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R.I.P Rev :'(

The drummer from Avenged Sevenfold and one of the best drummers in the world died on the 28th December 2009 of natural causes at age 28. There is noting natural about that!

R.I.P Rev, you will be missed :'(

Condemned 2: Christ this game is f****d up...

I picked this up the other day for pretty cheep after playing the demo. Initially i thought it was pretty solid with a great combat system and a decent story.

Now, i still agree with the above - even though the ending could have been better - but Christ on a bicycle there is some weird-ass stuff in this game.
The very first level, BANG; your attacked by tar monsters that are meant to represent your inner alcoholic. A level or two in, your in a factory filled with mutated dolls that explode. Not too long after that, a bear with rabies tries to eat you! And through the majority of the game you beat tramps up with sticks... Who the hell thinks of this stuff?!
It probably doesn't sound that bad but when you actually play it, its unreal!

Anyway moving on from the horror aspect of the game, it's got an incredible combat system. L1 controles your left fist and R1 for the right. Then you get L3 for your foot. It sounds a bit generic but when you konw what your doing, you can unleash some truly brutal combos, causing blood to fly in every which-way direction.
There's a heavy emphasis on melee weapons through the game but firearms are avalible as well... but they're no fun! Who needs shotguns when you've got a spade and a prosthetic limb? And you think i'm joking!?

Length-wise, it's not that long. There is a good 12 hours of game time to be had out of teh main story. However each level unlocks new items, and depending on how well you did in the level depends on what you get. This is based on a bronze, silver, gold medal system. So for example, if you get a bronze medal you could unlock boots that improve your sneaking abilties. While a gold medal will make you completely silent.
Plus there is multi-player features including Team Deathmatches and several minigames, to help hone your skills.

There isn't much else too Condemned 2 really. You do also get to solve crime scenes using a set of tools (Including a UV light, a camera and some other stuff) that help you find clues. Usually when using these tools, your thrown into a mini game where you have to send your boss info on the crime by selecting the right options on the HUD. It's harder than it sounds, as you really have to think about it.

Although it's short, i really suggest you buy Condemned 2. It's one of thee best horror games i've played in a long time!

A lovely new banner!

Hello all!

It's been quite a few months since my last banner, so i've downloaded the latest version of GIMP and created a lovely Bioshock banner. What do you think? It's at the top there... X]

Fans of games and parody, look no further!

Check this out!

Go here and click on the link that says "The Awesome Series" on the top left.

Here you'll find some "awesome" short cartoons that take the p*ss out of of some of the greatest games ever! "Metal Gear Awesome" is one of my favourites.

For fans of Gears Of War, there is a parody of it on there someware (Gears of Awesome)!

I heard the guy who makes these (A.K.A, Egoraptor) got so famed for "The Awesome Series" he got asked to make cartoons for MTV!

Anyway, check these out and enjoy! Have a look on Youtube for some others that arn't on here! =]

How much of a nob is my friend...? (Involves CoD5 online!)

So today I bought CoD: WaW. I wasn't particularly arsed about getting it but all my friends had it so i though "what the hell!"

Anyway, i started on the Campaign and then got a message from 2 of my mates on joining them in an online match. In about 54 minuets got to level 8.

Now, I'm not particularly good at CoD. I have a kill/death ration of under 1.0, but that's a pretty good time to get to level 8 (as far as I'm aware!)

Now we bring in my friend...

Meet Jimmy. The 5" 7, 16 year old with a bigger ego that Hitler You ever see the episode of Friends where Ross asked out everyone in Central Perk, multiple times and keeps getting turned down...? Well that's Jimmy! He is obsessed with CoD, but only in the way that if he keeps playing, he'll have a higher level than the rest of us... which is sad.

My friends tell me I got some skill, getting to level 8 that quick. Personally i have no clue, but not long after reaching that (i was so happy I put it on my comment box!) Jimmy-nob-head sends me a message with the exact word: "I don't rush games like you do. I enjoy them." My friends also say that he sucked MAJOR ass on his first FEW days! And... His favourite weapon is a sniper rifle!

