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Well it seems my theory of an alternate set of 4 DLC Characters has pretty much been proven by famed Mortal Kombat modder Tetzrep!!  A picture he put up proves that there will eventually be another set of 4 DLC characters after Lobo, Zod, Batgirl, and Scorpion.  Check it out; hes apparatnly unlocked the DLC_Character_Basemodel setting in the "Coalesced.eng" as DLC:


Right on the money. Great job! We can only wait to find out about the extra 4 characters. Although it is weird that only 3 character slots are shown. Where is number 4? Maybe that is being held for Scorpion since he isn't a hero or a villain?
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Well, some interesting stuff I found in the code to the Skins and Season Pass code... Now don't take this too serious, but I found some interesting HEX in the Season Pass configuration file that was not listed in ASCII test or visible; but in various offsets of text, I found these converted HEX codes in text; I wont post all the HEX obviously cuz its long as hell, but heres what I found....your obvious thoughts?

1) M.m

2) R.h

3) P.g

4) S.z

Your thoughts?

It's crazy if all this proves to be right but with those initials and knowing there has to be two villains and two heroes I would have to say: 1. Martian ManHunter 2. Red Hood 3. PowerGirl 4. SubZero