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7 Year Anniversary!!!

It Has been a long time, I don't game anymore but I will always remember the fun times here, all the trolling on the forums and the general knowledge I enjoyed about the gaming. I hope this site continues to do well. Until next year!!

Lol its been forever since i posted here

Just thought I would drop a line by this site, I hardly visit anymore but I am still around and doing ok. Just did my 2nd tour in Iraq, now I am playing street fighter 4 non stop. Still chilling in Hawaii, its good to see this site again.

Nothing much

Well i just got off a good little vacation.. took my PT test.. did alright.. now its time to press on to Iraq... things are looking up in all areas of my life.. I can only hope things continue to go well. As far as games go.. Im definitly looking into final fantasy once i am done with Tekken and Street fighter.... the 12th final fantasy kept me busy for months.. I have high expectations for the newest ones.

Whats happening

Well its been a long time since Ive been here.. I had almost forgot, but I can never forget this place. Im gonna try to visit more often. Nothing much going on except round 2 of Iraq soon.. and as far as gaming goes Ive decided to make it a goal to win a Tekken 6 tournament. I love that game and it would be a great hobby for me to master every last character while I am in the desert. Wish me luck and Happy mother's day to all mothers!

Whats happening..

Well my time in Germany is about done.. heading to Hawaii soon... that should be fun.. well see what happens.. and by the way Tekken 6 is a great game!

Back from Iraq!!

At long last... after 14 months and some change.. im finally back in the real world... being in the desert for so long can be depressing.. but it was all worth it.. Now that I have more access to internet I will be on this site more.. well ill try anyway.. but yea its good to be back!

Whats happening?

Wow its been way too long since ive been here.. ive missed causing trouble in the forums... getting on the mods nerves and making sure my opinions are heard loud and clear.. thats what happens when I move out into the real world... but ill return one day to do all of that again for old times sake. Anyway some quick notes on things thats happened... I hit the 3 year mark since ive been a member of this site... i know i havent been on much but ill never forget about Gamespot... I celebrated my 21st Birthday recently.. glad about that.. and soon Ill be heading home out of this desert.. I definitly look forward to that. Well other than that nothing much has happened.. just living life and making a name for myself in the Military. Well until next time.. hopefully sooner than later.. Peace.

New Year is coming!!

First of all I would like to say that the Detroit Lions are Garbage. Maybe they will learn the concept of a win during the off season. I feel sorry for the 1st round pick..

Anyway, its been a good while since ive been on here, being busy in iraq and all. I havent had time to troll the forums like i did in the past. But I will make my return one day. In the meantime I will be celebrating my 3rd year on Gamespot, and other than that I will keep on doing what I do.