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The Leader Has Spoken

I've just been promoted to Leader in the Ultimate Alliance Union. I'd like to thank my good friend Meg for giving me this great opportunity, even though it's only temporary. And I promise to keep things up to her standards (TALL order :lol: ).

I'd like to ask everyone to please stop by and give me a hand. After all, we're in this together. You know, an Alliance.

In There...Maybe...

Boss Man now has a laptop (or access to one anytime, at any rate). So now maybe I can get on here and post and GS and stuff. You guys are still doing things like that, right? Hello? Is this thing working? *taps monitor* Hmmm. HEY! I know. I'll send out invitations! Super!  :roll:

Mission: Improbable

My Fearless Leader has taken off for some kind of hiatus, so I'm going to attempt to boost my posting and help him out. But the task at hand looks like something for Ethan Hunt. Anybody got the number for IMF? Better call the EMT's as well, because the union isn't looking too hot. I wonder if it's contracted the T-virus? It had rapid growth, but no development in sentience. Hmmm, I may be on to something. Good thing I have a background in science. From where you ask? Oh, I can't really say. You should know that by now...

Realm Of Many Evils

I'm working on a new board idea for discussing the horror genre. Please throw me any suggestions you might have so it doesn't turn out like some of the unions around here. There seem to be 3000 unions devoted to survival horror. I want this board to be different. And depending on its success, it may well become a union someday. But for now, let's just tell spooky stories and scare each other! :twisted:

Coming Soon...

Yes, I have returned from my little stint. Hope to be posting more often and very soon. Now, now, enough with the tears, I know you all missed me (I can see that from the blank expressions on your face, and the whispers of "who is this guy?") Peace!

Officer 47

Now that has a nice ring to it! Maybe someday I'll actually have a few emblems to brag about, too!

Error Messages Galore! Oh My!

Well, this is my second day on GS, and already I am chasing my tail trying to use the various features granted by Total Access. I have my impressive looking gold emblem, but little else is working. The first time I tried to post a blog, I got the screen for upgrading to Total Access (huh?), and when I try to change my preferences, I get an error message saying I have to be logged in. (???) So finally here I am, and I have nothing to say. Can't wait to see what the weekend brings. Woopty-doo!