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Now that you mention it, yeah. It seems like it.
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I am able to get good grades with appreciable, but not excessive, effort and if you add luck, I am sometimes able to get a distinction. Younger, a lot of people would think I am smart solely because I got good grades. Over time, I started to believe that myself. I was wrong. I now realize that being smart encompasses so much more than mental prowess at solving maths. Or being creative. Or having knowledge. To be sure, it consists of being proficient in those areas but it also means being perceptive to all things (people, their emotions, objects, their purpose and design, your thoughts and their effect on your actions, ethics, your goals etc). Everything you can think of. It means being adaptive. It means doing the right every time. I am none of those things. :p
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Who has more to lose if a substitute is discovered? The US, Europe, Asia or the Middle-East?
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To be honest, I rarely see people alone these days. They always seem to have an accompanying group on any matter.
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OK, so this is the first time I'm living all by myself. Before, I was in residence and what seemed like way before, I was at my childhood home. At university, I'd say I had a large group of friends so I'd say I'm very social. They're away right now. I'm starting to realize I'm not as confident about being alone as I thought I was.

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I watch movies and go to restaurants alone.
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[QUOTE="General_X"]While some may argue that a progressive society would see the women asking men out equally as often, the reality is that if you don't make the move you'll very likely be alone for a long time...MrGeezer
One should have that attitude about everything. Not just relationships, but anything worth getting. For most people in most situations, life isn't in the habit of just dropping good things in your lap. If you want something, you've gotta go out and pursue it. Sure, that doesn't mean that you'll get it, but your odds are better than if you just sit on your ass waiting for good things to happen.

If you look really good, shouldn't the girls ask you out?
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General Paper? Just do past papers and read various articles.
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women care about two things highly, one is money ( good living, luxury ) and another is her own childrens.

That, and penis

Causal relationship.
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I like him because he's gifted. He doesn't need to train, unlike Batman.