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I Am Finally Done With FFXIII

Hello guys, hey guess what, i am done with FFXIII, finally i did the everything that i could in the game. :D

This is my progress.

Time Played: 103h32m

Cith Missions Complete: All

Titan Trial Mission Complete: All

Weapon Upgraded To Ultimate Status: 2

Roles Mastered: All

Well as u can see i am really done with the game. :)

Afcourse i couldn't get all trophies cuz some of them really tough, but anyway i did all i could in the game, and that's feels really good. :D

DAM i was enjoying every second of the game, even tho i beat it. :)

I definitely will restart it later on, its the only next gen game that really make me spend that much hours and i make me enjoy every single second of it.


Well gusy now i will plays something als, after spending so much hours in FFXIII, i can finally play some shooters or something als. After all FFXIII really did recharge my body with a hppiness that been down from playing shooters 24/7. :)

Ahhh that's feels good. :)

Well that's my blog for today so see u later folks, take care. ;)

My Finaly FantasyXIII Reviw Is Up

Hi all, finally i am finish wrighting Final Fantasy XIII review. I have to say its a big review, so if u don't have time or don't like reading long reviews, then you should pass. Well here is my review.


Also my progress in FFXIII

Missions Complete: 56

Tian's Mission's Complete: 12

Role Mastered: 3

Time Played: 68H 22M

Also i got the Grow Egg witch double your CP. :D DAM i hardly belive that i got it, i was spendingand hour killing mark 55. But in the end its mine. :) Now real lvling its starting.

Well that's my blog for tuday, see u later folks, Peace. ;)

Final Fantasy XIII Complete

Hi everyone. Well i finaly finish Final Fantasy XIII. Ahhh... feels good. :)

The ending was kind of sad, but i am feel extremely Happy becouse i never play such amzing game before, i am so speechless, i still can't believe that i was playing it. I can't describe in words how amazing, superb, outstanding this game is.

After finishing this game i don't even feel like coming back to shooters any more, they all mean nothing to me now.

Games like FFXIII should come out more. But hey FF VS XIII its on the way its on the way. :)

I will alos post my review in this week, cuz its kind of hard to wright about the story, so il chek so stuff and i will come out with something. :)

Also my playing time was: 62H32m.

And u know what, i am not even done with the game yet. :D

Now that Crystarium onpends to lvl 5 and i can go back to Gran Pulse, i can finaly finish all my stuff that i didn't finish before. :D Plus i wanna make sure that i done most of the missions, opend most of ultimate weapons and lvl up all my charaters main role to max.

So as u see i still have big stuff to do. :)

Well i will end it here, so il see u all at my Final Fantasy XIII Review Blog.

Well take care gays, and have fun with your Final Fantasy XIII, if u didn't finish it yet. Peace. ;)

LVL UP + Final Fantasy XIII Progress

Hi everyone, i reach lvl 33 Goombella, don't know what its mean, but glad that i lvl up. :)

In my Final Fantasy XIII

I am in chapter 11, 31 hours of playing.

Dam the game its just amazing, i love it i just love it. I finaly got my self in Gran Pulse and O...M...G... This place its HUGE!!! Its like Calm Lands in FFX but X5 bigger. Dam that's just insane, plus u can finaly do Monster Hunting there. :D And i heard there is optional AREAS there us well. :D

Ow man i am sure il get another 25h - 30h just in Gran Pulse.

I also got every summons for everyone, and dam the Bahamut was the toughest one to kill, but i finaly got them all. :)

Well its time to lvl up my characters, and explore this AMAZING place.

Well folks see you later, hove fun with your Final Fantasy XII if u have it, if u don't got GE IT!!

Well peace. ;)

My Final Fantasy XIII IMPRESSIONS!!!

Hello hello guys, Dam i feel happy, i think u all know why, yeah Final Fantasy XIII. :D

Alright so my impression on FFXIII, i won't wright all, cuz that's why my review for.

Alright, well the most i am impredsed with its GRAPHICS, DAM they are just perfect for an RPG game, cuz usually RPG game get worst graphics but FFXIII just prove it wrong.

