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It's been almost four years...

Wow! I'm back on Gamespot after leaving for a while.So many things have happened in the past couple of years but what's good with you guys out there.Leave a comment and let me know

Im back and Im lookiong to start my own Union

this is probaly my last attempt to start my own union and need dedicated people to help me with the union.The union will focus on sports,games and music but you can talk about other stuff as well.So if you will like to help just send me a pm or just say you want to by posting to this blog

I hate Gamecube

gamecube sucks..they dont even make games for it and the playstation 2 does.and i want an xbox 360. i want def jam icon.they have the best soundtrack ever in a its about rap.

My new union

I am now the new leader of the civilization union.everybody please join the unions kinda in a slump now.