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A year later and im still playing Video Games

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Wow alot has changed yet i still play video games.....It is Almost a year later when i left gamespot because of what happened to Jeff gurtsman....Still lovin video games...

Ace_451 is not Dead!

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What's up people.

Yeah I know how long it's been.

yes I know. Sorry??

Any way People on ps3 still know I am alive.

Lately I have bought GTA 4 and MGS 4!! Those games rock!

sorry for the rambiling??

But I'm going to washington DC tomorrow..

So peace!!

Sarge_Maximus2 Banned

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I just found out


was banned for who knows what. Mann this p*** me off. His last blog was about perfect dark zero.

If anybody knows why contact me!!

I will always remember him!!!!!! He was a true soldier.

1 year anniversery

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Man I totaly forgot about my one year anniversary. First I would like to thank all who commented on my blog. Second all who made me look like a decent gamespoter with a banner / sign in ID.

Finally the emblems union for all the emblem help. Thanks!!

Izorro Come BACK!!!

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I thought Izorro was gone. But I stand corrected!!! He still visits this site and still has managed to not do a blog.


Happy thanksgiving???

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Hey Gamespotters!!!!!!

Im back FOR REAL and no this is not a mirage. i will just appologize for being unactive for so long.