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I have returned! MGS4 platinum is going to be a nightmare

Since my new job is extremely time consuming i wont be posting here as often as i used to but i'll try to stick around whenever i have a chance to do so :)

Good lord, i almost fainted when i realized that every single ****ing emblem is required in order to plat MGS4, thats ridiculous but i knew they were going to make it one of the hardest plats possible, only the most hardcore MGS fans will have boast that platinum.

Taking a break from gamespot


I've been on GS for 5 years, it's time for me to take a break. Nothing is the same anymore, the SW forum no longer entertains me, same for Off topic and there isn't really much for me to contribute as a ranger either and the site simply does not entertain me as a whole. I wouldn't have a backlog of games if i had actually been gaming a fifth of the time i spent posting here. That really made me wonder, i almost missed out on the Mass Effect and Witcher series, two gems among very few of this gen, why? Because i was spent too much time... on a forum? When i say i'm taking a long break, i really mean it. Take care guys, specially my HYPE fellows, Ty, Wing, Treal, Icy Ragnarok, Eve, Magus, Wes, Tumle, Zailbach and the rest of the gang. It's been a lot of fun, indeed, the silly union war against GUFU, the change in the terms of use that future generations of posters will enjoy, the apparent downfall of sony and rise of Nintendo's party games and rehashes, waggle controllers not so much, I truly had lots of fun posting here mostly because i always hanged out with nice peeps such as yourselves.

It'll be a looooong break, for good.

Hadn't noticed that HTTYD had such an amazing musical score

I've never heard of John Powell but if he keeps up he could become Tom Williams successor :), i truly love the feelings put into his songs, i realized that we might be listening to music that our grand grand children could listen as "classical" and while i'm not directly refering to how to train your Dragon, it makes me wonder.

My reaction to the apparent demise of the silent hill franchise

My reaction to the apparent demise of the silent hill franchise

Laughter, uncontrollable laughter. I called it so long ago, when team silent was disbanded and Akira Yamaoka left Konami i knew right in that moment that the franchise had died, i was on its death bed in silent hill 4 and passed away immediately after, nothing to see here folk, all that's left is ashes.

This is the silent hill franchise, from a long time fan, i can respect if someone enjoys the newer silent hill titles but i just cant bring myself to like them, the musical score is no longer there, the atmosphere is gone and those were the elements that made silent hill so special and so spooky.

Gamespot unions need a serious revamp

Seriously, there was a huge thread from 2006 with a new layout suggestion made on photoshop and lots of customization options but none of them were ever implemented, the Union level system was broken for like 4 years and now it appears that some are even contemplating a total union deletion in exchange for a full revamp which is entirely unacceptable, unions used to be the heart of gamespot back in the day.

Some unions are almost a decade old, the Headcrab union has been around since forever. I was in highschool when those guys started out and some still come back to this day.

The HYPE union alone is reason enough for me to strongly oppose anything but a total make over for the unions, one which was promised like 5 years ago.