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  • Aekar rated Gagomkd's review for The start offers so much,but as the game progresses FC is becoming very very boring., as helpful.
  • Aekar rated Mockk's review for tired of this bugs and the all the same type of game, as helpful.
  • Aekar rated pgrammus's review for In this uninspired game you play as a douchebag rich kid who has to save his friends and use magical tattoos to--zzzzz.., as helpful.
  • Aekar rated dsheatz's review for Lot's to do....yet dull., as helpful.
  • Aekar rated chobbs47's review for Burger King lets you have it your way. Far Cry 3 doesn't., as helpful.
  • Aekar wrote a review of Far Cry 3.
    User Rating 5
    Simplified crafting and freedom, cannot save the game from it's flawed characters, gunplay and gameplay.

    Surely the game suffered that I tested it on PC.It's possible the game suffered that I tested it in 2014.And maybe it suffers a bit more if you compare it to what you experienced in so many others... ...

  • Aekar rated Far Cry 3 a score of 4.
  • Aekar wrote a review of Tomb Raider.
    User Rating 10
    Expect a big surprise, with 3 times the length, realism, pleasure and gameplay, that you find in storydriven FPS.

    Expect to discover exotic environments, with descriptive depth; 'living' japanese ruins and culture, ancient kingdom, forgotten tombs, an ancient legend and ... and a lot of action, stealth, fight and...

  • Aekar rated Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves a score of 9.
  • Aekar rated Reinhaert's review for Amazing Folkloric Strategy-Action Game, as helpful.
  • Aekar rated The War Z a score of 8.
  • Aekar rated Alko34's review for [0/10] Alone: boring, frustrating, too slow<br /> [6/10] With friends: speak with TS or else, stick together, share stu, as helpful.
  • Aekar rated spindie's review for Coming from a dedicated dayz fan.. Wow this game is actually kind of awesome., as helpful.
  • Aekar rated kornhd's review for Haters are gonna hate, even without playing., as helpful.