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Adding New PSN and XBL Friends

Been doing some cleaning up on my friends lists and taking off inactive and people I just don't play with anymore.

Now I'm looking to add up some more friends and what better folks to add than the wonderful(lol) users at Gamespot. So, add me, I'll add you and we can play some games online.

PSN: Eternal_Lord

XBL: Pyrat Rum

Battlefield 3. Changes I hope to see.

With the Battlefield 3 release looming closer and closer, it's been getting me thinking on how it will stack up to previous Battlefield entries in the series. Now don't get me wrong, from what we've seen so far it looks **** amazing and I'm super hyped but there are still a lot of things and features that we don't know about in BF3.

So, what are some features of the Battlefield series that you guys would like changed, added, removed to the upcoming Battlefield 3?

1. Magnum Ammo/Damage modifiers. My biggest change would come from the removal of Magnum Ammo or any damage boosting Spec/Perk. It ruins the balance of the game and makes it far less interesting affair when in combat with other players. When 99% of players use Magnum Ammo, then what's the **** point of the othe Specs? I hated it in Call of Duty, I hated it in Medal of Honor, and I hate it in Battlefield. Specs and unlocks should be there to supplement your current weapon of choice, not change it's stats into something it's not. I myself don't use it simply out of principle but I know many people do

2. Team chat. I have no **** idea why they changed it, but limiting chat to your squad only is one of the stupidest changes DICE made to Bad Company 2. This is a team-based warfare game where communication is key and limiting chat to just 3 other people in a 12 man team just makes no sense at all. There have been countless times where I have could have helped out or was in need of help but was unable to act simply due to the fact that I couldn't communicate with the smurf. Hell, they could have at least added proximity chat so we could talk to our teammates when they are near. Add full team chat in BF3!

3. More open and expansive Conquest maps. Conquest has been the bread and butter of the Battlefield series since the beginning offering huge open maps with expansive terrain in order to provide an immersive "battlefield" (pun not intended) experience. It allows us plenty of opportunities in which to use the many vehicles and various flanking maneuvers. With the exception of a few maps, Bad Company 2 severly shrunk down the conquest maps and made most of them a linear experience, essentially a straight line from A to B to C. It makes sense for Rush as it keeps the action instense and visceral, but Conquest has always be about huge open maps. I want to be able to out flank and out maneuver my enemy in every Conquest map

Under Siege

Anybody download this gem? I saw the Gamespot review up but I haven't seen any threads or talk about the game on the Gamespot Forums. I just downloaded it this morning and I'm having a blast with it. It has some really nice production values for a downloadable title made by such a small team.

For those of you who don't know, Under Siege is a real-time tactics/strategy game for the PS3 and it's available on PSN. It has an extensive 10 hour campaign, multiplayer (both online and splitscreen), and an incredibly deep map editor. It's a challenging game that definitely requires you to use your head but it's not as difficult as some people make it out to be.

The game seems to have gotten little press considering its from such a small and unknown studio but I'm hoping word will spread so that more can enjoy with great game.

Anyways, here is the launch trailer followed by some screenshots. I hope that you guys check out this great game!