He on several occasions had sat up till 4 in the morning on a college night, playing CoD5, just so he can feel superior.

You can't rush CoD5 online!!! It's all down to two simple factors, skill and luck. I have no skill, so it was luck. When he say's "rushed", what does he want me to do?! Not kill anyone for my first week and then start with only a pistol?! Actually, yes, he probably would so he can get higher.

Would you agree this silly little boy is a complete tool?

The end of my Christmas game drout...Hurraah!

Christmas has finally come and gone. And i'm very happy with myself.

On the day i got LittleBigPlanet and Rockband. I didn't expect must more in teh way of games this year since PS3 games are pretty prices (especially Rock Band). Thats what i thought untill i opeend a £100 gift card for Game.

So teh next day i went into town to see what i could pick up. I didn't think i'd get more than 2, maybe even 3 games with £100. Then i found out that Game was having a sale.

After some searching and tedious queuing, i came out with a nice pile of gameidge that i was pretty pleased with. This is what i got...*drum role*...

Mirrors Edge - Brand New - £20
Far Cry 2 - Brand New - £20
Unreal Tournament 3 - Pre-Owned - £13
Bioshock - Pre-Owned - £25
MGS4 - Pre-Owned - £15

Some pretty good deals there i trhink you'll agree. They where all in perfect condition too, teh pre-owned stuff. Biopshock had about 2 finger prints and the MGS4 box (the cardboard sleave thing, not the plastic bit) was a bit damaged but i didn't even want it anyway.

On teh way home i ran into Woolworths to see if i could find anything cheep, since it's closing down with teh recession and all. I came out with a brand new copy of Uncharted for a mere ten quid.

Overall i pretty good game-shopping-spree i think you'll agree!

Fallout 3: My thoughts so far...

Well, i got it the day it came out and for the last week or so, it's the only thing i've played; bearing in mind i also bought GTA4, Army of Two and Ratchet & Clank: ToD on the same day (it was my birthday).

It's not as instantly gripping as Oblivion but after a coupple of hours once the learning curve is behind you, it's everything you could possible want it to be. It's definatly less forgiving then Oblivion, because every decision you make does alter the game in some way. This isn't nessesserily a bad thing! Sometimes the game alters in your favour but there have been times where i've hit the Load button because of whats happened.

Also, it's pretty damn gory! I launched a mini nuke at a single person: All his limbs came off as well as his head! And whats worse - or better *wink* - your able to pick up limbless corpses and the limbs scattered around and throw them about!

Enemies are pretty cool to. They're all set out into different 'gangs' that can be found in certain areas of D.C. Super Mutants for example can usually be found in Downtown D.C and are pretty deadly in large numbers, while Raiders (one of themore common enemeies that can be found throughout the map) tend to keep their distance and shout abuse at you. Super Mutants can be kinda scary but their stupid dialogue is is pretty non-threatening. Aside from them, there's pleanty of weird-ie creatures out there; ranging from giant Mole Rats to Zombie-like gouls (people mutated from radiation)

Other than that, it's awesome! I've got the PS3 version which is said to be the worst, and it's great! The only thing that gets me - aside from the game freezing for a few secconds when you get a message or when one of your friends logges in or out - is the radio stations. There's only two as far as i'm aware.
One is Enclave Radio: which is on a loop of President Eden (made up for Fallout) talking about how he and the Enclave (the supposed good guys) are fighting the 'good fight' and music that sounds like it's from the Great Escape.
The other is Glaaxy Radio: Run by DJ 3 Dog, it's a much prefered station. However, the same 5 songs are played over and over again It's all licenced 50's music, which admittedly is quite catchy but does tend to grate after a while. 3 Dog's banter does change as you progress thoughso it's not all bad! And you don't have to listen to the radio is you don't wana!

So, all in all, it's a pretty awesome game. There are some truly amazing times in Fallout 3 like setting off a nuclear bomb in real-time and the story is so gripping...well, after the first few missions it is! Personally, i think it's better than Oblivion and i seriously urge you to buy it!