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Written most of the time. Much more efficent time-wise and detailed. If I'm interested in a game I've likely already seen it in action through other vids anyway.

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Something like Might And Magic X or Legend Of Grimrock and indeed Divinity use elements from old school games while updating many aspects, especially the graphics.

This Hgame kinda just looks old.

This tends to happen when the game is in development for over 17 years :D

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I still don't get it. If he's a flawless god, who is inherently born with these amazing powers and saves people practically from inception, then, he hasn't really earned or developed anything.

Well...hence a God instead of a hero. Superman is also great because he's doing what he's doing purely from goodness of his heart. He didn't have to go through some sort of trauma or be forced into it, like Batman or Spiderman.

I always viewed Superman's origin stories as nothing more than SF tales about first contact, because in reality that's what it is and it makes people optimistic, because the first contant with alien being they get is one that's good and genuinelly cares about them, which contrasts with how cold and dark the whole universe is.

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It also shows Thor drop his hammer, C

This is hilarious, not sad though. Mjölnir bouncing? I guess it's made out of foam also in that universe D :D :D

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*Watches the leaked Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer*....who gives a shit about all this DC stuff!

Anyone who likes superheroes or fun movies?

And that Avengers 2 trailer looked awfully grim dark. I at least hope Whedon learned how to direct, because Avengers was terrible in this regard and after how good Cap 2 and GoTG ended I expect more than I got with first Avengers

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I don't really understand what is inspirational about it.

Superman is or can be, by his father words. At some points it really felt like it was a God we're watching instead of superheroes.

Now, unfortunatelly they didn't fully realize it and in the end it felt flat. Which was a shame. Superman movie should be serious, but not dark. It should be inspirational through and through, not for few scenes of grandure.

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Eh, either you're inspired to write or you're not. Having a writing month seems kind of pointless.

That's not what this is about. It's about writing fast, extremely fast. This is what majority of amateur writers fail at, they fail to find the time each day and most of all instead of writing the whole thing and then going back for rewrites they try to make each chapter perfect, constantly going back and fixing stuff, the so called "eternal first chapter syndrome".

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Ugh. Zack Snyder. His movies are horrible.

Funny, I was gonna post: LOL Zack Snyder. DC is fvcked. I'm willing to bet all these movies are going to suck when your best Director to your biggest blockbuster hit is Zack Snyder.

I don't understand why the hell DC or WB won't just pay Ben Affleck double to act and direct Justice League. I mean his credentials are pretty good: the Town, Argo, Gone baby Gone. That's way more than Zack Snyder will ever be.

In all fairness, I doubt that Ben Affleck directing would make a whole lot of difference. After all, if WB is trying to emulate the success of the MCU movies, then I was under the impression that those were sort of art-by-committee. That's not to say that there's no creative input from the director, but the final output is largely limited by the studio.

The thing is - WB wants the success, but they're going at it different route. THey seeem to be attracting a lot higher calibre talent than Marvel does, which propably has a lot more to do with providing creative freedom for actors and directors than with paying them well. DC enjoyed tremendous success with Nolan, not just commercial, but also critical one (those still are the only flicks in the genre that successfully became more than nice popcorn fun and I doubt WB is willing to completely drop that yet.

Even Man of Steel, for all it's faults (most of which were script based) felt somehow unique and more inspirational than typical superhero movie.

Of course, this might end up being risky, because by not excercising iron grip control WB might walk into a flop, but at the same time it might end up with something much grander either. Plus the last time WB tried to meddle heavily into a movie was Green Lantern and we all know how it ended. Had they let the original team do what they wanted (which is a movie almost completely set in space) GL could have ended up a big success and the whole shared universe could already be up and running already instead of only gettting set up.

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Cyborg gets his own movie?

You think like this and you might be right. But how about "Cyborg movie with him leading Teen Titans"? Suddenly it changes from "why?" to "awesome!".

Anyway, I;m a little surprised at myself, but from all those flicks the one that I'm hyped about the most is actually Suicide Squad, especially with the director they took. If he will go for his usuall gritty brutal style this movie could end up the best upcoming superhero flick, not just the best DC one

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I think it's the weakest out of four current DC shows, but it's still fun. What's more, it's steadily improvng week by week. It's pretty bizzare concept, so it will take a while to iron the kinks out, so I'm happy Fox extended the order to full season.

For now what I like the most is how sure and confident the style is. It's neither Nolan-realism or Burton-craziness. Instead they aimed for Animated Series feeling, with world being gorgeous mix of retro and new. It makes it feel very unique and they also keep the villains this way. Plus they already introduced superpowers, and possibility of them not being there was my biggest concern. Now I know we'll get real Mr.Freeze and plants-controling Ivy sooner or later.

So overall, decent start and huge potential for more. I think by the time the show hits half of it's first season it will transform into something truly great.