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Microsoft XP360

How is it that Microsoft fails in the computer market, but gets everything right in the gaming industry?
I mean, look at Vista. Not really the best succes for Microsoft. Especially with such a reputation, of owning 90 or so percent of the computer industry. Microsoft has had better times, maybe sometime before the year 2000. Don't call me a Apple fanboy, cuz I use my share of both OSes, and I know which one is better for what. If you wanna know, ask me later.
Now that a look at the Xbox 360, or even, the original Xbox. Tons of games come out for both of these systems, and when all of the last-gen consoles were released, the race was a tie between PS2 and Xbox. Now, X360 has taken over. Everybody is all over the 360. All of the major games come out for 360, or if not, it's for the PC. Wii is another story. 
But what makes X360 so much better than the other consoles? Games, Graphics, or even Hardware? What do you think?

Playing Battlefield 2142 again

After a long time of not playing Battlefield 2142, I picked it up again today. The game is still as good as when I got it in November of last year. The one reason I wasn't playing it, was because I got Call of Duty 2 for Christmas, two very disctinctly different games. Not just time-wise, but also game wise. Call of Duty 2 is a very fast game, but it requires a lot of skill. I guess that's why its so popular. 2142 on the other hand is way quicker, but kills can be racked up quicker. i gues that's why I had some really good games today, after being used to the immense skill needed for COD2, and then coming to BF2142. Just wanted everybody to know that.

XBox 360

What I really want now, is an Xbox 360. I don't know why I suddenly have this urge to get one, but I know its a good feeling. I think after playing on my laptop and my PSP for a while, I now need some kind of other "form" of entertainment. And what better choice than the 360 is there? Best graphics, tons of fun games, and Xbox Live, you can hardly say no to something like that. Note: I had a Gamecube, and I still have it, but currently we have it packed up somewhere in Germany, cuz were spending the year in America. Gamecube: nto a good choice of a console. The only reason I got it was because my mom thought it looked "cute". Other than that, I wouldn't even have a console today. Oh, and the GC had no online capability. Except for this one game, only to be bought in Japan, or something like that. Also, I feel a lot more secure buying a console that is controlled by a company that is based in the U.S.. No need to go to Japan and buy stuff you can only get there. Whatever the reason of why I have this sudden craving, I really want a 360. Now!

Rainbow Six Vegas

I can't wait 'till I get my copy of Rainbow Six Vegas in the mail. After watching a lot of videos and reviews, I can't wait to try it myself. The cover system looks really cool, also I guess cuz it zooms out to third person view. What I am really looking forward to, is the Multiplayer Customization. That has got to be a first in FPS Games. Yeah, okay, you can customize the color of your Master Chief and put a fancy logo on the side, but I don't think there is anything compared to changing what kind of armor you wear, or what color it is. Definetly one of the best games I have bought in a while!

First Blog Post

Heh, yeah, so this is my first blog post, even though I've been registered on Gamespot for much longer. Over a year now... Even though I don't like blogs that much I'm going to try and write some stuff here. Just don't expect it to be interesting in any way. Ah, well, we'll see.