The gameplay i love it, its like Final Fantasy 10 and 9 mix, insted of attacking ones u can attack many times, cuz when your ATB=(active time battle) gauge fills up like in FF9 us u can see below, u can execute a move, but in FFXIII u can execute 3 moves, the further u get in the game the more moves u can execute.

There is also something call Paradigm Shift, with allow you to switch character role,

For EXM: If u wanna heal u will need to switch to medic role, altho u can have medic at beginnig of battle, but if u wanna play other roles like Commando or Sentinel, u will need to switch. Commando gives u physical and magical damage bonus and Sentinel dos reduces physical and magical damage. There is afcourse more rols, but i don't wanna give spoilers.

The lvling its almost same us Final Fantasy X spheres, but this time you have a option of choosing the role that u wanna lvl up.

And last one its soundtrack, i wont say anything about story or other stuff sine i just start playing it didn't get it all my self. So yeah soundtrack in this game its just amazing simply amazing, its like its made for the game, u will never get tired of lisent to it, from the beginnig of the game till now all soundtrack that was playing, i like them all.

All i can say to you guys this game this game right here its just simply AMAZING!!!!!!! :D I have no words to describe how amazing this game is. :)

Yeah i know there is no towns but its understandable cuz there is war going on, it will make no sense to put towns, afcourse they have town in the game, but there is a war going on ti, so all shopping you do from save point.

When i was checking IGN's review of FFXIII and all they talking about is how this game its LINEAR, and its miss taht its miss this. I was like KMON FOR GOD SICK SOMETHING POSITIVE, DAM.:evil:Final Fantasy X and Crisis Core was also Linear, and los of ppl love it.

Me my self i don't care its Linear or not, the game has AMAZING graphics, AWESOME gameplay, AMAZING soundtrack and AMAZING cutscenes, becouse of all that i don't even give a dam if its linear or not, and i know in the game there is a field that opend up, and that's more then enough for me.

So far i played only for 8h and i just LOVE IT just LOVE IT, for me so far i can't give to this game less then 9.5.

It might not be perfect like FFX and VII of some other FF Games, but this is completely different Final Fantasy, and its amazing on its own way.

And I Am Really Thankful To (Square Enix) For Giving As This Amazing Final Fantasy Game.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this game for any one who like RPG games, especially FF series.

If u locking for Final Fantasy game that combines with Final Fnatasy X and Crisis Core.

You have your game, :) well that's my FFXIII impression blog, well see u later guys, take care.

Finaly Final Fantasy XIII ITS MINE!!!!!!!!!

Dam guys its happiest day today, cuz i finaly got FFXIII, man after so much of waiting i finaly have it. :)

Man, i plays like for some hours and dam i am speechless, its just sick, simply sick.

The graphics, gameplay, soundtrack its all just crazy. Thank God i didn't buy Dragon Age, cuz if i did i deffinetely will regret it big time that i didn't get Final Fnatasy XIII.

Also it might not be perfect like FFX or FFXII, but this game its amazing on hes own way, and so far it the BEST NEXT GEN RPG. With Amazing graphics awesome gameplay, can't say much for story cuz i just start it. :)

Also us u also remember i was telling u that i didn't like the game, and i even say it was sucks, and i can't play with girls.

Well u see how fast i change my mind. :)

So if u guys hesitating like i was before to get it or not, i extremely recomand it that u get it, its one bad @$$ game that its not to miss.

Well ok i am done writhing, finaly i can jump in Final Fantsy XIII, i can barely hold my self.

So see u later. PEACE

Some Updates Of Me

Hello everyone, its been a while since i post it, well i was kind of busy with some stuff, anyway.

I rent it Darksiders a week ago and af course finish it with 16h35m. And i have to say the game was dam awesome, its like God Of War but in future, really good game, hope they will make second one. I really recommend to anyone to play this game.

In White Knight Chronicles i lvlup alot my avatar no he is lvl 45, i build some stuff for my town, got some weapons and some armor but its dam dam hard to get materials for weapons or for your town, but its fun, cuz i am enjoying playing it i finish the game and i still wanna play it again and again, i don't know what is so special about the game but its really suck me in, or maybe i am a huge RPG fun maybe that's why i like it so much, anyway.

