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Previews and details for R.O.M. ( Revolution Of Mankind }

- The genre of this movie is Sci-fi and fantasy.
- the title of this story is mostly " Revolution of Mankind". But, the title will change later.
- This story would be long if we can make it.

Preview: In Revolution of Mankind, I write u some details about this story.

- It World War 4. Germany did not give up. Germany gone stronger and stronger and took over the whole east of Asia, Europe and Africa. But They didnt capture Russia because they are stronger then Germany.
- In the middle of WW4, Earth lost contact with Jupiter. Then, Rescue team went to Jupiter to see what happen to the colonies. Then, the rescue team didnt come back at all. Its like a nightmare. Nobody wants to go there.
- But 2 men is brave enough to see what happen. And survive whats going to happen to them. If there's a crisis, then hope they could survive.

Weird and cool dream i have.

( I know this is stupid)

I dont have the game Final Fanasty 10 x2 about Yuna and the other two girls in the game. My dream is sOOOooo weird and cool. It like it with Halo2 and FF10x together. OK I start the story dream. ------ Really I dreamed about Yuna. She was shooting at me and killed me. But, I came back to life and ranned away from her. And then, I hit the wall and fell down. And then, she went over my body and sit on her knees. And then, she mouth kissed me and got of me and everything turned white. It was bright . It like a flash. And then, I ended up somewhere in this place:

I walked around there. And i heard a screaming. Then i found who was screaming. It was Yuna screaming for help because she fell from the edge from the platform or something. I pulled her up and she was happy to see me helping her. And then ( this is wierd) Redlion11206 ( Louis my friend in person ) came out of nowhere with a Halo 2's battle rifle and said " Its time to go back to the battle of halo". And i said "now" And i fell from the platform. Yuna and and Louis together said " NOOoooo!!!!!!'

And then, they went to the edge of the platform to see me dead, but there's no trace of my body. Behind them, I rised up because a piece of metal pulled me up. And i just relized its not just a big floating piece of metal pulled me up. It was a pelican pulled me up. Yuna looked suprised and happy to see me alive. And Louis, said " hell yeah!!!, Good job recon". The pelican pilot respone to me " Are u ok Ace Command " And I said " Ace Commander? " ( RedLion will explain u this ) And Me and Louis went inside the pelican. But, Yuna said "can i come with u" And i said "sure, if u want to."

Me, Louis and Yuna went to Halo. We all went to the base to be packed. Yuna wore an army clothes and took an SMG and went to the battle. Me and Redlion went to the battle too. I had an battle rifle on my hands and tree hand grenades. There were 3 Elites and 5 grunts together. I threw a hand grenades and 2 or three covies flew out of thier position. It was like a real war. Our tanks is fight with the covies tanks. Pelicans are engaged with banshees .The other pelican engaged the bashees. Worhogs are all over the place damaged. I saw a marine armed with a rocket luncher taking out those ghosts and bashees. And then, he got shot by a sniper and the rocket was shot up and hit the pelican and the pelican crashed.

I called for an air strike. "Take cover!!!" I said. And the bombers toke out the cannons along with grunts and few Elites. i called for a pelican and pilot it. Louis call for a lift so i picked him up. He was using a machine gun or a turret from behind the pelican. He was taking down all the ghost. And then Yuna called for a lift. And then i was coming for to give a lift. But an banshee engaged us and hit us and the pelican gone critical. I couldnt contral the pelican. And i saw Yuna right there on the battle field. The pelican is out of control and me and Louis are scream because we are going to crash on Yuna and die. As soons we were about to hit Yuna and crash.......

I woke up. Good thing i didnt see Yuna die and Louis including me.

Well, thats my cool weird dream. I hope u like it. It was fun in my dreams.

Sci-Fi storys.

Me ( AirMatt) and my friend here, RedLion are going to make a sci-fi story. Simular to Halo with Star Wars and the other Sci-Fi storys. We are making a disition " should we do it or not"

Vote here. but we make the disition.

Meet my friend who love games!!!!!!

Meet my good-funny-17 year old boy named Louis. His user name is RedLion11206. Hes cool and funny. And yes, we live closer to each other. I known him till i was maybe 7 years old. I met him in church with my grandmother. My grandmother was a friend of louis's parents. I used to love going to his house and played with him. He has cool games i loved. He had alot of toys. Till now, he's still living next to me. But he will move out end of the year.