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How can I play my iPod touch fps games with a ps3 controller?

I have cod nazi zombies battlefield bad company 2 and rainbow 6 on my iPod touch. I want to play these games with a ps3 controller via Bluetooth my iPod is jailbroken so I should beable todo this I just can't find the stuff. Plater help me                          


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Where can I get a cheap HDD for my PS3 slim? My old HDD is messed up. When I turn on my ps3 it says press X to restore Hdd when its done the ps3 restarts and asks me to do it again, and again and again. Please help me. Model: HM161GI 160GB _____________________________________   ps3 move chargerps3 controller chargerxbox 360 controller charger
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What game should I get for Ps3? I either want a pre-order game that comes out soon or a game thats already came out. I like games like Max Payne 3, Mirrors Edge, Dead Island, and Assassins Creed. I mostly want Ps3 games but I will take Xbox 360 games. NO CALL OF DUTY OR HALO!!!!!
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Can i mail my ps3 hard drive to Sony? I am really desperate to get an old save game file I deleted out of anger because of a bug that kept me from being able to save after a certain point. This was a year and a half ago. They also released a patch last year that fixed the bug.. If I mail Sony my hard drive can they restore the file?