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Killzone 2 demo impressions

After playing the demo 4 times, I can safely say that this game has lived up to my expectations. In terms of graphics, the game is simply amazing, that's easy enough to tell from just looking at screenshots or videos of the game, but there was nothing quite like seeing it on my 32" HDTV, truly breathtaking.

I wasn't sure how good the gameplay was gonna be just by looking at vids however, sure it looked fast-paced and action heavy, but you can't get what it truly feels like to be playing the game just by looking at it. Thankfully the game plays just as good as it looks, I have never played an FPS that is as satisfying as this. The enemy AI reacts so realistically to the way you shoot them that no other game feels quite like it.

The controls can take time to get used to i.e. you have to hold down L2 to stay in cover, then use the analogue stick to peer out and shoot the enemy, plus press another button (depending on what contol scheme you use) to aim down the sight. But everything feels smooth once you've got used to them. Another thing you'll notice is that you're character feels quite a bit heavier to move than in other FPS's like COD, and this adds to the feeling of realism in the game, as that is how you'd move if you were loaded down with armour and a gun.

So overall this is an amazing demo and I can't wait to get my hands on the game. Roll on 27th.

If you have played the demo let me know what you thought of it.

Top Ten PS Games- #8

Final Fantasy VIII

There's a lot I want to say about this game, but I'll keep it short. It was tough to decide whether I should put this higher up on the list, I decided against it because while it's a great game it many ways, it's deeply flawed for an FF game imo. I'll start with the positives of the game first, most notably the story. The story in this game is simply fantastic, no denying that. It's well paced, there's a ton of character development, it grips you in from start to finish, and the game has arguably one of the best endings in the series to date.

The graphics are also amazing, it was a huge leap from FFVII in terms of graphics, the character models looked realistic, and the world was massive.

So everything that was expected from an FF game in story and graphics were there. However, what really brought the game down was the battle system. It was a traditional turn-based battle system with random encounters that you'd come to expect from FF in those days, but the new GF system, which basically had you tediously junctioning you're GF's (summons) to your characters, was hugely annoying and unneeded. Everything that could be used in battle (except for standard attacking) could only be done once you had GF's junctioned to your characters. The other thing wrong with the battle system was the draw system, which was awful. You could only use magic by drawing different spells out of enemies and draw points (found throughout the game), thus greatly limiting your use of magic. What made things worse was that you could junction magic to any of your stats, allowing you to become greatly overpowered early in the game.

The flaws were not enough to stop it from being an awesome, gripping game though, it was just disappointing knowing that it could've been a lot better.

Top Ten PS Games- #9

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

Objective of the game- collect gems and eggs that are scattered across different realms. Yes it's a very simple concept, and yet it's done so well, that the game gives something a lot of games don't, provide an addicting and fun adventure.

Spyor 3 had a better, larger world than it's predecessors. The core gameplay that made the two Spyro games before it so great was still there, but the introduction of playing as different characters was a big step up, as each character was unique- having their own skills, and it also allowed the story to be seen from different perspectives.

Spyro 2 was the first game I ever played for the Playstation, and it was amazing for me at that time, being a huge leap in gameplay and graphics from the Megadrive (the first console I owned) So it took a lot for Spyro 3 to beat it. But it managed to do everything that Spyro 2 did well and at the same time, adding much more to the experience.

Top Ten PS Games- #10

Well I finally got around to doing this, sorry it's late guys.

Tekken 3

With more modes and more charatcers than the last two, Tekken 3 was a major improvement for an already great fighting series. It had a very impressive roster of 23 characters and all modes returned from the previous 2 games with more added, including Tekken Force mode, a beat 'em up minigame which continued in later games of the series. All in all it was a very complete package for a fighting game, with good replayability.

Unfortunately I think Tekken 3 is where the series reached it's peak, as Tekken 4 was well below the standards this game set and Tekken 5 while great, wasn't as enjoyable. The only other Tekken game I think even comes remotely close to Tekken 3 is Tekken: Tag Tournament.

Fighting games have never appealed to me much. They can get boring quickly. So even being on this list should say how amazing the game is, even for someone like me who's not a big fan of the genre. If you had/have a Playstation and haven't played Tekken 3 then....what the hell's wrong with you? :P

Top ten....

So since i'm completely bored and I haven't blogged in a while, i've decided to do a top ten blog, since I can't think of anything else to blog about. Anyway i'll start it later today, after i've got some rest, and it'll be on PS games, the console that really got me into video games.

Oh btw, no. 1 will be a HUGE surprise, in case you already think you know what it's gonna be :P

*kefka laugh*

I got an Xbox 360

Well I got an Xbox 360 with some money I had saved up. Also got Lost Odyssey with it, and I have enough for another game. So to my fellow 360 owners, any recommendations? I'm a fan of most genres.

Thanks guys.

It has been done

I've ordered Brawl :D So now I just have to wait 'til it arrives :x Guess I could play Oblivion or something 'til then *sigh* i'm so bored :|

So, uh, what's new with you guys?

Freeloader for Brawl

So since i'm desperate to play Brawl and I live in the UK, i'm thinking of getting a freeloader to play it. They're only like £10 so it easy enough to get. For those of you that have a Wii give me your FC so I can add you, mine is 8721 8816 3809 2666. I should have it sometime next week :D

See ya online guys.

10k posts

Well I finally made it to 10k posts (actually a couple of days ago, but whatever) after having 9950-9990 for like a week :o

Anyway lets celebrate

Have some cake


Anyway so far i've had a good week gaming-wise, I beat Zodiark in FFXII and i've nearly finished hard mode in Guitar Hero III.

I'm not planning on getting many games this month, i'll import Crisis Core and that's about it. Now is one of those times I really wish I lived in the US 'cause of Brawl, damn lucky Americans :x

Yeah, so what games are you planning on getting this month?