently playing. We'll probably get around to playing Burnout 3 and guitar hero as well.

Up the Irons!

Day of Robot Chicken

Yeah, my buddy came over for a few rounds of Timesplitters - Future Perfect on the old Ps2 yesterday.

He was supposed to come around 6 pm but showed up at 8.30pm because, just like me, he has a Thai wife and she took the car to some furniture fare down town and he had to stay with their 2 kids. When she came back, he just told her "I'm going to Lenny's", kissed the kids good night, grabbed the car keys and came over.

We had a few brews and after "a few" rounds of TS-FP we watched the Star Wars episodes of Robot Chicken. Awesome, nerdy stuff. I'm a bit hung now though and I missed the Buddhist ceremonial thingy at school in the early morning today but that's ok.

Catch ya later

TransBattleFront Black Dead Alive

Yeah Buddhist holidays again! Just came back to work after a couple of days of Beer and Videogames. I played through Baldur's gate (again!) and a few Master system games;TransBot, TeddyBoy, Aladdin and Spy Vs Spy!

Other cool Xbox games I played were Fable, Star Wars Battlefront and Black. I also played the original Dead or alive and started a new game of Medal of Honor underground on my Ps2.

Oh, I'm still trying to complete Space Debris on the same console. Really hard the Junkyard boss/ Reactor.

Until next time...

Back to school!

I'm just back from the holidays and getting my desk together. Classes don't start until Monday, but I have to prepare my classes and lessons in computer science. Of course, I have planned to get some Starcraft going here at the office. During the holidays I finished In Cold Blood, the horrible game Rushdown and a few others on the Playstation.

Thailand is a desert, populated by black kung fu kids. I will beat the beast ODT

I'm sitting in the office trying to write tests in Computer science and Physical education. It's a pain.

Anyway, I played through Black belt and Kung fu kid during the weekend. I also finished the review of Rampart. All on the SMS.

I try to finish Shadow of the beast, but it takes me longer than I expected since I can't remember where all the things are. I also play Starcraft in the office and I'm struggling to finish O.D.T on the Play station (In my case, the ps2 actually) and I still fight my way through the campaigns in Desert strike on the Genesis. I also try to get a grasp of Populous on the SMS...

Sega Power

Currently playing a few master system games again for reviewing.

Shadow of the beast, Rampart, Populous, Powerstrike, Black belt and Kung fu kid. It's awesome.

The four days of rage went down well and there was alot more Burnout than I expected but that's alright. No Altered beast though, as I had planned

The kids at school have some buddhist- ceremonial stuff going on and I teach alone for the first time, without assistant, at this school.

Good news! The internet connection at school ROCKS (For Thailand) so I will sign up on battle.net (I just bought the STARCRAFT Battle chest).

4 days of rage!

So, the Missus is going back to her home-village and I'm staying behind, there'll be alot of gaming going on. My friends are coming by tomorrow and we've planned to play some Guitar Hero II, Amped, Altered beast and maybe I can persuade them to play some Timesplitters 3 Future perfect! :)