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English Coursework

For my first piece of GCSE English coursework we have to write either a short story or do some travel writing. I was thinking of doing some travel writing but setting it in the futre when interplanetary travel is a reality.

What would you do?

lots of stuff crammed into one blog post

I've got two new games M2TW Kingdoms, lots of new total wars for me to wage, and The Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay, merges FPS and stealth in a brilliantly satisfying way.

I've also started reading the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy trilogy of five. I'm on the 3rd one so far and it's extremely funny.

I've got a new avatar, look right.

Um... I've started year 10 at school and so far am loving it, all the lessons are great, except for english, 'cos that will always be boring to me.

And that's about it...

See you in two weeks!!

I'm of to Slovenia for two weeks. Among other things I'll be horse riding (for the first time), mountain biking, climbing and the thing I'm most looking forward to, SKY DIVING!! It should be great, can't wait. I leave on Friday morning. See you in two weeks time to tell you how it went...

Happy Birthday to me

It was my birthday last thursday. I got 4PC games: Fable: lost chapters, trackmania united, psychonauts and deus ex. All very good games. I also can finally ride the new bike I got (see blog post below). And I got the entire star wars trilogy, with over 4 hours of bonus features. Oh and I got an Ipod shuffle.

Counter Strike Source

Having completed HL2, and just ordered HL2 episode 1, I decided to giveCS:S a go until episode 1 arrives, but because they sent me ep 1 without the piece of paper with the product key on it I couldn't install it, so I've played CS:S for a bit longer. It's a lot different from my other experiances of online FPSs, first of all, it's a lot harder, my first few games were basically me getting shot in the head about 30 seconds after the game started. But watching the pros and generally practicing meant that after about 5 games, I started to get my first kills in. Now I've got to grips with the weapon buying system and the bomb planting and defusingstuff I'm really starting to enjoy the game. And I only got called a N00b once, pretty good going I think...

Finished HL2 - SPOILERS

I've done it, completed the game that many people consider to be the best game ever made. It was a fantastic journey through the different places, here are some of my fav bits:

The part where you step off the train, from that moment on, the atmosphere was brilliant.

Ravenholm, especially the bit where the propellor breaks and you hear about 20 zombies moaning and staggering towards you from all directions in the darkness. One of the scariest moments in any game I've played.

Antilions, the bit where you have to keep off the sand so they don't eat you. And the bit where they fight for you against the combine.

The citadel, seeing the massive structure almost constantly throughout the last few chapters, then finally gettting in and seeing how huge it is inside, that was fantastic.

It's now half life 1 for me, I'm playing through that until I get HL2 episode one.

Got a new Bike

I just bought a new bike, although I can't ride it until my birthday in July. It's a carrera kraken, carrera is a pretty good make. Here's a pic of it:

Can't wait for Half life 2 episode 2 bundle

3 fantastic games in 1 case! They all look great, hopefully I'll of finished HL2 and ep 1 by the time it comes out, but I'll probably get it anyway for the other games. I can't wait to try out the clases(gamespot didn't let me write the proper spelling for some reason) in Team fortress 2, the spy is my fav so far, I like the idea of sneaking behind enemy lines without anyone noticing.

Portal sounds awesome, I'll just mess around with the portal gun, the story sounds good too, it's set in the half life universe and you are some kind of lab rat experiment, cool. What are your thoughts on these games?

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