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Modern Warfare 2


Finally got my long awaited copy of MW2 :). Didn't go to the midnight launch, cant be bothered to buy a game at that time lol. Also, most people would perceive you as being a nerd... Anyway, after playing a few levels i can say this game is the s**t. Graphics are eye-meltingly good, the guns are even better and the online is f*cking brilliant. Loving the quotes when you die in the game too, one of them refered to a phrase 'Nathan Hale' from Resistance had used lol.

The single player campaign follows on from the original MW. You play as Sergeant 'Roach' alongside Captain Mactavish (This is Soap from the original game) and also alternate to the US army corp as well much like in MW1. The antagonist in MW2 is Makarov, a Russian ultranationalist who has serious intent on taking over the country and anyone who stands in his way. So far in the game, there have been some awesome levels such as: *SPOILER* a level when you infiltrate a russian military base and escape on snow sleds..*SPOILER*I just had to say... However there is one particular level that is fairly controversial and you should probably approach it by just thinking that it is only a video game. The weapons in the game are quite dissimilar to MW1. New rifles, sub-machine guns and even duel-weild weapons are a welcomed addition to MW2. Don't worry, there's plenty of bad-ass weapons to pwn terrorist scum.

A new addition to MW2 is Spec-Ops mode. This mode of gameplay is a cooperative mode that doesn't concern the single-player campaign. There are different missions in Spec-Ops. I am yet to play it as of now, but it is accessible from as soon as you load up the game and sounds like a heap of fun with a mate via split screen or a buddy online. The missions range from spraying down wall-after-wall of enemies, or completing specific objectives within a level.

The multiplayer online returns in MW2 and is back even better than the first. Infinity Ward have added local match making to the online component to make it easier to find MW2 games within your region. Apparently this works by the server identifying the code for your PS3 and matching it with others in the region or even country. There is now no need to put up with horrible lag and f*cking annoying yanks when playing :D.

What are you waiting for! Please stop reading this, put some pants on and go buy this. Seriously, you're missing out if you don't.


Uncharted 2 or CoD: Modern Warfare 2


So I assume you're all aware of these 2 games (if you aren't, you are obviously not a gamer : P). Anyway the point is, I only have enough for one of them so unfortunately I therefore cannot purchase both. I need your thoughts on which one to buy. Do I go ahead and buy Uncharted 2 or do I wait for MW2?

Another thing you should know is that i'm in a clan on another gaming site for MW and they will all be getting MW2, so yeah.


Any one up for a few games of CoD4 (PS3)????


Getting a new router tommorow so i was wondering if anyone would be up for a couple of games of CoD4. Just chill games for fun, nothing serious plus it'll be good to get back in to the action just before the release of MW2 next month. Post a comment or pm me if you're interested in the prospect :)

PSN: Adz263

(Kieran, get a PS3 please)

The Youtube blog

Generally for any to point out when they have uploaded a new vid or any other decent stuff you find on the site.

Latest video:

Thoughts??? (if u have a youtube account plz favourite this video, give it 5 stars and subscribe!)

Red Faction and InFAMOUS!!!


Yesterday was my b'day and I recieved an iPod touch along with some other things, but more importantly i got Red Faction and InFAMOUS. After school i struggled to decide which game to play first and came to the conclusion that i should play Red Faction as my mate (dijji) wanted to know if it was any good. I had heard that it was a great game after reading numerous reviews for it, and hoped i was correct in making my choice. I was. The game is awesome, blowing up buildings never gets boring, and the shooting mechanics are great. Also, for all the trophy/achievement whores out there, there are some easy achievements to get (E.G. The first trophy is for completing the tutorial).

InFAMOUS is also a brilliant game, probably better than Red Faction. You play as main protagonist 'Cole' who gains super powers after a package he delivered explodes and causes an electrical sphere that devastates New York City. Problems ensue. There are 2 ways you can approach the storyline:

  • Good
  • or Evil

This works by allowing the player to make decisions in different stages in the game where they can take hold of the situation in a good or evil manner. I think it is ingenious as it immerses the gamer into the game, making for a much deeper campaign. The gameplay mechanics are great and scaling buildings is made a sinch. Well done Sucker Punch.

Note: Kieran, buy Red Faction *period*.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Have been watching this game for while, it looks pretty promising. The game itself is set after the events of Alien 3 and will incorporate a 4 player co-op online and 2 player co-op on the one console which sounds awesome. I don't think there was anything shown at E3 regarding the game (if i am wrong it's because i can't be **** to watch all the videos from the expo :P). Trailer in the link: Thoughts?


Heyy everyone, I'm 13 (14 in about 8 days) and live in Newcastle, Australia. I own a PS3 and have been gaming since about '02. For anyone who has a PSN feel free to add me, my ID is Adz263, i'll most likely be playing KZ2 or CoD4 online. My favourite games include: -MGS4 (best **** game ever) -KZ2 -CoD4 -Bioshock -Dead Space -Resistance 2