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Lot's of home consoles the coming generation...

The launch of the Wii U means a new generation in home consoles, and holy cow is the 8th generation gonna be filled with home consoles! I was thinking about it, and I don't think we have been given this many options since the 80s!

List of full, retail, to be supported home consoles during the 8th generation:

Wii U

Xbox 720



Neo Geo X Gold


This is gonna be a hella competitive generation. I think the heavy hitters will be the Wii U, 720, and Steambox, but the PS4, NGXG, and Ouya I also expect to sell well.

The Ouya is Brilliant but Absurd

As the launch nears us more and more, I wanted to speak my mind about the Ouya. To begin I must say that I do plan on getting one, as long as the price really is $99.

When the Ouya was first announced I was really excited. I can not afford a tablet while also being able to afford buying games, so I have only ever sat in awe of tablet owners. Naturally, an Android gaming system caught my attention immediately, especially the fact that it comes with a controller. The Tegra 3 processor sounds awesome, and it has decent RAM as well.

Then the iPad 4 came out. Then the Nexus 10 came out. Then Microsoft Surface came out. Then I actually started thinking, which is rare when I am hyped for some new gaming item.

The Ouya has already been out-specced by other Android devices, as well as devices running other popular OS. For most consoles this is not a problem. Yes, there were better PC builds than the Xbox 360 when it came out, but that was never a problem because the 360 did not have to run PC games it had to run 360 games. The Ouya on the other hand needs to be able to run the same games the Nexus 10 can run. For now it can, but what about in 2 years?

In 2 years I can easily see the big name tablets having 2.5GB RAM as well as 6 core Tegra 4 processors. May sound like I'm over-predicting, but all you have to do is look at how much tablets have advanced in the last 2 years and you will agree with me.

So there's the problem. If the Ouya plans to be an Android console, how on earth is it going to even last half a generation? It won't, but it will be cool for about 6 months.

Ending the Argument: The Wii U is Next-Gen and Here's Why

I'm so sick of it. As a die-hard (and yes, somewhat biased) Nintendo fan I can not listen to another second of somebody saying the Wii U is not next-gen, or at least next-gen enough. This is straight up BS and I am prepared to give you many reasons why. I know it releases only about a week from now, but I honestly do not think I can even stand another day of the stupidity.

Let's begin by analyzing the technical specifications:

- Most notably we have the tablet controller. Simple with this one, what console this generation outputs games on your TV in full 1080p HD as well as outputting a second display on a 6.2 inch HD screen in your hand? Oh that's right, none. Remember, being a next-gen system does not only mean being more powerful, it means bringing a new way to play to your console gaming experience. Last generation introduced HD graphics and motion controls, this generation, at least with the Wii U, is introducing dual-screen gaming in your home.

Is it next-gen? Yes

- 2GB of RAM. 1GB for games, 1GB for the OS. Hey guess what guys, current-gen consoles don't even come close to that amount of RAM. The PS3, which is the current most powerful console, has 256MB of RAM.

Is it next-gen? Yes

- The CPU is a quad-core 3 ghz IBM processor. Not a giant leap from current gen consoles, but still better.

Is it next-gen? No, I feel the CPU could be a bit better if the Wii U wants to last as long as the current generation has lasted.

- 25GB discs, basically the same as Blu-Ray. Ok, yeah, the PS3 uses Blu-Ray. However, the Wii and 360 use regular DVD sized discs.

Is it next-gen? Yes

- The GPU is an AMD unit said to be around the power of the 5670 AMD grahpics card. This is certainly nothing impressive to PC gamers, but it is still far superior to the GPUs of current generation consoles. Keep in mind this is an up to date GPU while the 360 and PS3 GPUs are around 7 years old. Anyone who tries to argue that the graphics on the Wii U are either as good or barely better than the current generation are just stupid.

Is it next-gen? Yes

That is all anyone really needs to know about the technical specs and it comes out to 3 yes and only 1 no. So yes, the Wii U, technically speaking, is next-gen. Of course, if it is not actually doing anything to justify the title of next-gen then it is not. So let's take a look at what really matters, the games.

First I think it is important to travel back in time and compare the launch games of the Xbox 360 to the current games of the Xbox 360. What you will notice is that running off the same hardware as the launch games were, the modern releases still look much better. This is because developers become more accustomed to the hardware of a console as the console ages, resulting in better looking games.

As you can see, this Xbox 360 launch title looks like a remastered version of an original Xbox game.

I think we can agree FPS games on 360 have come much farther over the years.

Assassin's Creed 3

And here's another to prove my point.

I showed you these pictures of launch 360 games compared to new 360 games to prove that games on console look much better later in the console's life span. That means, as long as Wii U launch games look as good as new 360 releases do now, we will see some pretty darn gorgeous games released later in the console's life. That being said, I think we are already seeing some pretty darn gorgeous games. Take a look!

Now don't tell me this does not look really good visually.

Once again, easily looks as good as any current 360 game.

Another Wii U launch exclusive, another great looking game.

That should settle things. If it doesn't, just leave me out of your stupid arguments about how Nintendo sucks.

New Youtube Series - Gaming Gems!

I started a new series about underrated/overlooked video games. Here is the newest episode, featuring Singularity!

Help reboot this amazing game series!

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger may return! One of my favorite game series as a kid, after 7 years we may soon hear some news. On the Ty The Tasmanian Tiger official Facebook page, they said when the page hits 2000 likes there will be a special announcement! Assuming this announcement is some kind of new game or merchandise, you guys NEED to go like this page! The page is currently at 1838 likes.

Here's the link:

Mari0 - A Dream Come True

So you've probably all heard of the Mario/Portal crossover already, but in case you haven't, it's a brand new free indie game that is basically the original NES Super Mario Bros.... WITH A PORTAL GUN!!! This is literally a gamer's dream. It's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux so I suggest everyone should go download it RIGHT NOW because this is crazy awesome. It also has a level editor and community DLC! If you want to see more, I did a live commentary/first impressions/review thingy for the game and it's up on Youtube NOW. So go check out that video, download the game on, and have fun!


Pokemon Pikachu N64 (The Ultimate N64!)

Hey everyone, just thought I'd share that I got a Pokemon Pikachu N64, which if you don't know what that is, it's the collest N64 ever made! It was a Toys R Us exclusive back, well, when N64s were sold, and it has a pop-out pikachu model on the top next to the cartridge slot, a pokeball for the power switch, and an awesome controller with the Pokemon logo on it. Really, really pleased witht the system. Below is a link to my video review of the system, in which I review it (obviously) and also compare it to the regular N64. Please check out the video and if the video gets 10 likes I will make a video of my entire N64 collection.

Thanks :)

February Games I bought!

Hey guys got a lot of really cool N64 games and SNES games this month as well as a Pikachu N64. Here is the video showing all the things I got.

Get the video to 10 likes and I'll make a vid of my entire N64 collection!

Kirby's Return to Dreamland Review!

Hey guys, just uploaded a Kirby's Return to Dreamland review on Youtube. Thought you might want to check it out. Link is below. Also please click the like button if the video gets 10 likes I'll make a video of my N64 collection.