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Yes, this is a concern I have as well. The only solution I have come up with is to edit the blog or review with placeholder text, which is not a very good solution and would take me weeks to complete.

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I read it after cereal if that's okay.

Anyway, really enjoyed The Wizard of Oz styIings present at times. Did this have anything to do with Catherine the game?

No, it doesn't. The name "Take Four" is actually a reference to how I've been developing four stories that tell more or less the same general arc but with different settings and different things happening along the way. So, if anything, it was inspired by Take One, Two, and Three the most. I'd have to finish writing those before it made sense to anybody though. I'm so terrible at picking names for characters that I've made a bad habit of not naming them at all, which is why Catherine is the only name that is only a proper noun in the story. I just pick a name that doesn't belong to anybody I know.
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Not a bad review! I have a few things to say, so here you go. Not trying to be harsh, just pointing out a potential direction for you to consider. Notes below: 1) Watch those commas and their placement, and do not randomly capitalize words in a sentence. Not a huge problem. 2) Avoid speculation on what would make the movie better unless you're using it to make a greater point, because right now it seems like you're just aimlessly throwing out these ideas and not connecting them properly. 3) Avoid redundancy. Don't use three sentences to say what could be said in one. Too many sentences from the review don't need to be there - it's just filler. It's nice to be conversational in your writing, but not to that degree. Related: If you're considering putting something in parenthesis, consider actually integrating it into the text proper or eliminate it. Some of them, like telling us that you're avoiding spoilers, is useless information and should be struck from the text. 4) Really tighten up what you want to say before you write your review. Don't just mention things because you feel obligated to: create a few main points and use the movie's various aspects to build up that point. For example, you mention that the movie went against your expectations; build on that. In what ways? Quality? Cinematography? You also say it improved on the last film; that's also a touch-point for many aspects, such as acting or the action. Make a few bullet points before-hand and try to come up with a thesis to tie them all together so that everything you mention has a reason for being in the text. If you can't think of a reason to tie it into a point, either expand your talking points or don't mention it. Not everything has to be said. You can use this as stepping stone for making a greater, full-bodied opinion about the film that is more nuanced than a simple "it was good" or "it was bad," which isn't a terrible conclusion but it isn't very useful. 5) I've never been a fan of Pro/Cons lists. If your writing is tight and to-the-point enough, you shouldn't need a summary.
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1) It took you three edits to get to that point. 2) You've had over a year and a half without me on Gamespot at all and I still have a higher post count than you. This is terrifying. 3) I'm working on getting more. Stuff ain't cheap, bro.
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Why yes, I am alive. Why yes, iloveflash made me post this. You're very good at guessing things. Take Four
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I've been away for so long that I don't remember who that is. If I see an avatar I might.
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Am I allowed to bump my stuff here still? I added a new one.
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I've been reading and keeping up with everything people have said and there's one point:

Trying to limit users to own games, tie in other services or "tracking" users' playtime seems altogether needlessly complicated. Sometimes I use the collection option, but being forced to use it so I can review games would just make me forget the whole thing. I trade in and give away my games constantly, and it changes forever (but I still have opinions on games I traded away five minutes ago!). Especially something like Raptr, which is even worse on that front.

I just don't think it's fair to force reviewers to use, for some people, what is an unecessary service. You're always going to have people game the system. Let's not make the bar to entry so high that nobody can get in.

I was using Gamespot's reviews system when they used to Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Value and Tilt sliders and those also seemed fairly unnecessary. Sometimes I don't even talk about all of those topics in my review if the topic isn't important to the game. Game reviews are so subjective - some games have graphics as really important while in other games the gameplay is the only thing that matters. The review should communicate this information without added scores.

I'm, overall, a fan of making things less complicated, not more. Good reviews are good reviews. Glitzing them up or limiting the way they are posted won't change that.

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I think the mentioned overhauls are a pretty good list of ideas, especially the searching by username and popularity. I approve of pictures, increasing the minimum word count, having a private, author only feedback box (or even just an easy way to PM them), and being able to use HTML.

My own ideas, which I haven't shared before:

-Eliminate the "down thumb" concept for "was this review helpful" entirely. This promotes the good reviews, rather than punishing the bad ones. Besides, the private feedback idea would possibly allow readers to voice their suggestions on making reviews better, at least in theory.

-That extra tag line has seemed unecessary to me since Gamespot's official reviews dropped it. I'm referring to the "dissapointing" or "check your bargain bin" tag lines. It has always seemed limited and I never usually use more than a handful of them anyway, because a lot of them are too specific. I'd like to see the emblem idea replace those, granted the emblems are varied enough and have allowance for user input and suggestion.

-Allow reviews to be posted sans score. It's just a random idea of mine - sometimes games have such a garbled opinion in my brain that I can't make up my mind, even if the review itself manages to convey what I'm trying to say. If nobody else thinks its necessary then I'll drop the idea, but I'd like to throw it out there.

I approve of a minor overhaul of reviews and I'm looking forward to the discussion.

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and died painfully.