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I Make Action Movies On YouTube! They're great... Well, they're ok I guess...

I'm shamelessly plugging my YouTube Channel, BecauseWeCanFilms. And I swear, it relates to videogames! That's because my YouTube video series "Bylaw And Order" has nothing to do with the television "Law and Order" and instead, draws inspiration from videogames.

Demographics and focus groups say

From the epic Gears of War music, to the Call of Duty weapons, to the Final Fantasy Victory Theme, to the Street Fighter fights with real working lights! sounds!! and healthbars!!!, I hope you guys dig the bad humor, bad acting, half-decent FX and excellent videogame references.

Watch the trailer, then... THE FIRST THREE EPISODES!

Episode OneEpisode TwoEpisode Three

It's certainly been awhile...

Yeah, it's been a crazy long time since I"ve been active on Gamespot. By active I mean writing reviews and actually using this thing called a blog. Though I peruse the forums and check up on the latest news and videos, I haven't really contributed much and I thought it'd be nice to say hi the community.

If anyone is up for playing some Halo 3 (old, I know), MarioKart DS (old too) or some InstantAction, hit me up

I got my XBOX 360!

Add me up! GamerTAG: Infertile Ninja

Yes, I finally have a 360. After half a year toiling and saving, pawning off old junk, and not buying a new game for a long time, I am pleased to say that my Xbox 360 is running very smoothly on my TV with Halo 3. And I got it for a $300 with a coupon in conjunction with a sale. How cool is that?

My only complaint? It gets very hot (so I have to let it take frequent "breaks"), and I don't have an HDTV. Othewise, I'm having a blast on Xbox Live with my friends, who all happened to get one around the time I got one.

Money VS Quality

Is it just me or am I thinking crazy things? Through my so-far short life, I've seen a lot of the world. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that all things can and will come to an end. No, I'm not trying to be profound or anything, but I think I can put across a valid point here. There is a huge amount of information out in the world, and of all the mediums out there, videogames are growing the fastest, but is it growing a little too quickly? Let me bring you enlightenment.

Videogames have been around since before I was born, and they have grown from a niche to a mssive industry. Websites like GameSpot and big events like E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) are a testament to this. As gamers, both hardcore and casual, we've experienced two dominant emotions in our hobbies, pastimes, lives (whatever you'd like to call it). I speak of disappointment and happiness.

If I could define a gamer's version of happiness, the first thing that comes to mind is that "feeling". It's the excitement you get while waiting for a game, buying it, and waiting to get home and play it. It's that thrill you experience when you level up, frag the other guy, score that goal or beat that level.

However, I would like to focus on the disappointment, the main point I'm driving at here. The amount of gamers and game developers has grown. In other words, there are more games to play, and more people that play them. But, is quantity better than quality? When gaming was in its infancy, there were few games, but they provided a huge amount of entertainment. Today, when we walk into a store, we have hundreds of games to choose from. Again, is that a good thing? Gaming is still in its "infancy" today, compared to other forms entertainment like books, TV and movies, and like movies, gaming seems to be deteriorating in quality. Let's face it; a lot of the games coming out today are pure crap.

There are exceptions. There are great games out there, Grand Theft Auto, Command and Conquer, and Halo to name a few (feel free to disagree). Besides the few good ones, it seems everyone is jumping into gaming. Developers are just throwing games out there! You have the uninspired movie/TV show-tie ins, boring cash-cow sequels, and many, many others. Is there no originality left? No quality?

Game studios just seem to mash together stuff and try to market it. Why do they do this? Because it works. Hype it up properly, and it's guaranteed to sell. A lot of companies just seem to be in it for the money, making terrible games because they want to make a quick buck. If you've noticed, good games take time, effort and dedication, and they come out the best. It's rare now that a company will want to make a high quality game that they themselves would like to play. There will always be those good games out there, but will there be enough to support the industry? Will videogames one day come to the point where developers make games solely for money and nothing fun or innovative will be released?

I hope it doesn't ever come to this, but you can't help but look at what the industry now, or what it could be. Will money become the driving factor to make a game, instead of quality and the satisfaction of creating something amazing and cool?

Having GameSpot Computer Troubles?

Need help? Check this out

Know you may have heard a lot of this, but it's most likely not on many sites, and this should help. Recently, they updated some of their stuff to JAVA, I know this because I am a part time computer technician with my dad, and many times, when sites update, we can't interact with them cuz of that haha.

Also, check your internet connection. First thing in that is to check your modem box thing see if all the lights are at least on and read what those lights do. Like, mine bogged down on me because of the cold weather, it got too fast for my modem to control (think too much water flowing through a water gun hole, none gets in). Another thing could be your firewall, it could be blocking content from gamespot: look at some of the parental control or firewall options to see if it allows anything.

Finally, you'll definitely want to check you browser: it may need some content updates like flash, or postscripting, etc to help it run smoothly. I don't relaly know what needs, but update your flash player, java and internet explorer/firefox/ or whatever you use.

haha, even more finally, check for viruses, spyware, or other bad things that could stop you from connecting or using your computer to its potential. Buy a virus scanner software like Norton, or find one from a frriend, or a TRUSTED download like AVG free edition or F-Secure or Shaw Secure. THat's all I can think of, for now. I really hoped that helped man. Call a technician from your internet service provider if none of this works!

Adam, your computer nerd. Feel free to add me, I'm kinda new to GS

PS: came up with a final idea I may not have mentioned. Check the connections on the back of your computer or wireless router hehe.

Oh and please mention my name to anyone that has technical troubles on GS! So if you ever see "my comp is slow" or "my proc wont overclock" or even "my favorite flash site isn't working" tell them to give me a shout. Pass my name on to all your friends, contacts etc so I can spread the help hehe.