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AdmiralNelson18 Blog

My New Computer

Hi, Everyone

Its been quite awhile since the last blog.

At the beginning of January, I dished out £200 on getting a Games Machine as my Dad called it when I asked him for financial assistance, I bought it in parts and had my Stepfather's sister's husband who enjoys building computers build it for me, Its pretty beastly and has a cool case with blue lights. I'm also going to sort out buying a CRT TV so I can start console gaming again, And my Nintendo Wii will get some time to shine.


AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core Processor


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr (That is how its spelled on the packaging) Military Class

Thoughts so Far - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Hello everyone, I thought I'd write a blog addressing my thoughts on Deus Ex, I have not completed the game and Its only right to write a Review once the game is finished.

Environment: Probably the worst part of this game. It has the dullest environment ever!, I only reached up to the end of the Shanghai level but it looked exactly the same as Chicago only harder to get around, The stupid Gold-Brown filter is really annoying and actually makes me feel ill, I'm not sure about the future cities but I don't have much hope in them, I really hate City environments in real life and in gaming they are just dull and because you have to back-track in this game so much I can literally drive you crazy, I wish there was a day-night system as well, When I usually play games such as this I am compelled to explore but when I played this I had no wish to explore I just went to the missions straight away.

Story: Another thing I dislike, The Story doesn't unfold that much at the beginning it only starts to unfold in the middle of the Chicago mission, But so far I'm only interested in the Augmentation-Purity confrontation, I really don't care about Adam Jensen. He has no redeeming features I hate his voice it just sounds stupid to me he's just a moody prick I'm not interested in him or care about him his back story is dull and generic as far as I know, he is just extremely boring and just seems so full of himself and serious. I wish this game was more light-hearted not this pretentious dark and dank world.

Gameplay: Certainly not Revolutionary the Augmentation system is not very in depth I managed to get almost every augmentation pretty easily. I didn't play stealth it I have no interest in it, It just means frustration and annoyance. The AI is probably the stupidest AI I've ever seen they just run around wailing no plan of attack. Also ammunition is really difficult to find and makes more some awkward situations. My favorite mechanic is that Civilians stay dead even after exiting and the in-game clock which was present when saving the hostages. Also the first-person perspective doesn't feel right It feels like an arcade point and shoot game with a controller it just looks and feels weird. I also hate how tubby Adam is he couldn't run to save his life it takes forever to get around he also couldn't jump to save his life its like he loaded Iron blocks into his jacket because when you fall you fall with astonishing speed. I also dislike how difficult to get around you have to jump around roofs and scaffolding but Adam is no Mario he can't do platforming very well. I also think the game should be more linear because its so easy to get lost and its really annoying seeing an area you can't get to through a little fence and having to trek through several apartments and sewers to just get around a fence, wall or building. I experienced that several times during the Chicago level.

Overall: I wouldn't call it a bad game its not Superman 64 bad, but its certainly not perfect and its really been hyped by the gaming community its really not very good and I don't know what the previous games are like but I will give them a try. Its a game that I certainly will never have an urge to play. I actually forgot I owned this game several times.

Please give me your opinions. But be Mature no hate mail.

Thanks, and see you my Gamespot Comrades!

Down with Emperor Bill Gate's Windows Empire!

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am planning on getting rid of this abomination Windows 7 from my computer and installing XUbuntu. I have recently been having some bad computer issues.

This has nothing to do with Windows but I found out what was wrong with my Computer. For some reason my computer doesn't have enough power capability to use all the things I have plugged in. Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, Disc drive and External hard-drive. I don't know why this happened. My stepfather uses Ubuntu although he switches to Windows sometimes, But he has convinced me to install XUbuntu, When I switch I will not be able to play Steam games unless I run a Partition with Windows but I don't want to do that. I will have to wait for Steam to be released to Ubuntu since they announced it would be. This is a good time to consider switching to Console gaming and is possible because of my recent birthday which gives me £185 at my disposal, I will not be buying a fancy LCD TV but something quite old so I can play older games like the NES and the like. I also like the idea of being able to customise my desktop to my liking with Ubuntu and not having to worry about stupid Viruses because pretty much all Internet viruses are written for Windows because the majority of computer users use Windows. Hopefully I will be able to get a TV from the freecycle which is something where People put their old possessions like TVs and allow others to have them for free.

Anyway, Have a Good day my Gamespot Comrades!

My Wii is alive, IT'S ALIVE I TELL YOU!

Just plugged my Wii in, the last time I played it was when I played Mario Kart Wii with my Sister before we moved from Lincoln, Lincolnshire to Neyland, Pembrokeshire. I started a new Ocarina of Time game I'm planning to do 100% playthrough I finished the Deku tree as I wasn't planning to play for along time, I then played some Super Mario bros and was planning to check the Wii shop channel but I could'nt connect, We've had some really bad internet problems here. Because awhile ago I bought Mega Man I think it was 8 or 9 I can't really remember I didn't play it probably because of the Wii's tiny memory space. Unfortunately I don't know where my Wii games are they're in a box underneath many other boxes which is annoying since I really want to play some Mario Kart Wii and start playing Star Fox Adventures which I bought ages ago but only played it shortly. YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SCARABS!. I also bought Super Mario Sunshine since its a summer game and I love the game but it hasn't arrived yet. The weather has been pretty bad lately its been really windy and rainy but better than other places since its been thundering in other places. I thought it was thundering yesterday but it was actually artillery firing from the Bundeswehr base near to where I live. I will be sure to update more often, I just need to get back into the swing of things on Gamespot. I refriended everyone on my old friend list some people were listed as banned which is unfortnate, I also rejoined the unions which are hopefully are still active since I was put in charge in dying unions back in the days of Haloboy10.

See you everyone!

Late Anniverary!

On April 15th, It was my 4th Anniversary on Gamespot. I would like to thank all the people who befriended me and I hope to get back in communication with all of you properly, I'll go through my old friend list and refriend everyone.

I really missed you guys, you've all been such great friends and I haven't even met you all in real life, Hopefully and maybe one day. You guys are the best and I'll be sure to return to the old unions and be more regular and I will make sure not to lose my account again.

My account was in another castle!

Operation: Retake the Homeland!

Hello everyone

I'm embarking on a great campaing to retake my former account, I have everything ready I know the email address and the for the password I don't remember if I used caps, spaces or how I spelt it. I was able to get in my account after loosing my account credentials but stupidly threw away the notes I made to help me because I was confident I would always be logged in and have the credentials saved.

I will never give up!


Hi its a me haloboy i had to create a new account because i lost my old one which was annoying GRRRRR my old email is too complicated to remember i hope everyone will find their way back