Btw i receive some munny form Canada's Government, so i decided to buy a game, but since its the only munny i recive in a past 5 month, so i wanna chose the game that will take time to finish it, so here i have 3 games that i want it.

Ratchet And Clank A Crack In Time, Dragon Age Origins and God Of War 3.

So should i buy Ratcher or Dragon Age or wait for God Of War 3?

Plz vote, cuz the game that got most votes is the one that i will buy.

I know u might think where is FFXIII, but il be honest with u i don't like how this FF game made, believe me i read alot before talk about it and watch ppl walkthrough. So i am positive that i will not get it, plus i don't like to play a girl as a min character, don't get me wrong i don't have anything against girls in the games, but not as a main character, just not for me, i don't feel comfortable playing with a girl, its not that i am getting excited when i see her its just i am guy, so i want a guy as main charater, i wanna feel this is me this is my character.

Final Fantasy VS XIII i will get with out any doubt, but as this one il pass, i will rent it one day.

Well that's it for today, and don't forget to vote, well see u later

Finish White Knight Chronicles

Hello folks, its been while since i post it, busy as allways, anyway i finally beat White Knight Chronicles, and i have to say i was kind of disappointed cuz i was only playing for 47h and my lvl was 36, its like i am done a halfgame.But still i was enjoying it, well here is my review all details are there: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/rpg/whiteknightstory/player_review.html?id=707559&tag=all-about;review1

I have to say even thos the game has some bad thing that i mention in my review, it still dam good cuz it has amazing atmosphere, gameplay and soundtrack and its addicting, so all that cover thos bad things.

I also saw a trailer of WKC2 and dam that's looks bad @$$. I really hope that in WKC2 they will fix there mistakes that they did in WKC1. Cuz if they will fix them i swear i will fly.

But i defintely will replay this game again later on,as for now i will play it from time to time just to complete my town in Geonet and rise my avaters's lvl. Cuz still its fun plus some ppl has some crazy towns now, so i better catch up.

Well this is it for today, see u late guys.

WKC Impressions

Hi all, i really enjoying White Knight Chronicles, its so bad @$$. After spending 16h on it so far i sill give 9.0, but what i really don't understand why did IGN give it 5.1 :shock: Are they all teem up against WKC? What's the problem?

So far i didn't find anything in the game to make it deserve even 7.0, and they give it 6.0???:|

look's like it year of DAM SHOOTERS now, how dessapointing.

Anyway why i am angrey about it, i am having TONS of fun so i am cool.

I am only lvl 17 so far, and my avater lvl 16. Dam i have to say this game its dam adictive, and its so fun playing with ppl online its just crazy. I build my home town in Geonet, its so awesome u can add so manny things but i u need lots of items to and munny to update your home town, i never expect that this game gonna be so much fun.

In offline its awesome us well, u can do so much, u can evern combine weapons to creat new more powerful weapon, armors,

accessories and ect...

This game really remind me of FFXII almost same exept some stuff are different, i don't wanna say much, cuz that's gona be in review.

So belive me if u looking for a good JRPG, White Knight Chronicles is the one that u need.

Well guys il go continue having fun, so later.

Got White Knight Chronicles

Finaly the game ITS MINE!!!

I can't belive it that i got it, btw F$#@ GS big time, they have no taste in game and st y le giving 6.0 ???????????????????


THAT'S A RET@#$@TION. :shock:

This game dosen't even deserve to go belove 8, anyway like i always saying the users its what most important, and users give 9.0. :)

I just start playing it and OMG, its like FFXII almost same. The game its so amazing i can hardly belive that PS3 got soch awesome exclusive RPG.

All i can say don't expect my review of WKC before a month, cuz that how much it will take me to finish the game.

Also online OMG i am speachless, u CAN BUILD YOUR OWN TOWN, how sick is that can be.

Anyway i can't hold my self any longer i just need to go play it, so later guys.