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Well, Mass Effect really jumped the shark.

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It's been awhile since my last post, so I figure it should be about something near and dear to my heart. That being the Mass Effect series of games. In particular one of the recent multiplayer DLCs released by Bioware. The name of which is Retaliation which adds Volus characters. I have not yet had the pleasure of playing said DLC due to me binging harder on Borderlands 2 than a base addict in mansion full of crack rocks, but from what I've seen on Youtube and the such, I believe that any shred of "Artistic Integrity" that Bioware insisted they had post Mass Effect 3 release, is nothing more than a sick, sick joke. They jumped the shark harder then Fonzie ( himself did. That's all I really have to say about that.

My current gaming Endeavors.

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November and December were a good time for video games, with a ton of big releases. I got my hands on the Sly Collection which is basically a HD remastering of the Sly trilogy. Platnumed all 3 games in the course of 2 weeks. (1 and 3 I knew like the back of my hand, 2 I beat for the first time.)

Got Goldeneye but it only lasted for about 2 weeks. The single player was a great reimaginingof a great movie and game. The multiplayer was okay, it just couldn't stack up to other games out there.

Black Ops was another game on my pick-up list, and I'm still playing it. I got to Vortuga or Vorkuga, whatever and just stopped. However I am still playing multiplayer, and I'm at 1st prestige after a couple of weeks of on off playing.

But last but not least, Mass Effect 2. I've beaten this game about 6 times now, and I finally beat it on Insanity. Did it with my Level 30 soldier and all I have to say is if attempting it with a soldier you need 4 things. 1.) Revernent LMG 2.) Inferno Ammo 3.) Heavy Warp ammo 4.) Heavy Disruptor ammo. I'm probably going to beat the game again when the 3rd is about to come out to cement my change. (Paragon, FTW?) But I'm about done with the game for now.

Can somebody recommend me a good game with some nice replay value? Preferably an RPG.

Why I hate Vista.

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I am the administrator. And no matter how many times I move on folder it keep saying I need access from my self. Does anyone have any suggestions? (I am the admin no doubt about it.)

I just made Fallout 2 a lot easier!

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Well after downloading killaps unofficial I realized I could change anything. So I changed travel speed and random encounter amounts and found every random place I didn't really need (i.e New Reno)

I wanna Sam Fisher someone.

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I've always wanted to go Sam Fisher style on someone so im thinking that I get the call of duty prestige pack so I get the game and the goglesthen buy a black wet suit learn to climb trees with ease and when some one walks by I'll jump out of the tree and get someone.

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